~AKB48 「桜の栞」Idol Heaven~* in a Jewel Case








In experiencing~* AKB48 thus far, I’ve only skimmed the surface through a few pvs♥ and their sub~group “Watari Rouka Hashiritai”….and while I’m really late in truly appreciating the genius which has infused an entirely new approach, style and way for fans to interact with an idol empire~* backtracking seems so much to be a truly too daunting task…that being said, my AKB48 fandom truly begins today as my very first group purchase has arrived~* ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ~♥。A~h! I just noticed that they have a greatest hits album being released…for someone as late as me I’m thinking it’ll be a perfect~* release to have ^ ^!

There’s nothing like the anticipation and excitement~* of opening up your very first single release from a group and much like how I experienced Morning Musume’s debut single “Morning Coffee” in February of ’98 with their coupling track “Ai no tane” being the magnet~♥, so much seemed very similar albeit this is far from AKB48’s debut (._.;)!!! It’s all still very new to me so please don’t attack me with tomatoes (´⌒`。)。。。or other splattering objects as I’m sure I’ll make many miss~steps as I’m still even trying to know each face~* to a member’s name ^ ^。

AKB48’s approach to making their fans most happy~* begins with their inclusion of music videos not in separate releases coming out a week or two after the song is released ((*>ω<)~~~>ハロプロ), but instead having them arrive alongside their CD companions~*. Production is also at a premier here as not one but all four new songs♪ are presented with each their very own pv~♥ and each in their own right has a full blown production~* filmed with a freshness and creativity which is like nothing I’ve ever experienced from an idol♥ group past or present~. While both releases pictured above include the music videos for the main tracks “Sakura no shiori” and “Majisuka Rock n Roll”….with Type A you’ll receive in addition the music video for “Enkyori Poster” while Type B includes in addition the music video for “Choose Me!” Both DVDs also include something most endearing~♥ and original for a graduating member….there are mini clips of “sotsugyou” (“graduation”) and friendship messages filmed in a first person perspective from member to member and with each girl’s personality being so varied it forms a most heartwarming collage on both discs~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥。 Both A & B versions come with an outer jacket sleeve, karaoke tracks of both main songs as well as a cute~* separate photo~♥ (*´∀`*)。

AKB48 is truly so special~* and unique…from their format of choosing which members will headline their single releases, to having their very own theater which I’ve only read about but sounds so amazing~*…their heightened personal interaction with their fans…..just every aspect brings this group much closer as they are accessible in unprecedented ways for those lucky~* enough to attend one of their shows from what I understand, it’s every day? Just wow~*!

AKB48 releases can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

AKB48 releases can be ordered here at YesAsia.

AKB48 releases can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

Please click~* and watch the music video♥ as I babble…as Iwai Shunji’s name flashed across the screen I was reminded of how I paid more than any human being should ever for a VHS movie (ノロ≦。)!!!。。but as it was only available on that format way back then I felt the need to succumb to my wanting to see Matsu♥Takako star in what looked like a most warm and coming of age story~♥ o(*´∀`)o゛。

“Sakura no shiori” doesn’t strike me as what perhaps would be intended for a first time purchaser but I absolutely was impressed and moved by the choral arrangement….layered~~hamonies♪~♪~* and just the entire concept of having such a high energy group take on a genre so perhaps unexpected?…I imagine! The song’s spiritual movement~* blends perfectly with the even paced tapestry of members engaged in song..dance…conversations and the vast scenery shown throughout the music video♥. Love the gorgeous kimono (yukata), ribbons, angel wings~* and so so many of these girls are absolutely adorable~*! The variations on “AKB” which appears throughout the video in white lettering did puzzle a bit….I’m wondering….acronyms of the prefectures being presented or perhaps something else (・c_・;)?AKB, SKE but there seems to be so much more here (・д・`*)!

