~A few sights & sounds from NHK’s 60th Kouhaku~ ♪♪

(Due to me recording this in EP (ノロ≦。)!and even though on DVD~…these screencaps are most *fuzzy*!!! so it may be best to not click on their already overwhelming *fuzziness*~ (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓)

(The video clips I hope look a bit better…*sigh*..(+_+) )


One thing I really noticed is how NHK is slowly moving away from Japan's folk style (enka) as there seemed to be much less enka performers at this year's Kouhaku..but surely its presence is always so so welcome~*!…deeply rooted in their tradition, surely it must always remain a part of this year end celebration~♥ ^ ^。

Some abbreviated impressions~: Ayu opens with an amazing performance…rockin' the hall~!/ EXILE sing soulfully~♥..so many dancers on stage ne~! (・o・)/ AKB48 so many girls~!..I saw Mayuyu for an instant…love their medley~♥!!/ Abe Hiroshi..so handsome as a guest judge along with Fukayon~!! what a wonderful surprise!!/ Ikimono Gakari…one of the best performances of the night!!/ omg! that little enka girl~!!!..she totally beat the boys and she so sounds like a future enka star~! \(^o^)/☆/ Arashi♥ is here for their very first time!!!!/ Kimutaku introducing Susan Boyd had a bit of a comical hic~up~!…(^q^)!/ Aiko is always pure ♥♥♥!!!! I so adore her!!!! o(*´∀`)o゛/ Arashi in tribute to their senpai TOKIO and I thought their signs were cute~*/ SMAP's tribute to Michael Jackson!!!…and Kimutaku sugoi~!!! with his opening~♥! ………(゜∀゜)………。wait….did he just grab his crotch?!! (・д・`*)/ Jero!!..his hip hop approach to enka so unique~! and he has so so much an amazing voice!!/ Nakashima Mika always so dark ne~ with her aura….loved her perfomance!!/ flumpool dare?! (・c_・;)?/ Yay~! for Angela Aki's 4th Kouhaku appearance!!..she really didn't need the choir~, her voice is so powerful to fill any concert hall or venue alone♥!/ Fuse Akira's performance of "My Way"…really really moving~!/ Fukuyamania♥ via live video feed!!!..his hair is so long now! ( ̄▽ ̄)/ Arashi brings the house down!!!! ♥♥♥….is Fukakyon a fan?!! o(*´∀`)o゛/ SMAP♥, always a highlight of the Kouhaku…"Sotto Kyutto"

/ Dreams Come True♥…I was so happy to see them close for the Red Team this year~! Yoshida Miwa's voice is just so expressive~* and powerful always (* ̄O ̄)ノ!!!

Their choice of song may not have been my most favorite but her performance~!!!…I think she could sing♪~ the phone book to me and it would be awesome \(^o^)/☆!!!

And lastly~….NHK should always have Nakama♥Yukie and Nakai Masahiro host~!…their stage presence, beauty and character really add so much to this year end music celebration~*!Please don't ever change…^ ^!

Just below are just a few favorite♥ performances…(I wish I could have added more but my internet has been a bit finicky with speed lately (._.;) ) including AKB48's special medley~♥!, the oh so *adorable~* future enka star!!! \(^o^)/☆ she's so tiny and cute~* and yet her voice is sooo amazing already!!! You have to see her perform!!! ^ ^, Arashi's special Kouhaku medley of "A.RA.SHI", "love so sweet", "Happiness" and "Believe!!!!" ♥♥♥, Aiko♥ Aiko♥ Aiko♥!!! so *adorable~* and tiny!..love her~! o(*´∀`)o゛and last but definitely not least~* is SMAP's "Sotto Kyutto"/ "Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana"…beautiful and catchy~* choice of songs♪~ mite ne ^ ^!

