「Featured post」JPop Tales from the Crypt ~The night Shingo~kun♥ left Nakai~san out flapping in the wind~(・o・)

….every now and then~, we come to witness a single moment~*, those which will live on forever in our memories. And no matter the years that come to pass, forever they’ll remain embedded it seems (*´艸`)!。。like the time….


…your niece found your Tampax Pearl and wondered out~loud (・д・`*)!!at the dinner table…’what exactly is this for?’ (゜Д゜;)。。or when you first realized that frigid cold affects you in *particular* ways while shopping in the frozen foods section (*>ω<)~!Hmm..actually this has nothing to do with any of that~….did I just think that out~loud? (。ーωー。)

Perhaps I’ve been most protective of Nakai~kun for all of these years? (*´∀`*) After all he’s so much an endearing celebrity, one of entertainment’s very best hosts..for just about any event musical♪ or otherwise and he’s as charismatic~♥ as you could ever wish~* for a person to be Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!


~It was seemingly like any other night for SMAP~, the concert was still in its early stages with nightfall beckoning….the year, 1997 and “Celery” was nearing its second verse for Nakai~san and Shingo~kun♥ to sing together. However something unexpected occurred on the way to the second chorus and as hundreds of screaming fans cheered~* on:

I think you should just see for yourselves (*´艸`)…



As Shingo~kun♥ abandons his lines,
Nakai~san is left all alone to um……sing? (・c_・;)?

by himself (・o・)!!!!

SMAP’s leader cannot sing (´⌒`。)

Something I find strange though is that when you listen to much earlier 6nin SMAP…Nakai~san was able to sing♪ much better \(^o^)/☆ Did he gradually forget how to sing over the years? (._.;) A friend today suggested that SMAP’s slick production of yesteryear~ was most likely shielding….that in which…

..Shingo~kun♥ has known all along. Just waiting….(。ーωー。)。。。for this moment in time to arrive~ ( ̄▽ ̄)~*!!


~Here with this early favorite♥ “Kimi ga inai” (released 7/7/95) you can witness Nakai~kun even being given the bridge to perform solo and he sounds rather good here~!…I think he forgot to sing! (・д・`*) N~ah! my friend is most likely correct…as production can do so much to shelter vocals ^ ^!

A~h! after witnessing such horror (゜Д゜;)!。。。I think we all should watch some really awesome SMAP~♥! o(*´∀`)o゛

It cracks me up how SMAP’s “Live Su” DVD comes packaged very much like hot dogs do…(^q^)!..complete with liner notes which resemble an ingredient sheet~ so funny! And the paperclip~!……but there is one disturbing character headlining it all……


..it’s that “Su” thingie~ album mascot and notice it actually has a *thingie*…omg (・o・)!!



~Beautiful beautiful melody~!!!




~Remains as one of the very best selling J~pop singles of all time~♥
~Also awarded song of the year!~


~One of SMAP’s most wildly entertaining videos!!! and I so love
how most of this clip was shot as SMAP
was driven through the streets of neighborhoods~!
They look like they had so much fun making “Dynamite”…
..love it~♥ ^ ^!



~This one’s so nostalgic!!…this song so energetic!! So
love the visuals~♥!!


I’ve been collecting SMAP releases~ for quite a few years now and while I’m still missing many of their singles I’ve managed to collect 23 albums, 38 39 singles, 4 VHS releases and 5 DVDs~.

While there are so many to choose from, here are just a few more SMAP favorites♥ o(*´∀`)o゛of mine….


Let it Be


~Funky cool~*!…love Shingo~kun’s♥ solos here too!
(Released: 2/9/2000)


~Music by Eric Clapton…such an amazing song~!
(Released: 1/19/05)


~Mesmerizing b~side of “Taisetsu”~
(Released: 5/8/98)


~A most fun and infectious drama♥ theme song~!!!
(Released: 3/13/96)


~So much of SMAP’s early catalog in so jazz infused and influenced~! One of my
very early SMAP loves~♥.
(Released: 2/2/96)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to 「Featured post」JPop Tales from the Crypt ~The night Shingo~kun♥ left Nakai~san out flapping in the wind~(・o・)