“Majisuka Rock n Roll”…omg! this song is awesome!!!! \(^o^)/☆。。。I’m not quite sure what’s happening here in the video but it appears to be a movie?…but if they produced all of this footage for just this one pv~♥ that’s mind boggling!!! (・o・)

Factions everywhere, fights, one really frightening girl (・д・`*)!。。and total chaos in the classroom!!! XD

…but it’s really this girls expression ~~>…..

She has the best~* sassy “I’m going to kick your butt” at any moment expression~* (*´艸`)!!!!

There’s such a free rolling~* and sassy appeal to this song and the matching visuals could not be any any better!!! Love it!!…..this is a whole new level of idol♥ music attacking such a raw genre~* of style!


I really like the looks~* of the girl in the center….she has really strong features and is just so pretty~*, she reminds me of Amurochan♥ a little ^ ^。I’m terrible!!!!..I really need to properly know every member’s name….I’m trying to trying to (人∀`*)!!

Quiet simply….”Enkyori Poster” wins the Maochan♥ “seal of approval” award for awesomeness!!!!! You must love♥ it or you’ll end up like that guy to the left <~~!!….

..okay but seriously songs♪♪ this catchy aren’t born every day~*. The music video♥ is most cute~* too as there appears to be a ratio of ~~ more cute per frame of which I previously thought was humanly possible (*´∀`*)!!!!Some of the best poses by idols♥ are in this clip for all time~*….and I understand that there’s a challenge between Teams PB & YJ? I haven’t yet checked the sales between Type A and Type B’s releases but I’m hoping it’s close as both are great…..I may just be leaning one way though (。ーωー。)。。。。。Team PB♥!

Please vote for your favorite♥ between the two Teams’ songs, just below ↓↓↓^ ^。

Please click~* here to visit Vizu poll.


I love this song♪~* so much too!!!….it’s an upbeat composition though it makes me want to cry~ (;´□`)!!!。。and while Team YJ may have the daunting challenge of topping Team PB’s most welcome cute~* overload ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!。。this song is so well written also, and the dance choreography of the group along the beach shoreline I love much too!!

In the end, for me it’s really the quality of songwriting which attracts so much and here AKB48 is so well directed with the very best in idol♥ compositions, styling (seifuku~♥always wins!!!!!), an amazing and most unique group format and dynamic~* and yes~!! very very adorable members ^ ^♥!


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  1. CK says:

    Wow, awesome! I'm glad you are liking the CDs.FYI, Majisuka Rock n Roll is the theme song from AKB48's current drama (which I have been writing reviews of on my blog. You never read my stuff 😦 ) That video is essentially scenes from the TV show. The "scary" girl is Nachu, who is a comedienne and member of SDN48. The girl with the sassy look is Oshima Yuko from Team K. And the one you think is cute is Itano Tomomi currently from Team A, an original member of the group.At first I thought Enkyori Poster was far superior to Choose Me. But the more I listen to Choose Me the more I love it


  2. CK says:

    Oh, and the acronyms represented different wards of Tokyo they were walking though. Ueno, Shinagawa, Yoyogi Shibuya etc…


