~”Yasashii Jikan” A drama~tic tapestry of life~

Hirahara Ayaka


~A story can be told in many ways, sometimes with broad cinematography upon the screen while other times all that is needed are the gentle brush strokes of human emotion..spirit..empathy..trust..uncertainty..hardships..tragedies..friendships..love..hope & dreams as the day~to~day revelations reveal a larger canvas of life~*.



So is "Yasashii Jikan", all the warmth and sudden turns of life as seen through the eyes of Wakui Yakichi a businessman who leaves his work in New York to return home to Hokkaido and now runs an intimate coffee shop after the tragic and sudden passing of his wife Megumi….and while the heart of the story is between father and son as circumstances of Megumi's death surround his son Takuro, it's also through the comings and goings of visitors to the coffee shop which unfold for a seamless array of storytelling in a style very much unique to this drama~♥. Against the scenic backdrop of Hokkaido a most moving performance by Terao Akira and Ninomiya Kazunari (I think this is one of Nino's♥ very best roles and on an emotional level #1!!!) as father and son struggle with a journey of healing, understanding and forgiveness…the healing of two souls really so torn apart for so long, and can't even say how much I cried while watching this drama♥ (;´□`)!!!The outside or "side stories" which are through chance encounters of daily life give the drama an extra layer of realism and while they may not always be related to the drama's central relationship, I just never felt them to be quite "outside"….as each in their own right seemed to find their rightful place~.

Hirahara Ayaka's theme~* song♪ "Ashita" lays a foundation of true gentleness from its very first soft piano keynotes~* and here the lyrics in particular are most moving and directly symbolic of the drama's underlying themes♥. The melody will no doubt embrace and eventually engulf you within just a few episodes…it's so so much a beautiful song♪ and Hirahara Ayaka's vocals are exquisite~*. Throughout my viewing of these 11 episodes her song became just as much a part of the drama♥ as the characters themselves~.

One of the most endearing and powerful images throughout the drama are seen through Yakichi's eyes as the days wind down to a closing of night in silence where his spiritual conversations with Megumi occur in a sense of understanding and healing and having them nearing the end of episodes always left me with a feeling of warmth~* and yet a melancholy sadness as I couldn't wait to watch the next episodes to see how the story and its relationships would unfold~.

For a drama which isn't dependent on action or elaborate effects I found the imagery and many more scenes here than in numerous other dramas to have stayed with me…even days after I've watched the final episode. You really are left with a enthusiasm of how misses or chance meetings can mean so much more if only we gave them our attention and how those little moments~* of time in our daily lives could grow to much more leisure or significance. Themes of friendship, morals and how life's most difficult choices have their consequences and effects on others lives is also touched upon and perhaps those even knowing such difficulties first hand can find a redemption in how the human spirit plays out here….not always the smoothest or easiest road taken but with friendships♥ around you there's an encouragement you may take away.

"Yasashii Jikan" now ranks as one of my top 10 favorite♥ dramas of all time (I can't say enough about how impressed and moved I was with the character development, writing and ever engaging storyline~*) and while there were numerous special appearances~* and I know many more viewers surely recognized many more of them…..for me my two most favorite♥ were the cameos in episodes 7 and 9 by folk singing legend Kitajima Saburo and former J~Pop idol/ current actress Koizumi Kyoko respectfully~*…and seeing Kyonkyon♥ as a nurse was really cute~*…mite ne~^ ^。





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15 Responses to ~”Yasashii Jikan” A drama~tic tapestry of life~

  1. While I was listening to Hirahara Ayaka's Ashita, I got goosebumps from her voice. The melody is simple enough to make her voice boom with so much emotion that tugs at your heartstrings. Yasashii Jikan sounds like such a deep drama from the screenshots and your review. Nice choice~I've noticed that there aren't many good dramas nowadays. The ones out in the beginning of 2000s and earlier are, by far, still some of my favorites 🙂


  2. Wow! that's so awesome~* (*´∀`*)!!。。I'm so happy that you gave "Ashita" a listen….and I so so so agree with everything you've just said!! The low key style arrangement really does allow her vocals to shine so much more ne~ and it's such an emotional song…..I really really cried so much watching "Yasashii Jikan" it's just one of the very best dramas that I've ever watched. Thank you~*! I hope you can watch this drama too…just be prepared with the Kleenex! (;´□`)!!!So many awesome dramas♥ back then for sure!! I made this list quite a long time ago so it's really in need of an update XD…but just in case you're curious…it's the second post down here~*…. and I had a bit of fun with some of my newer~found favorite dramas♥ here with "Gokusen" …."Hana yori dango"…."Taiyou no kisetsu"….and "Smile"…sorry for all of the links (*´艸`)。。。I also really loved "Ryusei no kizuna" but I haven't gotten around to writing about it just yet….Hmm…there are much more but I should stop babbling now….^ ^!