  1. J-pyon says:

    Lol that was a funny video with Nakai. Yea that is one thing I notice about japans music industry is when they make a boy band or an all girl idol group they make sure to get someone who's looks are marketable and usually surround them with good singers and use studio magic to make them sound descent on CD. Happens a lot in America to. I had a friend in a band once and they recorded a CD and they made my friend sound like a good singer and in reality he was not that good. Usually those who are not to good of singers end up on variety shows instead of continuing in a singing career. Thanks for the post im not a big SMAP fan but i seem them a lot on shows so its good to see how they were back in the day and Nakai-san is a funny guy so i enjoy watching him. (^_^)V


  2. mousoufest says:



  3. It's so funny and yet heartwarming too with Shingo~kun's reaction after he had (*´∀`*)!Those are really great points~ and marketability is so important to create an attraction for fans in many instances….and happily~* it's usually a very good blend of talent and looks~* to go together which makes it all work so well. I'm sure you watch Utaban♥ too…Nakai is really an amazing personality and I love him as host for SMAP's Bistro segment! I hope you enjoyed some of their earlier songs and pvs~♥ ^ ^。


  4. 二十二年~本とにすごい!!\(^o^)/☆あたしもね~いつも、SMAPはハートで暖かい感じです~♥!o(*´∀`)o゛仲居さんも大好き♥^ ^!


  5. Henkka says:

    MB, can you give a recommendation as to what album(s) would be a good starting point for SMAP? This post finally convinced me that I need to get acquainted with this group better, especially since I've been watching all of them in past drama and TV shows. 🙂


  6. Hi Henkka~ ヾ(^∇^)!!Hmm…so much Smap to love♥ and I'm so happy to hear that you already are most familiar with their other works in the entertainment industry as each is so involved with both separate and collaborated shows or dramas~♥. I especially love watching SmapXSmap for their bistro segment mostly..I love watching people eat gourmet foods!!!..is that overly odd? (*´艸`)。。。plus they play the funniest of games all the time and their skits crack me up so much…(^q^)! A~h! okay for a first album I'd recommend either Smap "007 Gold Singer" or "008 TACOMAX"….both still feature 6nin Smap with Mori~kun so you'll hear much more of how they were produced in their earlier years. Songs like "Kimi ga inai" "Kansha shite", "Ame ga yamanai", "Shiyouyo", "Tabun Alright", "Ki ni naru", "Oretachi ni asu wa aru", Donna iikoto", "Soreja mata" and "Munasawagi wo tanomuyo" are such stand~outs here!! An interesting aspect of Smap's earlier music too is how their arrangements employed well known jazz musicians back then such as Will Lee and Omar Hakim, Jim Beard, Steve Gadd and numerous others too~♥. Sometimes their single version would be very much different too…from their album or compilation version~*!! Like some are so so jazzed~* up!!! Smap's "Wool" album is the best example of this and there are so so soo many awesome songs as it's a best of collection with two discs~♥. woo and loo pins (。ーωー。)。。and it all comes packaged in this long hanging type packaging making it seem like a game or toy~*…sorry that must sound so weird of me to say…(*´艸`)。The versions of "Wool" ('the ultra blister package!!') though are some of their most amazing…like with their songs "Tabun Alright" or "Shiyouyo"…their not only totally redone but the musicianship is just so way way awesome and if you like jazz you'll so love what they've done to so many of their songs here! Later you'll begin to hear more solo songs by individual members and because Nakai~kun♥ cannot sing (´⌒`。)。。very well he usually gets a rap song…not saying that rappers cannot sing no no definitely not meaning that but it's just easier I think for him to sound good in this style much easier than if he tried to sing a ballad by himself~ (*>ω<)!!Oh and Mori~kun left to go race cars~*…not sure what he's doing now though…So many other releases to recommend but I so don't want to scare you ne~ (ノロ≦。)!!!But please start with these three and call me in the morning….okay that was awfully cheesy~!* and it didn't even make sense (人∀`*)。"Tomodachi e say what you will", "Triangle" and especially "Arigatou" with its layered harmonies are really wonderful songs too~!! If you can watch their videos too it's highly recommended….that way you'll know just how hot~* Kimutaku♥♥♥ really is……oh and he's definitely the best singer in the group as he also is appointed to most bridge and dramatic parts of their songs~♥. I was just about to say something but I think I should shut up~! already ne~(*´艸`)!Gomen~* you've really gotten me started so much♥…^ ^!