  3. So sad~*! I actually was told that I had run out of memory for any more uploads while I was finishing this post (;´□`)。。。there were supposed to be a few more screen~caps of Team YJ…looks so odd now and abbreviated ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。I really have an entirely new enthusiasm for AKB48…just this single even though it's my very first is soooo soooooo amazing~*!!!! I can't get over how much they put into their productions and when it comes to idols♥ I think we all so much want *cute~* CUTE~*~* CUTE~*~*~~*!!!! and just no one else is presenting anything anywhere near to what AKB48 is doing now and I'm slowly but surely gaining favorites♥..so terrible of me though to not know everyone's names yet (._.;)!!。。that is so sad!!! I totally didn't even recognize Oshima Yuko and I was sort of infatuated with her B.LT. signed panel for awhile although I totally missed out as it was sold out before could decide on whether to pre~order one or not XD! And coicidentally Cdjapan delivered the new UTB and AKB48 are covergirls~*! Takajo Aki, Itano Tomomi, Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu got photo cards and are early favorites♥…still haven't peeked to see which set I received but I so want set "C" I think….no maybe set "B"…but even set "A" is really cute~*! ( ̄▽ ̄)♥ They're really great at making every set so desirable ne~! I've read that Maeda Atsuko is the most popular girl in AKB48 overall?…I'm thinking I just haven't seen enough of her to realize this but somehow I'm not getting it just yet (._.;)!Still though I really adore~* Oshima Yuko way much more at this point although that shirt which Maeda Atsuko is wearing on the cover of the new UTB gives me ideas for a post write~up on its very own (^q^)! You know there's too many great members that it's torture to try to choose between them…I mean unfair lol what am I saying?? (。ーωー。)I used to wonder if groups could be too large to be able relate to them…but that's out the window entirely now…AKB48 is genius~* really! I just wonder now where my "sediments" lay??? apparently they're you know down *there* ↓↓↓ (。ーωー。)♥♥♥Oh no now I know why you're angry with me (*>ω<)。。but it's totally not like what you're thinking now that I know what you're thinking…I had already been seeing some articles being highlighted on IW before this single was released and I've kept from reading any of them the instant I saw their titles as I was so trying not to see or read anything that would give me any possible pre~thoughts or bias on this song and release as I was hoping to be able to experience AKB48 from a blank prospective ^ ^。I wanted to open their single just as I had with Momusu's debut "Morning Coffee" and just see if the girls or songs or any of it would move me in any way and how I would see them as idols♥..so I was thinking that surely you would have written something about this song and release on your AKB48 blog or now even your VOX blog as you mentioned wanting to add much more content about them there recently, so I have been avoiding seeing anything just to keep myself from thinking or knowing anything about this single or release before I got a chance to open it up and have it be new っo(*´∀`)o!I hope you can forgive me and understand my odd way of going about some things as I know I'm weird….I've been told that so many times in my life that I needn't try very much to live by it it seems (*´艸`)!I feel really badly and I'm so sorry that you felt this way…I should have said something about my intentions earlier but again that's the dumb in me shining through (._.;)I was thinking it could be a movie at first but it's a drama~♥ even better as those last much much longer~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥ Nachu truly frightens me (・д・`*)!!!I was thinking no wait she can't be in the group lol XD! Shhh…don't tell her when you're in Japan as she'll probably want to beat me up and I'm sure she can without much effort~ (+_+) Oh wait she's not in AKB48….scratch that..I tend to type while reading so I spurt out with stupid things often before reading and realizing that what I just may have said….makes no sense XD! SDN48…that's the sexy~* group ne~..I was confusing them with SKE48 as I ordered their release "Te wo tsunaginara" and their upcoming new single being released on March 24th~*.I don't know why..I just sort of did that on a whim thinking that I could hear their new album and really be able to decide if I'll like them or not..so funny I need help as I make odd decisions each and every day~ (人∀`*)!It's sad seeing how many members have graduated and now I'm thinking please don't graduate Oshima Yuko or Itano Tomomi or the member in pink~♥ in the second screen~cap from the top of this post ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!There'll be many more favorite♥ members I know…and I think being able to watch their personal videos while they're away from "work" and at home are the most endearing~* and they can totally make you say w~ah! she's awesome funny!! or awesome adorable~*!! I do love both bonus songs♪ so much and so true that "Choose Me!" grows on you with more listens or rather watch~es~! for me as I'm a pv nymph~♥! That was so stupid (ノロ≦。)!!。。I was wondering prefectures here and surely they'd be much too far apart to ask the girls to walk around to (*´艸`)。That's really so cute to expand on the origins of their group name in this way….AKB48 is just genius~* ^ ^!So lucky~* you're getting to see them and so soon from now!!!! I'll be most jealous here while you enjoy yourself XD! The 12 hour event where you're going to be able to use your very own cellphone to take photos with a member is beyond ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!!。。。and wow you have seven of those already?! If you get Oshima Yuko or Mayuyu and you hug them in your photo then I'm going to have to find you and hug you soon just to get some of their ~♥♥♥~* lol okay I'm kidding!!!..well maybe (*´艸`)。。。I pre~ordered Watari Rouka Hashiritai's shashinshuu~* and their new single releases just recently…worried that they'll sell out before I get the chance if I wait but you're so lucky~* to be able to purchase them in Japan…no shipping fees and you get to choose them right off of their original shelves~! Oh and I hope~* you're able to dine at Marippe's♥ restaurant..I wonder if they'll be playing her new single there with the cowboy crew~*?! Sorry I'm reading your PM while still typing and by now you've probably nodded off to sleep as I've babbled for much too long~ o(*´∀`)o゛。


