~Yaguchi Mari to Straw Hat 「風をさがして」 + reminiscing Air♥Band~

Firstly~* the cowboy♥ style is purely adorable in every way…even the zany cast of Straw Hat swinging their hips in unison in the pv~ become so funny and cute and I’m thinking they’re also “Quiz Hexagon II” regulars??..not really sure as I’ve only watched a couple of times but their “baka talent” thingie that they have going on surely cracks me up~*…(^q^)! “Kaze wo sagashite” also doubles as the opening theme for the original manga turned anime series “One Piece” and the visuals alone here make me most curious as it looks quite out there..even in terms of wild anime~♥!

The LE release of “Kaze wo sagashite” includes a bonus DVD containing 6 pv~ versions of the song which is quite amazing!!! and also a randomly inserted trading card…I received “Haranishi Takayuki” who’s also wanted for 44,000,000- (・o・)!

Yaguchi Mari to Straw Hat “Kaze wo sagashite” CD single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Yaguch Mari to Straw Hat “Kaze wo sagashite” CD single can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Yaguchi Mari to Straw Hat “Kaze wo sagashite” CD single can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

In addition to the original pv~ version just above, there are six in all including a dance version with the entire cast~, a solo Marippe version~, a Osawa Akane & Satou Rika version~, the all guy version~ as well as the opening animated version for the series “One Piece.” Also really great how all 5 member versions are shot in a single take without scene editing involved~* ^ ^。 Watching here I sometimes forget that Marippe is still under the management of Up Front Works~* but in any case she’s as adorable~♥ as ever dressed up Western style~* and yes~! lots and lots of hip shaking and pointing \(^o^)/☆ All member versions include that same *sexy* choreographed dance…simplistic to the point and sort of mesmerizing after awhile….as in having watched all five member versions in a row~…ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ♥!!!And the visuals really add so much making this already so cute track so much more。。。っo(*´∀`)o! worthy~*.

Here also are Marippe’s solo version along with the Minna dance version music videos just below…

I must say though that while Marippe’s as well as Akane & Rika’s pvs~ have a very cute and sexy edge to their giddyness~* ( ̄▽ ̄)。。。there’s something oddly peculiar about the all guys version as they’re basically backup dancers…sway~ers…um or something like that and notice how each has their own unique way of expressing the hip sway~*, some maybe a little too good? (。ーωー。)。。。

I must reiterate a bit as….Akanechan and Rikachan’s cowboy♥ outfits are the absolute best~* here but I’ll give the guys their due also for funny props, poses and antics~* and it’s so cute how little Marippe leads them all~ (*´∀`*)!


But with so much Marippe~♥ goodness on this day it once again got me thinking about Air Band…and how much I miss them ( ̄O ̄*)!!!。。

What’s become of the air guitars, air drums, air keyboards and air bass???

As featured on Marippe’s “Seishun Boku” single~*, Air Band really rocked so much air it was amazing~~*!!!!

Watch and dream~♥ (。ーωー。) ♪ ♪。。。。

this clip~♥ just cracks me up so much…(^q^)!..they’re so funny!!! and if you’ve also watched “Yamada Taro Monogatari” then this is air guitar heaven~* also!! XD (。ーωー。)笑

Please click~* here to visit vizu poll.

Yep! he’s still getting his rock on~* So much intensity with just air in front of him! \(^o^)/☆

Yes~! you are…..

…however air drums are amazing too! And he’s singing back up! How does he manage with so much to do?!! I hear air drum sets are being sold on auctions now days…….but they’re “disappearing” fast so if you’re an aspiring air drummer time is of the essence! 😛

…and yet my eyes seem to still be fixated on air drummer…..he’s so dreamy and you do know that it’s still the air drummers who get all the girls! Right?! XD Well, maybe (。ーωー。)。。。

…but the air keyboardist absolutely kills me!!! OMG! I wonder what brand he’s playing with?!!


…..however the air guitar will always remain as the grand daddy of all air instruments and truly the standard amongst them! For it was the air guitar which was first “built” when the air band boom saw groups sprouting up all over the world! I really really hope that the person whom invented air patented his/her idea before the madness hit and seemingly everyone was able to make air instruments in their own garages with minimal materials (・д・`*)!!!

…wow he’s hitting those air chords♪ really hard!!!!! I wonder if he’ll set “it” on fire after the show’s over?!! (*´艸`)!

Air♥Band rocks!!!! or do I need help…(^q^)!



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2 Responses to ~Yaguchi Mari to Straw Hat 「風をさがして」 + reminiscing Air♥Band~

  1. J-pyon says:

    I love Watching Hexagon and you are right the back up singers are regulars on the show of course being comedians by trade they tend to always back up the true singers like mari and misono. Air band is funny and like the song as well though Mari's version is by far better in my opinion of course im a mari fan that's why lol though out of the comedians in airband i think Tomoharu Shoji is the only comedian that actually gets to sing lead vocals in other songs but that may be because he is married to Mikitty….Lucky Guy. (^_^)V


  2. A~h! Air Band just cracks me up so much!!!!…never has air been taken so seriously since "Yamada Taro Monogatari" XD…it's just their intensity and expressions and omg it's air!!! lol! Marippe's version is awesome!!! and I'm just sad that Youtube ate that clip~* here…she's so cute~*solo..chichai~♥ ne (*´∀`*)!Oh thank you~* so they are regulars on Hexagon II…so many guests I've heard have been on this show and even the hosts have changed a bit I think? (・c_・;)?He and Mikitty make a perfectly gorgeous couple~* ne and who knew that he could rock so much with air backing him~…(^q^)! Okay sorry…Air anything makes me giddy it seems。。。(。ーωー。 )♪ ♪。


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