~Mano Erina~ “Haru no arashi”

My first thought was…a~h! there's "arashi♥" written in the title~* (人∀`*)。。lol not having many deep thoughts XD~*! But the title track "Haru no arashi" is quite an enchanting song♪ albeit I wouldn't consider this to be one of Tsunku's more remarkable compositions as he opted to skip the lyrical content and instead penned the music for both tracks~.

In a sort of rare case with Manoeri it took me a couple of listens before I was really appreciating this new song…still it's a mild affection~* (*´∀`*)♥。。。and I found myself even further apart in liking its coupling with track "Hello! Esper! Hello", given it's a drama theme song and in most cases they simply go hand~in~hand with the drama itself often lending to a greater love of the theme or vice versa perhaps~? ^ ^ Here it's quite special though as "Hello! Esper! Hello!" serves as the theme for "Hanbun Esper" which also stars Manoeri herself~♥ and began airing in January…..also after a few listens~♪ it does grow on you and is surely a cutesy~* styled song but somehow it almost seems as if Manoeri herself regresses backwards to her less nuanced vocals of the past (・д・`*)。

Mano Erina's "Haru no arashi" releases can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Mano Erina's "Haru no arashi" releases can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Mano Erina's "Haru no arashi" releases can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

While LE Type B's cover I think is much more eye catching~* and prettier, it's Type A which includes an additional DVD with a pv version and ended up being the version I chose to purchase….I'm also thinking that the original pv~♥ version may be included on her just released  (3/3/10) "Clips" collection DVD which I haven't received just yet~, as with Type A you'll receive the "Dance Shot Ver." only.

With the major debut of S/mileage upcoming~* and surely their schedules now full of tweeting~*, school and idol♥ lessons becoming much more demanding these days, I imagine it's also the reason why four new Eggs have now joined in as Manoeri's back~up dancers and much like how Johnny's grows their talent from within it's always wonderful to see more and more Eggs getting a much needed opportunity to learn and shine in the spotlight ne~ ( ̄▽ ̄)!

~Thank you to Sayunii @ http://sayunii.wordpress.com for sharing~* such a clear video clip of the original version o(*´∀`)o゛!!。。。the "Dance Shot Ver." which is included with LE Type A is just a bit below ↓↓↓


~"Hello Esper" theme~* song~

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6 Responses to ~Mano Erina~ “Haru no arashi”

  1. She's very pretty and it's really a cool song ~ Uhmm, the last clip is too short or it's really that short? Such a wonderful song♪ ~ and she's so pretty in the video, plus i like the *cute* outfit ~ wait, the pink boots, too~! Thank you for sharing ^q^~


  2. It really has been growing on me….a~h? I've had clips not play properly at first at times but maybe after refreshing they play okay as I'm thinking the dance shot version pv may have skipped for some reason without playing all the way through? (._.;) I hope it can play properly for you…..I've tried clicking on play and it seems to be okay now and sometimes a glitch occurs I'm really so sorry (._.;). U~n her pink~* boots are awesome!! and the dance choreography although simple has a really fun feel to it ne~ ^ ^!


  3. J-pyon says:

    I really like this song a lot and the the video is cute especially the dance version she looks absolutely adorable. I also noticed different background dancers as well s/mileage major debut coming up i think the days of acting as backup dancers is over, now they are the spotlight which im glad i really love their music im so getting their next and last indie single yay!Don't Forget to help s/mileage with their major debut send in a smiling picture of yourself Smile Please


  4. It really caught my eye at first….oh no S/mileage is not backing her but you're right as they've grown out of this role for sure and it does give other Eggs a chance to learn and shine~* too ^ ^。The dance is really cute ne~♥ and while this single isn't one of my most favorites, it's really grown on me since I first opened it and listened っo(*´∀`)o! I'm feeling it's catchy groove now…♥!As we were thinking before let's send our mental~* pleads for S/mileage to not lose their current J~Pop sound♪ when they have their major debut~*…there are so so much r&b styles (I love those too but…) so it would be nice to see them keep what has helped them grow to this point ^ ^。


  5. I was listening couple of times and it's really a wonderful song♪~ and fun ^q^ we all enjoyed watching the pv as well especially, the dance shot version. Thanks again^q^


  6. Yay~*! I'm happy you like the song too….although it did take me a bit longer than usual to really love it ^ ^。The dance really is so cute~* ne and I'm just so happy that Manoeri gets back~up dancers in her videos as in the past H!P soloist didn't have them and they do add so much to the visual~*.


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