  4. Guldari says:

    今度シングルは特に気に入りました.物静かな曲と溌剌とする曲が一緒にあって, とてもバランスが良いと思います.そして彼女たちが立てたまた一つの記録..女性アイドルグループの初動 30万枚突破は, 2001年のモーニング娘以後 7年ぶりです!すごくないんですか?


  5. La-Rush says:

    waw. u fell for B48 deeper and deeper. keep writing and tell me how far u fancy AKB^^have u seen majisuka gakuen? i bet u'll get hook 200%hehehe


  6. Hydeo says:

    u have try watch majisuka gakuen ?? is really good (getting out the part where aachan win from everyone but ok -.-)but well kasai, asuka, yuki <3~~~ and a lot other i love stay there so is really good aehaehae


  7. このシングルはあたしの第一印象です、AKB48の事 ^ ^。色々な曲が印象的ですね~*!売れ行きも~すごい!!!!今からファンになって、きっとo(*´∀`)o゛♥。


  8. U~n! (*´∀`*)。。I'm definitely a fan~♥ now for sure!! I'm wondering where the best place to watch Majisuka Gakuen may be?..I don't like torrents so I wonder if there's another way to watch. The music video for Majisuka Rock n Roll is so much fun and I imagine the drama series will be just as wild~* ^ ^!


  9. Oh this drama is still showing currently?….I've gotten three very enthusiastic must watch~* comments so surely I'll see this series soon! May I ask where you are watching Majisuka Gakuen?Always so much better when your favorites♥ are starring too ne~ ^ ^。For me Oshima Yuko and Itano Tomomi are in it so yay~ \(^o^)/☆!


  10. Hydeo says:

    yes is running yet :P, if u like akb48 is really good if u dont like maybe go be only a lot of ppl getting mad around aheahearemember the site i said before H!O (hello!online) ? there they upload with english subs, i get there, but probably on d-addicts have toofor me go be really good i like lot(in numbers) of the akb girls aehahea maybe who know close the 48 ones more ske "?" aehaheaoh u like yuko and itano :3~~ itano have this face ":3" , agree ? aehaheahea


  11. lol! so there appears to be lots and lots of anger? (・o・)。。。but if they're torrents I'm really not wanting to use those :/. I actually never really download much of anything so if they require putting files together I'll be lost also (._.;). I recently pre~ordered two SKE48 releases..one is a single and the other's an album…I'm just thinking I'll dive right in just to see what they sound like and to see if they're anything like AKB48 XD. U~n so far Yuko and Tomochin are my favorites as well as Mayuyu….lol I only have three right now but that'll change soon I'm sure ^ ^。


  12. Hydeo says:

    aehaeha yeh lot of anger aheahe… no no, is avi files with hardsub, is only download and watch :3oh u started to like ske too ?? eheheh yeh they are like akb dont worry, if u like one u go like the other, but if u dont like, can u send to me ?? aehahehaeyuko itano and myuyu <3~~~~~ heheh o love they too, ahhh soon u go start like a lot ones aheahea, have a lot of good and kwaii girls there :3


