What an impressive~* production went into Momusu's now 42nd single release…from the hard hitting hyper dance title track "Onna ga medatte naze ikenai"..the smooth r&b styling~s of its coupling "Nakidasu kamoshirenai yo"..fluffy but stylish~* wardrobes..dynamic lighting as well as a pv~♥ choreographed with a distinct catwalk chic~.

While I'm imagining the original pv version to be a combination of the 3 versions included here (still awaiting their pv DVD single's arrival in a day or two) with types A, B and & LE releases~* I'm equally loving both "Make~Up" and "Dance" versions as just about anything could prove to be a cut above the usual slow close ups intermingled with dance choreography which I'm sure most have become accustomed to.

I find there's a nice cutting edge to this release much like what "Resonant Blue" had both with song visuals and furthermore, the dark background and dynamic lighting highlighting with visuals accents adds a new feel of sophistication~….and while Momusu may have moved permanently away from any cutesy~* type of production you could dress them up in seifuku~♥ and I'd feel the very same enthusiasm no doubt~ o(*´∀`)o゛!

Morning Musume's "Onna ga medatte naze ikenai" releases can be ordered here at Cdjapan.



…(^q^)! Simply every group needs a resident ham~♥, here we have Mittsi~* taking charge ^ ^。

"Going On!" is a simple charmer~* yet extremely effective~ly cute♥ and after all it is a youthful anime tie in with "Shugo Chara!" serving as its new opening theme song♪~。

And I'm voting for this guy ↓↓↓。。yes~! the Lion to be the director for all cuteness~* from her forth….add in a few fruit and vegetable props for good measure and wall~ah~♥ (。ーωー。)!

Guardians4 "Going On!" releases can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

As with past Guardian4 releases, Shugo Chara Egg! also appears on their single as the coupling with track~* "Arigatou~ Okiku kansha!~"….Mmm…cuteness loves company~* o(*´∀`)o゛♥。In addition to the Shugo Chara Egg! trading card the LE also includes jacket making of footage for Guardians4 as well as a Shugo Chara Egg! photo making of on the included bonus DVD~ (approximately 15 minutes….). The pv DVD single includes the original music video clip, close up version, dance shot version as well as a pv making of segment~ (approximately 21 minutes….).


The very essence~* of Buono! is so trademark ne~….their sound♪ so unmistakable….the tight happy style of rock♥….the soaring vocals of Airiin, Miya & Momo in ensemble harmonies~* with always their euphoric inspiring choruses♥♥♥~! They always sound so *live* in the sense of even their studio recordings having a truly~* live sound to them…always so invigorating!!! ^ ^

I mean, who can't but feel a sense of happiness while clicking play on any of their catalog to this point~…..and here Tsunku treats us to yet more of his musical genius~* with the duties of composing the title track's music…."Our Songs" simply rocks~♥!!..sorry I may be having a shallow happy day~♥ but Buono! truly~* presents every reason to love♥ music ♪~♪~♥…that which should always engage, move and make one feel alive o(*´∀`)o゛。I so can't wait to receive the pv for this song…I'm thinking it'll be included on their upcoming "Clips 1" DVD release ne~!!!!! (March 10th…so long to wait though (・д・`*)!!

Buono! "Our Songs" releases can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

The LE's bonus DVD includes jacket of making footage for both their single "Our Songs" as well as their 3rd album "We are Buono!" (approximately 7 minutes…) along with a cute~* trading card (scanned above) ^ ^。

^ ^。

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22 Responses to ~Hello!Day~♥

  1. J-pyon says:

    wow some great music you have posted. The new Morning Musume song i really loved from the start i think it was the acoustic guitars that hooked me and the video was fantastic they all look so beautiful (Unfortunately Gaki-san cut that long gorgeous hair she had, she still looks good, but i love the long hair, personal preference i guess) and the dance is so good ne. Buono i always have loved their new full length album is awesome. As for Guardians 4 they are sooo cute and im a big fan of their songs i really hope they keep them around a bit, to me its a great lineup of girls who sound awesome together plus listening to their songs make me feel like their age again, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Ja Matta (^_^)V


  2. Zush says:

    you know how I feel about Buono! so I'm moving to another quite familiar subject. Still I'm waiting my LE & normal vesrions of Our Songs to arrive from Hong Kong. YesAsia shipped the parcel on 13th of Feb so now after 11 days still no new Buono! for me. 😦 Last time I purchased stuff from Hong Kong it took over ONE MONTH to arrive my home. It's not YesAsia's fault, it's something between Hong Kong airport and my home door. I wonder what it might be. Usually YesAsia parcels take 1 and half weeks to arrive. Oh well . . .


  3. Zush says:

    uh, I checked and it was actually on 8th of Feb YesAsia sent that parcel. 16 days! Nice.


  4. A~h! I know….I usually saw it as a sort of sign when someone was taking over as the leader like when Aichan cut her hair shorter but now she's grown it back out beautifully~*….they both do match a longer style much more ne~ (*´∀`*) Gakisan has just never had a shorter hairstyle so it was so surprising for sure (・д・`*)!!I really love the dynamic look of the pv~..the dance shot version and also the make~up version is really pretty~* and I thought it was a good variation on things too~. Guardians4 really do sound perfect~* together and in the making of segments it's so fun to see how much they've all bonded albeit that Kumachan and Riichan are both from Berryz….and Mittsi has begun to crack me with things she does~♥! In a lot of ways Buono! just seems to win!! win!! win!!…they can do no wrong~ ^ ^。


  5. I've had a similar thing happen also when I ordered an Arashi♥ single from them awhile ago….the great thing about YesAsia though is that they usually still have LE's in stock long after Cdjapan and other sites are already sold out of their pre~orders (人∀`*) Still that is much too long for them to take and like you say it's probably not related to YesAsia but rather it may be stuck in customs I wonder? (;´□`)。。。I was a bit sad to not see their pv~* also included but with the pv's making of being included on their 3rd album's LE I imagine it's most likely on their upcoming pv collection release? I was then like omg did I order it???….luckily I did as I'm really wanting to see their pv~♥ for this single soon!! ^ ^!!


