After writing the post just below this one I'm realizing that perhaps it may have been taken a bit out of context~, "Otakebi Boy Wao!" is actually the very first BK song that I've just not been able to embrace (._.;). But my fandom~♥ for BK remains very much the same as it's always been as I've loved and supported them ever since the release of their third single "Piririto yukou!" which originally began my fandom~♥ back when first seeing this pv♥ in the Summer of 2004~ and ultimately led to the naming of this blog o(*´∀`)o゛。

Since that day, I've accumulated quite a bit of post on Berryz Koubou including my thoughts~♥ on the members, their personalities, various releases including many of their singles, pvs, event pvs, photo books, calendars, albums, concert T~shirts, photo sets, appearances in magazines, special release merchandise, etc… =).

I've also been an avid (*´∀`*)。。supporter of BK~♥ since mid 2004 and while these photos just touch upon mainly their music releases~* as I've also purchased numerous T~shirt sets, concert photo books, photo sets including their complete Hawaii♥ sets which were sold here when we were lucky~* to have our very own official Hello!Project Store location in Waikiki, Rakuten Eagles collaboration baseballs, complete group member autographs (including Maihachan's~♥) as well as a few perhaps odd collectibles along the way….so I'm hoping that the previous post doesn't give an impression of any diminishing of my BK fandom as it was rather like an attempt to have a bit of fun and humor with the whole thing^ ^♥。I do have a sort of strange sense of humor though…(^q^)!

Below are my complete singles (most including all LE & RE versions), complete albums, event DVDs, complete pv DVD singles (just waiting on their pv DVD single of "Otakebi Boy Wao!" to arrive) along with concert & play DVDs~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥。

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to Berryz工房~♥。

  1. J-pyon says:

    Everyone's own uniqueness is what makes them a beautiful person. I for one love the song and the video's, i also am a big Berryz fan (Yes that includes the Jpop group as well as the author of this blog), and like you i collected their singles as well as albums and try to give them my support as much as possible. I feel they are a group that can make a lasting impression in the J-pop world and like you i will always remain a devoted fan even if they do release a song that does not impress me. Thx for your post and im glad you remain true to yourself and speak your true feelings. じゃまたね。(^_^)V


  2. I was just thinking omg omg I've given off the wrong impression (._.;). I was once teased here as being a person who likes everything and anything XD but it was all in fun…(^q^)! Aww you're going to make me cry now (;´□`)。。。you're much much too kind to me (人∀`*)♥。 U~n! BK has really established themselves with a style and sound which is so readily recognizable and I'm so happy that they're one H!P group which has managed to remain so stable with their members with just one member leaving in so many years =). Thank you~♥。


  3. Zush says:

    heh he, don't get crazymad-or-whatevar but I guess you forgot to put BK's Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz album from 2006 to that albums photo 😉
    also it would be interesting to know what only-FC DVDs you have got.
    me also waiting for latest BK items to arrive from YesAsia


  4. A~h I totally spaced (._.;)….(okay just added mini berryz…) aww I wouldn't be upset (*´艸`)。Thank you~* for reminding me…I have my box sets on a separate shelf across the room from their CDs so absent minded of me to have missed it as it's in plain sight :P. It's just a few event DVDs for their singles and DVD magazines mostly older ones though. Oh I know YesAsia can take awhile to arrive ne~….they just notified me of shipping L'arc~en~ciel's LE members selection best of as I missed out getting it from Cdjapan before it was out of print and also Buono! Clips 1 is with it……sometimes takes over a week to arrive though :/.


  5. Zush says:

    lol! hard to remember things you see all the time & every day. But yeah, Natsu Natsu Mini is so sweet collection of summerish songs. Love the whole package.
    As you remember recently I've been waiting even over one month for my purchased from YesAsia to arrive… so one week is nothing compared to my experiences. This latest one was sent from Hong Kong on March 3. and again I'm still waiting . . .


  6. I so wish~* that UFI would release much more in this style…it's so rare to see special box sets ne~ but they're such amazing collectibles!! I haven't been able to bring myself to wear the beach sandals just yet..I think I'll keep them sealed always♥! Rii is my most favorite on "Natsu Natsu…." Ugh (_´Д`)ノ~~ I wish they could deliver your orders much more quickly….I'm most likely spoiled as Hawaii is not too far from Japan…still EMS is great as they arrive in two days but shipping is costly ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。


  7. Zush says:

    You are just like me. I've never wanted to don my BK and MM t-shirts & wristbands. They just stay in their original plastic bags except one black Berryz t-shirt I used once when went to anime con here in Helsinki some years ago. Don't want to wear out my precious BK items.
    Just after I had posted my previous comment here local postman brought me these two LE versions of Otakebi Boy Wao! So this time it took ONLY two weeks to get stuff from HK.


  8. thank you for the songs you had shared with us your friends and neighbors


  9. That's so funny we're both protecting them ne~ for collections sake (*´∀`*)♥。 So true~, I have most of my H!P T~shirts still in their original wrapping and most I've only taken out for photos and then have quickly put them back for safekeeping. A few of my earlier T~shirt purchases do see outdoors at times…like with Kohachan (my very first), BK early designs, Manoeri, Kamei♥ and Momusu~♥.I'm so happy they arrived~* and two weeks is a lot quicker!!!…still YesAsia's shipping can take awhile ne~ (+_+)。


  10. Thank you~* so much for listening♪ Noel ^ ^!


  11. Keichii says:

    I sure you are rich!


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