  13. Oh avi files are great~*…I've actually been told of another place to watch by a friend so hopefully my internet doesn't slow down at this moment~* (・д・`*)!!These will be my very first time hearing and seeing SKE48 so I'm not yet sure of what to expect although as you say they're very much alike so I'm sure it'll be awesome~*! A~h! lol I bet you're now hoping that I don't like them ne~ (人∀`*)。The more I see of them the more favorites♥ I'll develop for sure…they're just so many members that it's a bit overwhelming at the moment to really get to know their personalities very much but I'm thinking this drama will help with this very much~ ^ ^。


  14. Hydeo says:

    where him talked to u watch ?? have other doramas to watch ? send me the link pls :P?why dont try some youtube videos ?? yeh yeh hope so much :3~~ aehahe joke ^^yeh, i like a lot of they but i have my top favs, if u want know tell me haehaea.. ah i know a lot of they, the problem is now akb48 have a change in the teams and some SEEDS entered the teams so have some of they i dont know yet… yeh maybe the dorama help hehe, i think better to u know they, try watch akbing and shuukan akb, all have in H!O to download, is really good 2 programs from akb :P, and ske sometimes stay in toowell maybe this month or next i start make a english course 😛


  15. chocobliss says:

    Sorry for disappearing so long!


  16. Oh the link is only for "Majisuka Gakuen"…watching my very first episode this weekend~♥!Hmm…do they change members very often? (・д・`*)?!。。I'm thinking "SEEDS" are similar to Eggs? I've heard of AKBingo but haven't had a chance to watch just yet…(currently obsessed with ARASHI♥ t.v. shows~* XD)~! Interesting that even H!O is offering AKB and SKE programs too…they really do have the most watched programs I imagine ne~ ^ ^。U~n! ganbatte ne~! I've heard that English is perhaps one of the more difficult languages to learn but I know you'll do great and you really understand and speak so well now too~ \(^o^)/☆


  17. Hi chocobliss~*! hisashiburi desu ne…I've missed you (人∀`*)。


  18. Hydeo says:

    so u liked ??no this is the first time in all akb work time, maybe is because they wanted to make the 3 teams more popular putting some of the top girls splited in the 3 teams and maybe to add some SEEDs… yes seeds = eggs, is the girls in training… is really good, akbing and shuukan akb, some epis is so bored, but 80% is cool :P… yes and last year started with Idoling!!! things too 😛 so the top 3 girls band of japan u can find there :P… yeh hehehi think japanese is worst aehahea, but english is essencial for every one who want work in a good place… yeh i think i dont go have much difficults too, maybe a little in the dialog parts aehahea speak and this things where i dont have much experience aheaheau think im good in english ?? hehe thx ^^


  19. This is going to be quite addictive~*!!….I've now got the first three episodes and internet's working a bit better so it's only about 2 1/2~3 hours for each episode..lol that's probably really slow though (>_<);!!I wonder if I can get them onto DVDs so my hard drive doesn't use up too much space as the files are really large!!!..almost a gig each :O! I've never downloaded any dramas before so this is all very new so I have no idea of what I'm doing (._.;)! Thank you~* for explaining I was thinking they might be like H!P's Eggs and although it's sad to see anyone graduate especially after you've become attached to them over time~*…it really is best to have new members and talent get a chance to shine~* and keep the group's moving ^ ^。U~n I guess English really is maybe "universal" or most used ne~ and I think you'll do great as you already write so much and are able to express yourself in conversation~*.


  20. Hydeo says:

    so u liked the dorama ?? im waiting the epi 9 with sub… no, mine sometimes need this time to download too aheahea… humm why u dont get some epis and convert to ISO image, and burn in a dvd, so u can watch in ur dvdplayer ^^… dorama is really cool, have good ones, u understand jap ?yeh, they have graduates too :\… but is more rare than H!P, this year a lot of seeds come to the principal teams or go to the SKE48… yes and make new image of the group, so u really liked akb hehe, i have a friend who try to say she dont like akb because her lov H!P aehaheahehe u think i stay in so high grade like this :P?