  7. O~h and I just wanted to say that Smap♥ gave me goosbumps~* when they performed "Arigatou" on the Kouhaku in 2007~!..this song is just so lovely~♥ with the way their vocals are arranged and the melody is so much pure ~♥~!!! Hmm….one of the Smap VHS tapes that I have takes batteries~*…please tell maiZe, although the batteries aren't for *you know~* but for something else lol (。ーωー。) ♪~♪~~*。。。


  8. o(*´∀`)o゛。。。after you've listened to lots of Smap♥ please also watch "Smac" here ^ ^!….as this song is comprised of various other Smap songs put together and jumbled up amusingly~* and the T-shirt thingie is funny too~*, although I remember when I first watched the "Smac" music video~* I was like E~hhhhh???!!! なにこれ?!(・д・`*)。。but now it's more like…o(*´∀`)o゛♥!


  9. Henkka says:

    Yeah. Honestly when I mentioned the TV shows other than drama… I haven't really watched their shows other than Utaban for Nakai. But let's face it, Utaban is pretty much the best show on the planet, ever. As for drama though, Kimutaku is for sure the king of drama, I can not deny that. My faves with him are definitely Beautiful Life and CHANGE. He's amazing. I want to run my fingers through his hair. Just sayin'.Alright, albums number 7 and 8 and Wool, will get a hold of these ASAP! Thank you very much MB. 🙂 I would offer you an internet hug. But in my drunken state i'm sure it'd progress to drunken internet groping. which would be bad. so i'll just give you a drunken, "thanks MB! hooray for SMAP!" shout! yeh! i'm marking down those songs to pay special attention to them when listening. thanks again MB. 🙂 and i'm definitely into jazzy stuff. granted, i'm not that much of a jazz person: i can take my fair dose of Miles Davis but really, that's where it ends, but "jazzy" stuff is always cool sounding in my books, especially in the context of j-pop. yes that definitely sounds weird MB. but you are weird. I wouldn't have my MB any other way. 😛 hey, don't diss on the rappers! hehe. in any case, i'll definitely start with your recommendations. and i'll call you in the morning! please, no words. don't speak, no words MB. just emotions. yeh. SMAP will do the talking for us both! layered harmonies including Kimutaku and Shingo… this is sounding pretty much like heaven to me already.Why are you talking to me about your vibrator problems MB! not that i'm complaining, i guess. i mean. vibrators. what would you girls do without 'em eh. i suppose! batteries… oh you silly MB. i guess all this perversion shouldn't surprise me anymore if it's about MB!


  10. I so so agree~!! Utaban so much has the best interview format..the funniest games and with Taka~san and Nakai~san there's never a dull moment~ o(*´∀`)o゛。。and um omg! so that makes both of us although I may want to do a few um…other *things* that you'd probably not want to (。ーωー。) ♪ ♪ Especially while listening to "Wool" I think you'll really like how aggressive so many of the new arrangements are for this collection…I mean in moments I've found myself so much in awe of the music itself and then remembering oh~ this is Smap too (人∀`*)!A~h! 'groping' leads to other *things*….you surely must be careful…(^q^)! Oh you listen to Miles Davis…he performed here years ago and even though I was quite young then I still remember wondering why he always plays so much with his back to the audience~ lol…..years later though a friend told me that that was sort of his thing when on stage….a little strange though ne~? I like a lot of contemporary jazz but the big band and traditional jazz with be~bop is so amazing with so much feeling and rhythm~! If you get a chance please listen to John Coltrane~..I think you'd like some of his music, maybe not his way out there avante garde releases but some of his earlier works are really moving and it's just amazing that one person could play all of that!! Ehhhhh!!! (・o・)。。。okay you're right I am weird~ \(^o^)/☆O~h* indeed they are *secret* friends ( ̄O ̄*)~~~*。。but I'm not having any problems with mine silly~…(^q^)! Wait actually I don't have one~…really…..(。ーωー。)♥。


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