~Playboy covergirl AKB48′s Maeda Atsuko in Hawaii, Korin’s♥ lovely rage & AKB48 in Yan Yan~

Finding this one copy~* was quite lucky while out shelf browsing/shopping♥ っo(*´∀`)o!It's also interesting that Playboy is released weekly in Japan (・o・)!。。and in a continuing quest to discover the "#1 ace" which is Maeda Atsuko…..just learning "Acchan♥" now and there's even a one page character guide for AKB48's drama "Majisuka Gakuen" (now awaiting episode 8, post forthcoming =)! ) along with a surprise sheet of cool Majisuka Gakuen stickers~*!!

<—…while Acchan here has a most mysterious look I just love how absolutely pissed off Korin looks…(^q^)!!!! There seems to be no limits to her awesome sneers..the positioning of her attitude style lip~look! and just her body language!!! She's now firmly my most favorite AKB48 member as of today for sure~ ^ ^♥!。。。along with A~min (has the most awesome Okinawan♥eyebrows..don't let anyone ever tame them!!!), Mayuyu, Tomochin & Yukirin as she seems to be in just about every magazine I've purchased recently~*!

While these stickers are most awesome!!! this week's Playboy issue also has a one page feature on Vivian Hsu's celebratory return to J~Pop and Japan's entertainment scene with the release of her new single "Beautiful Day" which can be found here~♥. in addition to a "Team PB"five page feature~*!! And amazing that after a bunch of votes….Teams PB and YJ are now tied with equal votes apiece~* here ^ ^! Both songs are great so it's nice to see ne~ (*´∀`*) ♪♪。

While no doubt Sae, A~min and Myao can look tough and frightening (・д・`*)!!!。。、Yukirin and Rabutan just look tooo toooo sweet~♥ to quite convince me (^q^)! Well, in drama character and in just pictures can be so different ne~ X

While I was just being mesmerized by Kamei~♥ in Hawaii in her latest shashinshuu~*, here just two days later I'm seeing Acchan also here in the islands~♥ \(^o^)/☆!!Acchan's article is featuring her latest and just released shashinshuu titled "Acchan" and now with the promise of the photography taking place right here I have to admit it's a bit tempting although I'd still favor getting a Korin♥ pb first~*. I scanned both articles just below….

~Team PB is awesome!!!!~

While Mano♥eri graces this issue's cover from late last year this "Pop Idol Close Up" magazine features an abundance of AKB48 and all affiliates as well as a lot of H!P♥ in each issue so much that I purchased three issues before really knowing too much about the style of contents within~. Initially to my surprise while it's quite a pricey publication at 1000¥ each issue it's quite a small digest sized magazine with the dimensions of approximately 8 1/4" X 5 3/4"….but surely the content and quality of articles make it most worth collecting if you like either AKB48 or H!P but there's also many other idols♥ featured too and even a flashback feature which I really like and in this issue they even had the spotlight on past idol♥ group Checkicco♥……. which were a lot like AKB48 in their early days with so many members too in their group!! I've replaced the old broken mp3 links there in the Checkicco link just above, but not yet the Luna Sea ones……how I ever managed to mix a post with Checkicco and Luna Sea is quite funny…(^q^)!

Here I'm getting my very first glimpse of just how emotional of an affair AKB48's single votes are!! I first learned from CK of how AKB48 has their upcoming singles voted on by fans in order to determine which members are featured~* and here in this article I think it was for their single "Iiwake??" I think if I'm not mistaken…(I tend to be very mistaken with AKB48 (._.;)!) but I'm slowly learning ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ。

Okay now I'm seeing the "ace" placed upon #1 member Acchan~*!!! I'm just like wow~!!! she has so so many more votes than anyone and even with 2nd place it's not even close (・o・)!!!!。。I mean even Yukorin♥ (whom I'm so happy~* to see at #2 here \(^o^)/☆!)。。is a whopping 1285 votes behind Acchan (/∇\*)!!!!!and it drops off even more from there……one thing though that saddens me is how this fierce competition for their fans♥ support end up inevitably most likely hurting the feelings of the other girls who don't make the cut to be featured ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 Still this way of deciding their main single releases and the members involved is so so unique and amazing really…just so original of an idea and I have nothing but praise for whomever dreamed~* up such a challenge for the members to take part in~. Hmm….just checking for my other early favorites♥…..Mayuyu did really awesome at 4th with 2625 of the fan votes as well as Tomochin at 7th with 2281 fan votes~♥!!  And just look at the emotions~* on some of the girl's faces…what an amazing and so moving event these are for sure (人∀`*)!And Acchan you really do rock!!!!! although I still pick Korin♥ to kick your butt…lol! just kidding……well, um……….shhh ( ゚∀(・∀・)。。。Korin♥ kick her butt~! XD

^ ^♥。

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2 Responses to ~Playboy covergirl AKB48′s Maeda Atsuko in Hawaii, Korin’s♥ lovely rage & AKB48 in Yan Yan~

  1. Guldari says:

    はい, 言い Maybeですよ.選抜総選挙は, 本当に感動的でした.あっちゃん本当に圧倒的でした.私が好きな たかみなは 5位!もしまた選挙をするようになったらどんな結果が出るか知りたいです!


  2. う~ん!選抜総選挙を見た初めての時ですけど、このイベントは凄く独創的なアイでィアですね~*!沢山の感情があると。。。あっちゃんの目は涙であふれた~(;´□`)。あっ!たかみなはGuldariくんのだいすきなメンバー。。。。彼女は可愛い~*!!あたしも、次のイベントは楽しみです~っo(*´∀`)o!


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