  21. Okay~* good news is that I've been able to get the first 7 episodes of "Majisuka Gakuen" so far and I realized that stupid me (*>ω<)!!。。was getting the HD versions at first and since I'm watching on my laptop right now it's so not necessary XD! So no the smaller files in 720 are so much faster getting them…only about 35 minutes to 50 for each episode so funny it fluctuates although the files are all about the same size. I've put them onto a DVD and I think it'll play in a DVD player okay…I'm yet to try as they're still on my hard drive but hopefully they'll be okay this way too~*. I think it's wonderful to listen to whatever one wishes~* and it's not something that will affect my H!P fandom♥ one bit at all….I mean H!P will always be my one of my first loves~♥ so that will never go away…and as long as the music is catchy and moving and you adore the idols♥ the more to love the better ne~ ^ ^。It's wonderful to know that AKB doesn't graduate their members too quickly….it'll be just too sad and with me just getting to know them gradually I hope their lineups don't change anytime soon.Surely English has its tricky nuances and rules with pronunciation which can be somewhat odd at times with sounds changing…but I think you'll continue to learn so quickly as you already have a feel for English and our conversations are maybe a bit like practice? (*´∀`*)。


  22. Hydeo says:

    aheaheha yeh the HD version ahve the double of the size ehahea :x… test on DVD player before u delete from ur pc the original ones ;\yeh me neither, but her is a little crazy about this, cant listem the other group because they are "rivals"… but the true is probably they get all out together ahehaehae…. yeh i like hp a lot too, altough 2009 not be a good year for H!P… yes :3~~ i agree… hehe like i said is a little hard occours this things :P~~ and lot of words have the same spealling way ahehae… hehe yeh i pretend learn more and more… and yes is like a preticeso u dont answered if u know japanese (i mean a really good japanese) not like mine aheahea i know only few words ;\


  23. I ended up saving them on my external hard drive as there's much more space there…felt sort of silly though getting those HD versions as I don't even think my laptop can display them properly~ (*´艸`)!!。。I also do think that the girls don't feel too much of a rivalry, I mean between H!P and AKB48…maybe it's naive for me to think but I think all idols♥ would love to see idols♥ elsewhere become really popular too ne~* as it shows opportunities and promise of their popularity continuing in Japan's culture~ ^ ^。H!P enjoyed a peak~* in popularity just as AKB48 is doing so now….and it's no reason to feel like you're betraying your fandom♥ by liking them both equally…Mmm I hope you can still convince your friend of this ne~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥。It can be a bit tricky I think when first learning as similar spellings really can have such different pronunciations at times but I'm sure you'll do very well~* ^ ^。 I listen and speak much much better than I read Japanese…currently studying kanji but there are just so many (・д・`*)!!!


  24. Hydeo says:

    i think all of they are really good friends and all this things, i think is really rare some competition outside the camera things ^^aheahe sometimes her say, her like a little akb and this things ahehaea the problem is to her confess her like akb too :Pu dont answered if u tryed listem to Idoling!!thx ;3~~ i hope i go good too, i think i dont go have much problems… something like more than 1500 kanjis aheahea, learn first the more usable ones :Pand after that teach me :Pu cant use msn yet ?


