~First impressions of SKE48…

…or rather just my very first favorite♥ songs (*´∀`*)♪~♥、as I've yet to see any live performances or individual member personalities perhaps if they also have those cute~* private home video clips too~. So here my first impression is strictly about the music as maybe it should be??…well I'm still a sucker for cute~* so here with their first pressing album it also includes a randomly inserted member photo and it's also notable that it's actually a photo and not a trading card and as CK has been teaching me ( ゚∀(・-・)~!。。here it's also true as with B.L.T. photos there is a tiny tiny very lucky chance~* to receive a personally signed photo of a member with this album release~….sadly though I'm just not that lucky I'm afraid..(;_;).

SKE48 team K's stage II album "Te wo tsunaginagara" can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

SKE48 team K's stage II album "Te wo tsunaginagara" can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Still the photo is an adorable~* one and while checking the above included SKE48 member guide I've received a photo of Yamada Reikachan ^ ^。

Okay so these are only 15 of SKE48's members so far and this album represents their "II" as in second stage~ (edit: as they're actually the "second" Team K following AKB's Team K…thank you~* CK for the correction =) ) of Team K's songs in which you can hear them perform at their theater~ in Nagoya. From a mango song to my most favorite♥ being "Wimbledon e tsureteitte" well because of tennis~♥ and well this songs just kicks butt!! Most likely predictable of me but track 4 "Te wo tsunaginagara" which is also the title track is so so sooo catchy~♥!!!!….still "Wimbledon e tsureteitte" reminds me so much of early 90's J~Pop♥ and it's so cutely~* arranged with dreams~* of going to Wimbledon o(*´∀`)o゛♥ Really though "Te wo tsunaginagara" is the best written I think and um….I feel an award presentation coming on strong XD!….still "Wimbledon e tsureteitte" is #1 for it's nostalgic sound ^ ^♥ My next most favorites♥ are "Romantic Rocket" and "Innocence" and after just a few listens today (3 =) )…here are what has grown to 10 favorite♥ songs by SKE48 Team K so far….

02 僕らの風
SKE48 team K II


04 手をつなぎながら
SKE48 team K II

12 ロマンスロケット
SKE48 team K II

14 大好き
SKE48 team K II

15 ロープの友情
SKE48 team K II

17 遠くにいても
SKE48 team K II

~And much like Momusu's "Samishii hi", SKE48's "Tooku ni itemo" is just such a perfect~* bookend to wind down and close the album~♥….."stage II"~ beautiful (*´∀`*)♥♥♥


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6 Responses to ~First impressions of SKE48…

  1. J-pyon says:

    They are Cute and the songs you played are really good looks like ill be adding this cd to my ever growing list of music to get. The one artist I have really been liking a lot lately is HP's Ogawa Mana here are the videos that made me a fan.Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou ED4 PV – Genki ni Nare!MAP ~ Map of the Future


  2. CK says:

    Oh cool! You got it!!!!! I didn't realize you bought the Team KII version. I have Team S since it came out first. Oh btw, the team is called Team KII, this is because AKB48 also has a "Team K". So they add the "II" to SKE's second team to differentiate. Most people know Team S, Team KII is just getting off the ground, so to speak. But they are really cute!Enjoy the CD!!!


  3. So happy~* you liked the songs too~ o(*´∀`)o゛。。both AKB and SKE have such great song writing from the releases I've heard so far..so well produced too~! I have some of Canaria Club with their pv DVD, singles and two albums and I also really liked MM Gakuen Gasshobu's "Mecha mote I love You" single~*. The only solo Ogawa Mana that I own though is "Suppin Rock"….thank you~* for the pv link!! You can really see and hear why she was chosen to go solo, amazing strong voice and she has such a cute presence I think ^ ^。


  4. I maybe should do some backtracking with these stage albums as I've been rather thinking I would purchase only the releases coming out from now…I really really like their song writing so much!!!…and in particular the title track and especially their "Wimbledon" song it's so so nostalgic sounding the way it's written just like early 90's J~Pop. A~h! (._.;)….that makes so much more sense….funny I was thinking stage II~ KII but I guess then there would be numbers all over the rest of the teams ne XD. Wait this is their second "stage" or did I misread that (ノロ≦。)?!!Thank you~*, just edited my boo boo (*´艸`)。 I should hear Team S too now…do they have more than one album so far as maybe I'll only get the latter one in that case ^ ^。


  5. CK says:

    Team KII second stage is the same as Team S 2nd Stage. So the songs on the album are the same, only different singers. Team KII hasn't done an original stage as of yet. Their first stage was an old AKB stage, as was Team S' first stage. I only bought the Team S version of the CD as they were the original performers and I didn't want to buy 2 CDs with the exact same tracks. But you might consider buying the DVD version, which is Team S' live performance of this album. At this point SKE has only released these two albums, plus two singles including the new one. Hehe, you didn't mention my two favorite songs…Mango #2 (Track 3) and Koi no Keikou no Taisaku (Track 13). I love Romance Rocket too!!!


  6. OMG! you just saved me from ordering!!! XD Hmm…I guess if I were more familiar with the members it would be more meaningful to get Team S's version too but as they're the same songs I think I'll favor Team KII for now ^ ^。My thoughts exactly…if there were different songs I would especially want their album too as there's so many catchy~* songs here…I'm really really impressed っo(*´∀`)o!A~h! we're having different tastes~* ne o(*´∀`)o゛♥ Oh okay the DVD from Team S….it'll be funny as I'll be listening to Team KII but I'll be watching Team S…(^q^)!


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