~C-ute 「ショッキング5」~

~C-ute's 5th original album release arrived a few days ago and on a purely aesthetic note~* the jacket and booklet photography have C-ute looking sharp as ever with the grays and beige adding a nice warmth to the leggy sexy images. Everyone is absolutely gorgeous in this release~* and I'm really loving♥ Maimichan's shorter hairstyle…I initially felt that longer suited her much better but through these series of photographs in this album she's proving me so wrong!! Her facial features are just so perfect~*..she can truly wear either style^ ^♥。 11 tracks are included with about half being all new songs along with a remix version of "Shochuu omimai moushiagemasu." While both Airiin and Maimichan received each both their very own solo tracks I was sort of hoping to hear all five members perform by themselves on a single track each….especially with the group now at 5nin a task much more easily accomplished perhaps…..still not disappointing as Nakki, Chisa & Maimai team up together on…..


.."Kimi no senpou" which I found to be the most fun track with such adorable verses~*!..while previously released "EVERY DAY Zekkouchou!!" leads off the album and continues to be a stand~out track….I just really really fell~in~love with this single so much!!

C-ute's "Shocking 5" LE CD can be ordered here at CdJapan.

C-ute's "Shocking 5" LE CD can be ordered here at YesAsia.

I'm always a sucker~♥ for those sweet ensemble vocal compositions and much like "Dekkai uchuu ni ai ga aru", "Yume ga aru kara" is such a pretty~* ballad and alongside "Every Day Zekkouchou!!" make up my most favorite♥ songs on the album overall~.

While I would have liked to have included the new "H22 Remix" version, I'm going to stick with the "original" cover version of "Shochuu omimai moushiagemasu." by C-ute as those manipulated chipmunk voices were just a bit too funky for me to enjoy…although those nostalgic sounding video game effects in the background were pretty awesome in the remixed version~ ^ ^。This song epitomizes classic J~Pop from yesteryear and with C-ute's lightly updated version as they stayed quite true to the original's arrangement, it's both most nostalgic sounding still and most most adorable of songs~*!

Hmm….but the most special~* track on the new album has to be…….

.."Shigatsu sengen" which is featured on the LE album as both an all new audio track as well as a new pv♥!!! Hmm…..how to best describe it? It's really like a campfire song♪ o(*´∀`)o゛♥。。。warm & fuzzy…well maybe not so much fuzzy XD but definitely engaging with its melody and along with the new visuals of the music video it's pure win here for sure~ \(^o^)/☆!!

While the sets were a bit limited C-ute made the absolute most of it!!….and I just love seeing them laugh and have so much as they really looked to have enjoyed~* this production most certainly and especially on those group shots~ っo(*´∀`)o!!The LE's DVD in addition to this pv♥, includes a behind the scenes "making of" as well as a brief slide~show at the ending with a total running time of just under 19 minutes in all ^ ^♥。


And from the "making of" and slide~show…..


..and there's something a bit sultry happening here ↓Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!

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4 Responses to ~C-ute 「ショッキング5」~

  1. J-pyon says:

    Yes i thought it was a good album but i have to agree with you that i wish the other girls would of been showcased more with their very own single but alas it did not happen. Overall though i really enjoyed the Album and i definitely give it a thumbs up, and the girls look soooo cute in the booklet i have to also note that being a long time fan I find it weird seeing them transforming into young beautiful women ね。 For some reason Maimi cutting her didn't bother me as much as Gaki-san cutting her hair short weird huh. Thanks for posting じゃまった。(^_^)V


  2. It's a bit puzzling ne~ as Chisa and Maimai especially, have carried performances in concert where they've been featured….love Maimai in "Everyday yeah!" always she's so cute~* in those performances!! I was so positive that they'd be given solos too on this album….if only UFI knew how fans would have loved that. I was just reading how a fan who hasn't seen C-ute in awhile as her attention had wavered a bit….came back and was so surprised by how much they've changed!! It was so much a shock for her and so true~* how they've all matured so quickly it seems…..so much of this is the life lived in front of cameras constantly ne~ ^ ^。I just received Momusu's new album "10 MY ME" and just perusing the photos I agree so much…..Gakisan just never has had a shorter style so it's been really difficult getting used to it and Maimichan's facial features really can suit a shorter style much better I think too…..I hope I do come to love her new look too as I adore Gakisan so much..she really has such a spontaneously cute personality~♥….I'm guessing she'll convince both of us soon ne~ o(*´∀`)o゛。


  3. Zush says:

    [c’est top]


  4. I've really gotten so used to Maimichan's♥ shorter hairstyle so quickly!!…a part of me wanted it to still be long but I'm realizing that she can really suit any look I think..with her perfect~* features ne~♥! Hmm…that's a tough question (・c_・;)?。。。I did really love their previous release and their very first album was great too!….maybe after a few more listens I'll know…..


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