  6. Zush says:

    today (Friday) I finally got my latest purchase from YesAsia: Risako in Hokkaido DVD + Our Songs LE.
    By the way > Berries Tomodachi song and PV are both totally awesome. As I said @ BKI Tomodachi is a classic BK song and it's a excellen song for concerts.


  7. \(^o^)/☆。。よかったね~*!!Riichan is always so adorable~* and I know how much you love♥♥♥ Buono! too~!!! Ya~y! so true and I really love whenever BK creates special VTR music video like clips~*..those are so much the best with their candid energy and in some ways even more endearing than some of their actual pvs~♥ in a sense ^ ^。


  8. Thanks for the hard work you put in with all the scans and screencaps. <3I love the floating food in the photo from Guardians 4's single.~ So cute. 🙂


  9. Nino-baby says:

    Wow you most spend so much money on H!P releases xD (And I thought I was bad…) I love the new MM single, it's so fresh and cool!<3 I like the new Buono single too<3 (Your scans are great!) I got my copy of the new Buono album today (We Are Buono) it's really really good! ❤ ^o^ I got the Airi card though… Would really like to get the Momo card xD sighI'll make a vox post tomorrow about it ^^


  10. (*´∀`*)。。。I sometimes get screencap happy~*. A~h I adore Guardians4 new pv so much too….with animals in charge of directing and shooting and yes~! the veggie and fruit props are so cute~*!! Thank you~ ^ ^!


  11. I'm supposed to check into shop~a~holics anonymous any day now (*´艸`)!。。seriously though I've always wanted to support my favorite♥ artists so I don't download any releases. With variety t.v. though I've gotten episodes from friends as these aren't sold on DVD so it's really the only way to watch them but otherwise I love to collect releases for sure~. The alternate jacket extra for Buono!'s new album which I received is a group photo~* and the booklet is printed on such thick and glossy paper ne~! I really loved the sound of all three releases~* and it's so much of what H!P needs right now..as wonderful song writing is most important for sure ^ ^。


  12. Nino-baby says:

    Hahaha x'D I know the feeling, I'm buying too much stuff too =__=; hehImpressive you support all those artists! I only buy a little amount of what I listen too :OIf I had more money I would like to buy more of course ;P Uh you got a group photo? Nice… Yes I like all the new H!P releases, they are so great! I've just ordered the new Berryz single and Arashi's as well ^o^


  13. U~n so funny as I had no idea there were individual member cards instead….it's sort of like a variation of the cover (人∀`*)。I'm looking forward to BK's new single~* too it may arrive a bit late though as it's currently grouped together with a few other releases which aren't being released until a bit later~…..a~h! you ordered the new Arashi♥ single!!! \(^o^)/☆ "Troublemaker" arrived today but I haven't yet had a chance to listen (*>ω<)!!!


  14. Nino-baby says:

    Wow that was quick! Where are you ordering your stuff?! :O


  15. BK's new single has now arrived…it really becomes costly with shipping when so many releases are separated by just a week or two and sometimes I don't group them together like I maybe should :/. I usually order through Cdjapan for music and use their EMS service as I notice that air mail isn't that much less and it's significantly slower to arrive….mmm normally it takes two days to arrive from Japan once it's noted as shipped~*. I had a bit of fun with "Troublemaker"…here ^ ^♥。


  16. Nino-baby says:

    A~h so you pay extra for shipping then? That would explain such FAST shipping xDI couldn't check the whole "troublemaker" post, because don't want to spoil the fun for myself, if you get what I mean? ;D But looks nice! I'm curious about the juice – lol ^^


  17. U~n…EMS can be a bit pricey and I really wish~* I were able to just visit a store and purchase them (lol dreaming~*XD)..but it's the next best thing (*´∀`*)。I so so understand ( ̄▽ ̄)。。。I'm exactly the same way with new releases~* as I so much prefer to hear/watch them for the very first time when my order arrives~*…..so keeping from seeing pre~views can be a challenge at times! I think you'll be amazed by the pvs~♥ visuals…so so creative and just wow~!!!! I ♥ the juice ^ ^!


  18. Nino-baby says:

    I don't how much EMS costs, but I bet it's very expensive ne? 😦 I so so wish too I could just buy them in a store… That would be so much easier (and faster!) >__< Sigh…Wuaah, can't wait! xD I really hope my singles arrive tomorrow! ^ o ^


  19. Hmm…it's calculated by weight but I think there's a starting point for their charge which is higher than normal air delivery…still I was surprised at how little difference it seemed to make between EMS and standard air mail from Japan to Hawaii so I tend to choose EMS most of the time ^ ^。I so hope~* your order arrives very soon too (*´∀`*)!


  20. Nino-baby says:

    A~h okay! I get it know… But the distance from Japan to Denmark is much greater than Hawaii, so I fear it would be much more expensive for me xD Sadly my order didn't arrive today >o<;;,,,,,


  21. A~h that's probably true :/…and a lot of times I hear that customs can hold onto packages for awhile longer too when they travel internationally. Oh you wrote this yesterday so perhaps your order has arrived today I hope~* ^ ^。


  22. Nino-baby says:

    Sadly no… We don't get packages on Sundays… 😦


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