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「Featured Post」Jpop Tales from the Crypt Part II ~The night of Tsunku, The Mummy & the paint orgasm~(・o・)

*Pearl~* ~Once again we ask upon Pearl~* to deliver such haunting words of a story from long long ago…..  J~pop tales from the crypt is back for its second installment of spookiness. The year: 1996….and long before the ideas of … Continue reading

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今日の朝ごはん~♥! Wake Up! やっほぃ♪。。。 Sorry I haven't updated with comments recently (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓ It's late already..am now only having "breakfast♥"…past 2 pm already~ (・д・`*)! Had a very long day yesterday with overtime work~* and then a very late night~morning!! Today's … Continue reading

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