「Featured Post」~The Complete Morning Musume LOVEマシーン~

I’ve been wanting to share~* this for sooooooooo long….! Ugh! macrovision :/!

~The Summer of ’99 remains fresh in my mind for it was the ascent of Momusu♥ to the pinnacle of idol♥fandom~*…the numbers speak for themselves…over 1.6 million sold! It was their 7th single “Love Machine” and with the already sudden and most unexpected addition of what was later known as “2nd Gen.”, then at the time it was a jolt of just wow~! as groups don’t typically grow in size so significantly without notice~*! Just my recollections and remember that back then the internet wasn’t so….not like today as news didn’t travel as quickly…..so was the introduction of what would be later known as the 3rd generation…..the introduction of Gomaki♥. Somehow her name itself has always made me think of sushi♥….don’t ask why..I’m strange that way (。ーωー。) ♪♪~。

Suffice to say when Momusu released what was to be  their definitive pv♥ collection…all inclusive (it’s posted here =) ) and yet I was so surprised/disappointed to not see the complete pv♥ version of “Love Machine” (・д・`*) included…not even in the bonuses/extras even (´⌒`。)!!!”Love Machine” after all is their “Abbey Road” their “Sgt. Peppers” their “White Album” maybe?? in the sense of popularity~* and yet it’s totally absent in its original form nande???

To this day the full pv♥ version of “Love Machine” remains only available on VHS…lol yep VHS~ (人∀`*)。。。and you may be wondering why oh why do I have two copies of “Love Machine” on such a unreliable source??….thinking back I just had such an overwhelming love of Momusu♥…they being one of a very short list of groups/artists which I had discovered on my own =) ) and with VHS being so vulnerable to degradation over time (Ugh! if you own any VHS you’ll feel compassion o(*´∀`)o゛)。。I had felt to need to purchase a second copy of “The Video Love Machine” on VHS :P….for fear of wearing out my first copy with too many viewings and then later crying over it when it went out of print (;´□`)↓!!!

Funny…..my second copy remains unopened till this day as you can see above….untouched by a VCR lol what was I thinking??? (人∀`*)!!

A very special~* thank you to Zdorama for the video to file transfer as macrovision continues to haunt me with so many releases which have never made the leap from VHS to DVD ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。And I’m sort of back on YouTube now..something which I pledged not to do…however due to the size and length of this file, uploading directly to Vox would’ve meant downgrading the file’s resolution to an unwatchable size (*>ω<)!!!。。so I’ve created Voxberryz although I may still use this account sparingly as at any moment YouTube may eat all of my videos there despite them being there for promotions~* sake ( ┰_┰)

So please enjoy~* the complete 10 minute version of Momusu’s♥ “Love Machine” and at just under 10 minutes there’s lots of extra visuals~* and taking into account the amazing~* arrival of Gomaki♥ in kinpatsu♥♥♥ arguably the most impact~ful~* and influential member of Momusu♥ over the years~ (so wish she’d kept the look much longer even after her legendary appearance on Utaban back then and even P~chan loved♥♥♥ her looks so~!! =)) the opening montage is of their “Second Morning” billboard, then just a bit over a month old at the time being taken down via billboard workers….as it gives way to the ascension of all the amazing~ness~* which is “Love Machine!!!!!” 3rd Gen. sugoi!!!! Gomaki pure o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥!!!。。the song♪, a legendary part of idol♥ J~Pop history and even though staged….the reactions on the street sugoi!!!…….plus imagine yourself so deeply immersed in a song♪ o(*´∀`)o゛。。that is until,

….a very special~* member appears nearby!!!!!..watching you adoringly in the record store~♥!

His final expression is priceless~* here at the end of the music video (*´∀`*)♥

Here’s the complete ”Loveマシーン” in all of it’s 10 minute glory~*, a golden~* era in J~Pop♥..a moment~* in time as Momusu helped to elevate the genre of idols♥ to an entirely new level~*, perhaps an impressive length of clip and achievement which will never be seen again。。。。。


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to 「Featured Post」~The Complete Morning Musume LOVEマシーン~

  1. MonicaaMamoo says:

    うわぁぁ~~♪ Thank you so much for sharing!! The ending was hilarious~ everyone is so young and so cute ヾ(^▽^)ノ Love Machine has been & will probably always be one of my favorite songs of Morning Musume~~♥


  2. J-pyon says:

    Ahhh what a blast from the past. Morning Musume's love machine is a classic i have not seen the extended version in ages. Also thanks for posting the picture of the Video Tape lol i have not seen one of those in ages i still remember the beta and VHS war for supreme ruler-ship. (^_^)V


  3. strawberrie says:

    Hey I pick you up a Chinami set and Mano Erina photo. I remember saying you like Risako but the photoset I pick was sold out so I hope the Chinami is okay! I would have gone with a complete set of Berryz Koubou but since I was buying for other people as well I had to limit on how many I could buy for each person.


  4. U~n! this truly was such an amazing~* time for Momusu at their peak and it's always fun to look back ne~ (人∀`*)。。I crack up too at his most shocked!!! expression and how it just freezes like that XD~! Gomaki is so young too here in this video and I've always wished~* that she would have kept her kinpatsu look for at least a while longer…it really suited her ^ ^!


  5. I was really disappointed that Momusu's pv♥ collection didn't include the complete version not even as an extra (*>ω<)。。。but with a lot of help from a friend it's now transferred from tape to disc…I've just never been able to do it before. A~h that's so awesome you have this too on VHS and I'm thinking you also have the other VHS pv single that Momusu released too back then..and thankfully for DVD there were only two others released on this format by H!P with one by Pucchimoni and one by Minimoni..I totally forgot to post those in my collection post awhile back (ノロ≦。)!!


  6. Hi Strawberrie~*! A~h!! you're so so sweet~* and I'm really speechless now…thank you~* so much for thinking of me and I know how costly the photos are..you're too wonderful!!! I really adore~* Chiichan too..thank you~~* so much o(*´∀`)o゛!


  7. denadel says:

    aah natsukashi! This got me feeling so nostalgic. I miss those days!Thank you for upping it, it was fun seeing it again!


  8. U~n! the ending of the pv♥ so cute!!!….and it's just too bad that the original complete version never made it to DVD on any Momusu releases~* :/. So many VHS releases~* like this one which didn't make the transition to DVD =(….and now with a lot of help~* I may be able to purchase a converter which can make it possible.


  9. denadel says:

    Yeah, it is sad ufa dont commemorate their golden days and put out everything that was made back then on todays format!A converter you say. Might we see more old stuff in the future?I have the H!P 1999 concer ton vhs, which i'd like to get on dvd. If you get a converter, could you let me know if it is easy to use and what kind it is? I might get a chance to convert the concert :)Random question: how are your thought son tommy february's stuff? I can't remember seeing anything about her here..


  10. U~n! if things so well and it works as well as it claims I should be able to convert any of my VHS releases to digital to share~* here \(^o^)/☆ So many live and pv releases~* that aren't available on DVD!! Can't wait!! I hope it works!!Okay I'll be sure to post about it if it works~* when/if I convert my first VHS….there are many different models available so I hope it's not a hit or miss decision (/∇\*)!I only followed The Brilliant Green back then and when Tomoko went solo I unfortunately didn't hear any of tommy february's releases :/…The Brilliant Green had some really great music though…one of my favorites♥ being "sono speed de" which also was a theme~* for a drama♥.


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