OMG! I've actually run out of memory~* to upload anything for the remainder of this month (´⌒`。)!!。。

。。。two GB all gone?

ぇええ〜ッΣ(゜ロ゜;ノ)ノ!?it's never happened before, I can't believe I've run out (*´艸`)

Hmm…I think most of it's in my Ueto♥Aya post here~* ^ ^。


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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to (´⌒`。)

  1. Zush says:

    ugh! that's massive load of pictures you have posted here this month. Now I keep wondering how many GB or TB the human brain has. Must be mucho more than 2GB.


  2. I wasn't realizing what I was causing these past few weeks…now I'll be checking my available upload memory just to see if I'm overdoing it again~ XD! LOL ne~ so true….it's thinking and dreaming~* infinity~♥ (*´∀`*)。


  3. I'd say Ueto Aya is worth the used space for sure.~ <33 (I've liked her a lot more ever since watching season 6 of "Kinpachi Sensei".)


  4. Zush says:

    !!! you have a tsunami warning alert there in Hawaii at the moment?! Hope those tsunami waves from Chile do not reach the shores of Hawaii and hope you are OK.


  5. Cory Roberts says:

    I hope the tsunami doesn't get you. There was one in Philippines back in 2004.


  6. Mikey says:

    Glad the Tsunami passed Hawaii mostly! Might hit Japan still though! :(Emma;s birthday is 9/15! I day off! hehe How much is your device? I have a Mi-Fi mobile hotspot from Version that gives me to 5 wi-fi connections anywhere there is 3GShe looks interesting~ <3>


  7. That season was so well written ne~!…you can really see how Kinpachi Sensei continues on for so many years, it's such a beloved~♥ series (*´∀`*)。It means so much to hear you say this and I had quite a fun week getting everything prepared and ready to compose so that I could include as much content as possible for Ueto♥Aya~ ありがとう~*^ ^!


  8. Thank you~* so much Cory for your concern (*´∀`*)♥。。happily nothing bad happened and everyone was so well prepared. It was nerve wrecking at first though…awakening to something so frightening (/∇\*)!


  9. A~h! you knew so early about our warning here!!!…I was still sleeping and our sirens warned us at 6 am which was really frightening just not knowing what they were for but knowing that it wasn't the first Monday of the month..when they always test our sirens island wide~. Thank you~* again so much Zush o(*´∀`)o゛♥。


  10. It was so so much of a relief when they announced the all clear~* and so happy that nothing bad happened with the waves arriving here =). Thank you~* Mikey always for your concern and friendship~♥ o(*´∀`)o゛Oh they sent it for free..it's a modem and monthly it's $33/ month for the subscription for internet~. Thank you for checking Ueto♥Aya's post~* ^ ^。


  11. Yes! I really loved it, and Aya's character was one of my favorites. I wanted to watch more and more of "Kinpachi Sensei", but I couldn't find any other seasons with subtitles.
    But at least I'll be able to move on and watch Aya's acting in different shows. <3–
    I'm really happy everything turned out for the better in Hawaii.~


  12. Mikey says:



  13. Hmm..they've aired a few seasons here in Hawaii on a local station but I haven't really searched for them online and actually I'd be most terrible at that for sure as I rarely download anything (._.;). So much was happening with so many of his students and even his very own family in this season…really it was one of the very best I think with Ayachan just being so amazing and mature as an actress too~! I'm going to watch "Attention Please" next and one of the seasons is based in Hawaii so it should be so fun to see……thank you~* so much!!..so so relieved that nothing awful happened and that everyone was safe o(*´∀`)o゛♥。


  14. o(*´∀`)o゛♥。。Thank you~* Mikey and I hope you can find her single that I mentioned with all of her pvs~♥ plus her latest album~* ^ ^。


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