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~Coming soon (^-^*)~

Arashi "5X10 Arashi ALL the BEST! Clips 1999-2009" giveaway DVD… Soon I'll be giving away~ an extra sealed copy of Arashi's♥ "5X10 ARASHI ALL the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009" DVD!! Two discs, 236 minutes!!, 32 clips♥ including the "animation film of … Continue reading

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「Featured post」JPop Tales from the Crypt ~The night Shingo~kun♥ left Nakai~san out flapping in the wind~(・o・)

….every now and then~, we come to witness a single moment~*, those which will live on forever in our memories. And no matter the years that come to pass, forever they’ll remain embedded it seems (*´艸`)!。。like the time…. *Pearl~*   … Continue reading

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