「Featured Post」Jpop Tales from the Crypt Part II ~The night of Tsunku, The Mummy & the paint orgasm~(・o・)

~Once again we ask upon Pearl~* to deliver such haunting words of a story from long long ago….. 

J~pop tales from the crypt is back for its second installment of spookiness.

The year: 1996….and long before the ideas of Momusu and H!P went swimming in the mind of Tsunku~*.

The venue: NHK’s concert hall for the annual Red & White Songfest~* where SharanQ performs their single “Iiwake.”

The spooky: Tsunku, props?, the keyboardist omg it goes on and on…..(・o・)!And I actually like SharanQ quite a lot as I own a few of their albums and singles from way back~ ^ ^。。this though is quite another story XD!

*A special thank you to Zdorama for the video to file conversion and for making this night of hilarity possible…(^q^)! The video clip appears just a bit below~.

You just know that performances at the annual Kouhaku can sometimes mean trying to out~do your competition by adding more flair, more hairspray, more wild outfits costumes, more fire…..more um……..paint? Tsunku looks ready to do some damage here!!

First there’s this above with the keyboardist for SharanQ…I mean what the?? Why is he suddenly dressing up like The Mummy….(・c_・;)?。。。odd fashion  statement and does he actually look cool?

Um…no probably not (・_・);。And it gets better I meant different a bit later…XD

Okay this isn’t really actual horror with the guitarist, he’s just always somehow appeared how should I put it??? um…puffy~*! Like if I would just squeeze him a little he would ooze something or another…like fudge or that thing which is in Twinkies…..he just always looks a bit constipated is all..sorry for that visual (*´艸`)!~!

Here the fun begins with the wonderful well thought out idea of having Tsunku launched straight out of the floor by a springboard of some sort Wheeeee (・o・)!。。。。。。。does he stick the landing?

Not quite. As he frantically back~pedals almost falling on his butt (・o・)!!!!

……I imagine in his mind right at that critical moment~* he’s thinking: “OOOooooooooooooo S#!*!!!!!”

But wait, there’s more (・o・)!。。Always really cool to have a bit of pyrotechnics in your show \(^o^)/☆ except when the flame doesn’t perform on cue and don’t you just hate waiting and waiting when the milliseconds feel then like an eternity each one of them as the sweat starts to form and inevitably drip down your forehead as all are watching and staring for that exciting flame to ignite or well for something to occur soon (・o・)。

Here you can see and sense the fear and instant worry in Tsunku’s eyes and the gradual shift of emotions as he must be thinking to himself:……..”OOOOOOOooooooooCrap!!!!! where’s my flame in hand…..please please exciting flame in hand appear”…….and you can clearly see it in his very eyes….rewind, laugh enjoy XD! (´∀`)ー> (・_・)ー>(・o・) ー>(・д・`*)ー>(゜Д゜;)ー>( ̄O ̄*)。。。。

。。note to self: Never do the flint/flame in hand thing if I’m ever singing on stage。。。_〆(・∀・@)!

And then there’s this…??? why oh why is the keyboard player who’s dressed like a mummy now spinning around in mid~air???

I’m still trying to get over the whole mummy thing and now he’s gone airborne! OMG during the planning wild Tsunku parties late at night did this really look that great on paper to actually attempt (・o・)?。。。

….and to end it all there’s this awesome finale sort of a Tsunku having an enraged orgasm~* on stage!!!! (・д・`*)!!!!。。I don’t even know what he’s doing in this final part of the performance show~*!!!! ??? By popping white paint all over himself it all ends in a frenzy (・o・)。。。and I think many will have this same very reaction and it’s best summed up just below by what our hidden stage mics could pick up that night after he was done with his paint as Amuro Namie, Moritaka Chisato, Matsu Takako and others stood by Ishikawa Sayuri spoke out! ↓↓↓

Watch, pause, rewind…enjoy ( ̄▽ ̄)

~The End (^q^)!~

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to 「Featured Post」Jpop Tales from the Crypt Part II ~The night of Tsunku, The Mummy & the paint orgasm~(・o・)

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Oh, this is great! That's why I love SharamQ, they're completely crazy. Taisei (the keyboardist) always has this great sense of fashion, I liked the horns he used in a 2006 reunion show. And Hatake (fluffy guy) looks like a woman in a low resolution Asayan video, according to my mother. SharamQ is a paradox, they're ridiculous and cool. Take a look at their Sonna mon darou PV, lots of concert footage there, including pyrotechnics, flying men and elephants.I love the screens of Tsunku's face when trying the fire thing, I wonder what he'd do if that didn't work.


  2. J-pyon says:

    いいわけ has always been one of my favorite songs from SharanQ and its just like tsunku to always trying to be very flamboyant as well great post thx. (^_^)V


  3. LOL the elephant entrance was something else!!!…and bungee~ing???!!! :O That was a really great collage of clips for that performance~*! OMG that's soooo funny your mom said that!!! Sometimes I'm not quite sure how to describe Hatake…but 'puffy' guy sounds good XD. You've said it perfectly~*…'ridiculous and cool!!' For the Kouhaku in years past it seems that so many artists/groups were trying to push the envelope on creativeness or even shock at times and leave it to SharanQ to do something like this so funny…(^q^)!It crossed my mind too…and the moment of panic on his face is so visible especially when you pause that part and while back~pedaling frantically he looks quite worried there too ^ ^!


  4. That clip HarimaKenji posted was wild too~*! Flamboyant is such a perfect description too and to have so many odd and challenging things happening in a single performance was so gutsy too…I mean, he nearly fell backwards right at the start and then the flame took a bit longer to ignite than I think he had anticipated…all in all so funny…..SharanQ was so wild back then!!


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