~S/Mileage♥’s final indies single release~* 「オトナになるって難しい!!!」

S/mileage's final release as an indies group~* was released just five days ago and after one initial listen(*´∀`*)♪~♪。。I couldn't resist searching for an available streaming video of the pv♥, something I don't do very often but I just love so much how Tsunku continues to write heavily 60's inspired~* music for them Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!!Just below are the pv♥ I watched along with the mp3 of "Otona ni narutte muzukashii!!!" ("Growing up is hard to do"/ "Becoming an adult is difficult") ^ ^。

It's mainly in the into and mini instrumental interludes in between which feature this awesome 60's guitar styling~s♥!

And while next up is a major release~* debut for S/mileage I do still really really hope strongly that they will continue for as long as possible to remain a J~Pop sounding group as most groups seem to grow up into R&B pop and other outer influences after awhile inevitably (´⌒`。)。。。S/mileage just hang onto that fun and fuzzy* psychedelic aura that you have going on right now…..Tsunku~san kiite no?…(^q^)?!

At times~* songs just should be fun and have the ability to put you into a good mood….and S/mileage thus far has done just that for me as every song has been absolutely golden~* so far っo(*´∀`)o♥♥♥!

The pv♥ is really so well done too~* as I adore the whole wall frame come to life with some really cool transitions in animated editing….just works wonderfully~* here so much!!! ♥S/mileage ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ♥♥♥!!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to ~S/Mileage♥’s final indies single release~* 「オトナになるって難しい!!!」

  1. J-pyon says:

    I just got my copy today and the first thing i thought was what a fun song it was, as you stated above it puts you into a good mood and that is the kind of music im a big fan of. Also i would like to thank you for posting their video for this song these girls are so cute and i have become a really big fan of theirs, I really hope they stick around for awhile since i personally think they can grow into something special. じゃまたね。 (^_^)V


  2. Maybe even a bit like Tanpopo has Tsunku's writing been for S/mileage in some of their songs♪…it's just this 60's vibe that I love so much and especially when he writes with an inspiration from The Beatles it's so awesome!!! I hope major release doesn't equate to them growing up too quickly musically as then groups tend to become much more r&b which isn't a bad thing but it's just this much more fun style of J~Pop that's so wonderful to hear~*. And this pv♥ in particular was done so well with the creativity and editing!!! and I love how it flows throughout…..makes me wonder though why Momusu doesn't have pvs♥ which are much more creative this way? I was just reading some comments by PTom @ Hello!Blog and I so agree that Momusu's videos have more or less become….dance shot scenes + close up scenes with little else and yet I'd imagine them having the largest budget of all to do so much more with their promotions~*. I do love their pvs♥ though….but just having a bit of a wondering why *moment* now^ ^。


  3. J-pyon says:

    I have read that music videos are starting to decline in popularity. What i mean by that is not many people care to watch music videos as much as they used to. MTV even has said that is the reason why they switched to a reality TV station instead of a music video's. Because of this many artists now are starting to spend less money on making their music videos and just going with the simple videos and spending more on Tours and such. Recently they made a big deal because the artist lady GaGa spent millions on a video which i guess is an oddity now a days. I believe you may be seeing an end to the music video era which is funny since music video's brought the end of the radio star era. Of course their is the chance that the next generation of kids after this generation may bring it back into popularity but who knows ね。 (^_^)V


  4. I would be most saddened to see music videos♥ disappear (´⌒`。)。。as you mention their decline in popularity and while numbers don't lie surely. I've just always loved having visuals to go along with songs as much as possible and being that I'm not able to see concerts very much of my favorite♥ artists it's for me the very next best thing for individual songs and singles~* and as fans we get to see the nuances of change in styles and personality in these little music clips♪…..I'm going to cry now ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。


  5. J-pyon says:

    lol sorry to make you cry but of course with the way the music industry is were money comes first they would have to find correlation with big sales and music videos. Unfortunately in today's market Music Video's do not equal big sales. I personally believe that video's will be made still because that is still a form of marketing it's just you will not be seeing the big budgeted Michael Jackson Thriller like videos anymore, they will be of the simple Morning Musume type. Hope this don't make you cry more and i do then すみません。 m( _ _ )m


  6. I guess it really can be reflected with sales and growth and it makes sense to not put too much into them if there's no real promise of too much of a return in profits…what's exciting though is how well produced~* AKB48 music videos are right now and like you say with their height of popularity only going upwards now it makes sense for them to have larger budgets~*. This latest S/mileage pv♥ is really well done too though and while much of it is editing it's still much more creative than what Momusu has been releasing recently…still I really miss the days of pvs♥ like "The Peace!", "I Wish" and others like "Koi no dance site" and "Souda we're alive" ^ ^。


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