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S/mileage & Momusu Winter concert T~shirt sets… S/mileage T~shirt (back) ~It's my very first S/mileage T~shirt & photo set~♥…love this shade of purple also and Momusu's is in vibrant bright~* red♥ (*´∀`*)!It's Hello!Project's 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu tour merchandise~* ^ ^。 … Continue reading

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~B.L.T. creates the prettiest~* idol♥ collectibles!!~

B.L.T. premium signed idol♥ panels~… Okay, so they did cost a somewhat whopping 10,000¥(・д・`*)!!!。。。each and while I've never before tried to order any collectibles from B.L.T.'s Web Shop I was so so impressed when two personally signed♥ premium panels which … Continue reading

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~Arisa Noto Original Portrait Book~♥

Noto Arisa "ARi01"… Nocchi's photo book arrived today~* and it's a cute soft cover edition…maybe more like a "mook" ("magazine/book") release. Scans from an earlier post can be found here~*… and if anyone's interested in ordering Nocchi's book too, here's … Continue reading

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