  25. A~h lol! I sense she may like them a bit too then? I think it may just take a few of their catchy~* songs and pvs♥ to attract your friend much more…hmm~m? ^ ^!E~hhh? sorry I'm reading while typing and I sometimes miss things (._.;)….I've heard their I think first album?? but wasn't swayed enough back then to dive in just yet….but as with many idol groups it may just be a matter of time before I'm attracted to them but with Idoling!! it just hasn't happened yet for me (._.;).It's frightening to think that to just read a Japanese newspaper one needs to know 1500 kanji!!! (・д・`*)!!!。。sorry it's off limits for me (+_+)。


  26. Hydeo says:

    yeh maybe, but i think her go stay thinking like that yet, because she thinks MM and AKB are mortal rivals aheaheayeh, like a lot of idol groups and trying to remember the name of all of they is really hard ehaheaheh, but i like idoling!! they are really funny girls in the concerts an programs aheaheaaheaheha yeh its really annoying, but i think they use the more normals kanjis or a mix of kanji and hiragana


  27. LOL! e~hhh???? 'rivals?' Hmm…it may be naive but I truly believe that most if not all idols♥ feel support for everyone else~* as when the idol♥ community grows and sees success so are the opportunities for others to succeed as this genre continues to strive even in financially difficult times =). 1945 of kanji are considered "jouyou" or essential :O! One must really begin very early to master so many….for me it's been a case of trying to catch catch up~*!


  28. Hydeo says:

    yeh, i agree with u, but is lot probably that they all go out with girls from another idol groups aheaheha, and probably they all are good friendsheheh, but u can do it dont worry, u go to some japanese school to learn ?


  29. Hydeo says:

    yeh, getting off i dont understand teh kanji but have the pics to prove the true aheaheahe,,, yeh i like the purikura and the cell phones they upload there :3 ~~ i always look their bloog… aehahe i think u are right :Poh this is cool :3~~ … hehe but u go to school to learn, for u is more easy than for me ^^, who learn alone


  30. U~n! I think a lot of idols♥ have nights out or they hang out together and their photos in purikura are always so adorable~* o(*´∀`)o゛。。I miss us not having them here anymore. There are lots of wonderful publications for kanji and Japanese to self learn too though…I know it can be a bit more challenging but with dedication I'm sure you'll do great ^ ^。


  31. Hydeo says:

    hehehe, yeh.. i never get a purikura haehaehae :xyeh i go try my best :3~~u know some good sites to send me to learn japanese, something like from begin to pro ??


  32. They're really so much fun~* to take photos with! We used to stick them all over the machine too well not on the machine itself but there was a board attached to it and they're really fun to write on also ^ ^。Hmm…sorry I'm not really familiar with online language sites, I do see many courses available on CDs, DVDs or books online. You may also be able to find some publications at your library maybe? I've never seen Rosetta Stone myself but it seems to be top rated~* for language courses….although it's most pricey though.


  33. Hydeo says:

    ahehahea, i see somewhere how they work, looks fun, but i dont have someone i can call friend to go to places like this hehe….yeh i heard about rosetta one time, but is buy program :\ so this is sux haehaehahey… sorry for say this here too, u can change ur parents mind about msn ?


  34. Oh you do have purikura there?…so lucky~* I miss them so much but yes so much more fun with a friend or friends♥. It is quite pricey for the entire course but I've read reviews that say it's really one of the best if not the best language courses available~*. A~h sorry….I haven't been in any chat for awhile too but I'm just not allowed still (._.;).


  35. Hydeo says:

    i think in the capital maybe have in the big shoppings, but i never used one aheaheae… yes hehe, and i dont have someone here who i can call friend ^^yeh, when i have money i go study the way to use that program :P, hope i get something good if i use :P.. u cant use another thing? like yahoo messanger or gmail msger ?i really dont get why ur parents dont allow u to use :\, is only u dont give explicit information about where u live and this things


  36. I've actually never met anyone who's used this program but it seems to get the best reviews~* overall…so so many other ones available too though but I guess diving into the best reviewed series would still be best ne~ ^ ^。I've just had a bad experience in the past (;_;)…but I hope you understand my feelings.


  37. Hydeo says:

    yes, a friend know and told me is really good :3~~ oh well, u like talk with me no ?? u cant use only to talk with me ??


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