  3. Thanks for all the recommendations. I really appreciate it. I'll watch them when I'm not busy, so I can appreciate them more xD The most recent one in my mind of the ones you listed was Hana yori dango. It was too cute, and in my opinion, it was by far better than the taiwanese and korean versions.


  4. o(*´∀`)o゛ !!!。。so happy you'll take interest in some of these dramas♥ too! I was sort of thinking about watching HYD's Korean version and I had no idea it had been adapted to a Taiwanese drama too?!! The story and characters were so awesome!!!! so I can see why though~! Still the original must be best ne~…I actually didn't watch the Korean version and it's just that I want to keep the strong imagery of Matsujun♥ and Maochan♥ as the main characters and oh yes~! Ohguri Shun♥ too so seeing them played by other actors/actresses would take away from that….silly I know but I can't help it…(^q^)!I hope your St. Patrick's Day was fun too~*!!! Sorry I'm replying so late (+_+)。


  5. yea…i think the taiwanese adaptation of HYD came out earlier than the jdrama did. It's name was Meteor Garden. I haven't watched it in a long time, so I don't have things fresh in my mind, but I do remember crying a few times (perhaps just because of the first time watching the HYD storyline xP)…now that I think about it, the characters in the tdrama were not so hot. silly younger me, i actually thought they were back then. hehe


  6. A~h I've always thought or rather assumed (*´艸`)。。that the Japanese version was the original XD! I do really love the HYD Japanese cast a lot so funny though what am I saying as I haven't watched any of the other versions??? A~hhhhh 'playboy?!' I guess it can't be helped lol ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。I saw him a long time ago in "Summer Snow" with Hirosue Ryoko and Domoto Tsuyoshi as his younger brother and he played a hearing impaired character…really amazing as an actor!! Me too…for dramas especially the action types usually aren't as good as the emotional~* ones…funny somehow I'd rather cry then be wowed~ ^ ^。


  7. lol…you're right. I think the Japanese HYD's cast is much funnier than all the other versions. They were the only ones to have a HYD movie. I loved it~After watching all of them, I really want to read the original story from the manga. Perhaps to see if any of these dramas deviated from the Japanese manga


  8. Pretty~* actors and actresses and I really loved the second series and movie too~*!….the beginning with them overseas was a bit surreal but it got much better when they returned to Japan for the rest of the series. The wedding scene was so perfect~* and magical…and I really melted ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。♥!!Matsujun's♥ action scene was quite amazing too!! I imagine the manga was be really fun to read too…I'm really bad as I don't read enough I know (._.;).


  9. hello dear. i hope you remember me. i’m greyhavens from vox. lyn from philippines here.. waaaah! finally found you. you know what, i was searching for yasashii jikan screencaps when i stumbled on your blog.. woohoo! it was really a happy surprise. anyway, i’ll be going to sapporo on july and i wanted to visit the forest clock. found already how to go there and i just wanted to see screencaps of the forest clock so that i will know when i finally see it. i just hope it is still there.. i’m really so happy to be connected again to you through wordpress now.. i still miss vox though! 😦


    • Hiiii!! Hisashiburi ne~ =)….Nice to hear from you and I most certainly remember you fondly! I hope everything’s going great with you and that’s so amazing that you’re going to Sapporo next month!! I sure hope~* the forest clock is still there as that would be awesome to be there in person. U~n me too….miss Vox and those days, we had a lot of fun talking about so many interests then too. We can talk much more now….so sweet to hear from you Lyn!


      • hello dear!!!!!!

        i’m back in manila for weeks now but have been very busy with work. haha! result of my 10day vacation. haha! anyway, the forest clock is still there but i wasn’t able to go inside at that time i was there coz it was full. it’s about lunch time so there were a lot of people. so happy to see the place. i was hoping i could also take a pic of the coffee grinders but the pic of the coffee place is still great. will post some pics soon 😉


    • Forgot to say….I loved loved loved this drama with Nino….was so moving and real with all of the characters in it. One of my favorite dramas~♥.


      • and same here. i really love that drama.. it was one of my fave. nino was so good there.. as always.. he’s acting is the best 😉


        • He really is the best actor!..so much talent outside of music in the ARASHI~bunch♥. I just love how the stories unfolded in each episode and how you could really relate to their individual situations all so moving and heartwarming. I cried so much when he finally got to face his father at the ending, such a memorable drama (´⌒`。)。


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