(I apologize for some of these clips starting and ending at odd times (._.;) it's just that with the editing software I have it's sometimes difficult to edit clips to exactly where I would have wanted them to be~)



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to ~A few sights & sounds from NHK’s 60th Kouhaku~ ♪♪

  1. Thanks for posting this! I totally missed the Kouhaku this year~ TwT!


  2. Let me know if there are any other performances you'd like to see~…I wish I had written down the performance order (._.;)!The men really have been dominant lately….but so many of the Red Teams' performances were so awesome I thought~!! \(^o^)/☆ If you get a chance…watch the little enka girl perform..she's soooo amazing!!!..and she even has all of those classic enka moves down too already~ just like a tiny veteran~ ^ ^!Arashi was so awesome!!!….I hope they continue to appear just as SMAP does~♥!


  3. I can't even remember the last time the red team won~ It's been so many years~ XD;;


  4. Aprilis. says:

    Thanks for the performance clips! It was no surprise the white team won, but I was hoping the red team will make a big enough impact and win >_<


  5. She was so cute ne~!! and yet so powerful in her gestures and omg! her voice!! Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!I was so expecting her to sound like the boy~san who performed before her….but then it was like,…oh~ she really has the enka touch and aura~♥ (*´∀`*) I hope we can see her much more and perhaps in consecutive Kouhaku performances?…I know that may be wishful thinking but maybe one day much later~ we'll see her perform and they'll show this clip..and then it will be like \(^o^)/☆!!


  6. As I was watching early on…I was so thinking that the Red Team was ahead in their performances……but (._.;) just so many awesome performances from the men….it seemed inevitable although I really was cheering~! (* ̄O ̄)ノ for the White Team so much~♥! I'm so happy~* you enjoyed the clips…thank you for watching (*´∀`*)


  7. わぁーいo(*´∀`)o゛!!!I'm so happy~* maiZe!! omg I'm just thinking of so many songs and videos to suggest~♥!! (*´艸`) You so must watch their pv for "Hero" and "Hitomi no naka no galaxy" and "Sakura sake" and "Love so sweet" and "Beautiful Days" and songs like "Still…", Tochuu gesha", "PIKA☆☆NCHI DOUBLE", "kaze", "wish", "LIFE", "Be with you", "Eyes with delight", "Happiness", "We can make it!", "One Love", "Niji", "Oh Yeah", "Days"…(could go on and on…(人∀`*)。。。) and for dramas "Hana yori dango"♥♥♥!!! with Matsujun♥ & Inoue Mao~chan♥…"Ryusei no kizuna", "Yamataro Monogatari" with Nino & Sho~kun!!! lol you're going to want to slap~* me and tell me to shut up soon!!! (。ーωー。) Mmm….my most favorite♥ members now are Nino #!♥ and Matsujun♥!!!…but i so adore~♥ them all so much!!! A~h!Johnny's will take away your money too you know..(*´艸`)。。。ごめんなしゃい~(._.;)lol…..I've been saving a particular post for a very day like today~ (/∇\*)!Nakai~kun's singing….(・д・`*)!!!!It occurred during a concert from over 10 years ago……it's part horror…part heartwarming~♥! ^ ^


  8. Gosh I totally should have sent you this first….Aiba who's really such the sweetheart~♥ of the group fell ill a few years ago and actually needed to leave the group for awhile to be hospitalized with an operation (;´□`)。。and upon his return he read this letter~ to his group~mates in front of fans o(*´∀`)o゛It really shows just how closely knit Arashi are with one another and it really makes them stand out so much from all of the other Johnny's groups and artists~…they're really so one of a kind~♥ ^ ^。


  9. maiZe says:

    Aww… that video was so sweet. I'm obviously still figuring out who I like and whatnot…. That was the first non-singing related thing I watched of them, so I don't know much about their personalities yet. Please feel free to recommend more videos that I need to watch. XD


  10. maiZe says:

    LOL. I got excited and hit post after that "secret"… When I forgot to mention…


  11. A~h! a friend who introduced me to Arashi♥ says that Aiba's voice is like the Japanese version of Randy Newman~…(^q^)! And that's so so true~!! I'm really inept at downloading anything (._.;) so he's shared~* with me so many of their t.v. variety programs which will really showcase their individual personalities so much!!….zdorama has suggested…"Arashi VIP Room", "Mannequin Five" ( from episodes #51 to present..), "Mote Arashi! Dame Arashi" and "Native Cuisine Waiter" among so many others~♥ ^ ^!He's really the authority on Arashi♥…I've experienced so much from his sharing! I have no idea of how to use Livejournal but he finds them there with subtitles too~ and some on YouTube~. A~h I wish you could see Aiba in "Be with you"….it's during their tour final and he gets so emotional~♥ to drive you to tears so much!!! YouTube at that video too (;´□`)。。Matsujun sometimes sings a bit nasal~ly XD but when he sings more from within he can sound much deeper too~. He's more or less has the *cute~* voice in the group…I really don't want to say he's the Momo in the group vocal~wise…okay bad bad!!! analogy! (*´艸`) While Ohno Satoshi (aka Riida♥) is the group's leader (funny how he became appointed though!!…I wish I knew where to share this clip readily..need to search….), Matsujun is the concert leader of sorts~ and he really takes charge in their live events so much. Nino is the constant professional….so so talented too!!! He performs on piano during his solos in concert (YouTube at that clip too =( ) as well as on guitar and he composes his own music♪!!Hmm…I don't know if you can tell but he's definitely my favorite♥…wait I think I said that..(*´艸`) Sho~kun is the group's teddybear♥♥♥….a ferocious rapper with so much heart~♥! He also composes his own raps~ which are always so amazing..one of my most favorites is his rap during the middle break in "Still…" (YouTube at that clip too (;´□`)!!)。Oh you have their pv collection~!!!!♥♥♥ Must watch "Typhoon Generation", "PIKA☆☆NCHI DOUBLE", "Lucky Man" (amazing choreography!!!) "Hadashi no mirai"…really fun clip!!, "Sakura sake", "WISH" and especially "Hero!!!!"..it's my very first favorite♥ song by Arashi~! "Hero"….daisuki~♥ o(*´∀`)o゛!!!"One Love" is the theme song from the HYD movie…really sweet song and you so must watch "Beautiful Days" as it's the theme song♥ for "Ryusei no kizuna"…I'm wanting to post about this drama but it's taking me so long (._.;)。 Oh~♥! both Nino and Sho~kun are in "Yamataro Monogatari!!!"…must must see drama!!!! It's so much filled with offbeat humor and wonderful touching scenes….I think you'll love it so much~! "Ryusei no kizuna" only stars Nino but it's really so much the most uniquely off~beat and original in so many ways!!!..serious yet comedic with visuals and side episodes which are so amazing..strange…just amazing!!..I really need to make that post~. And with Arashi's♥ "Beautiful Days" as its theme song~♥ it's win win win!!!


  12. maiZe says:

    Ahhh… So many things to check out. XD I just started downloading all 10 eps of Yamada Tarou Monogatari. LOL MB, I had to ask in wotachat where I could get it, and Henkka told me the full name of the drama. I searched "Yamataro Monogatari" in the site I was on and came up with no results. 😛 Please go easy on me and remember I'm a super newbie. XD I need everything explained slowly. ^_^ ❤ Anyway, I hope those will complete in the next few days. I'm super excited for Sho and Nino! 😀


  13. omg that was so bad of me…(._.;)! and I never thought that I would ever begin abbreviating things like that without even realizing. I'm happy that Henkka knew what the drama was…I'm guessing he watched it too maybe? The main female character played by Tabechan is really cute too in this show and her imagination and visuals add so much to the fun!!! I'm thinking that you've probably watched Letters from Iwojima and be sure to check out the extras too~!!.really great interview footage with Nino~♥. U~n that's so true and you already have so much to watch ne~! I was on auctions a lot when I first was introduced to Arashi trying to find so many of their out of print special releases….a lot of their first press editions have exclusive songs so those were really important to find although I still am missing quite a few (;´□`)。。。え~!!Arashi first! XD NEW is really popular too and Hey Say Jump has such a huge fan following too~!


  14. maiZe says:

    I watched Letters from Iwo Jima last night, and it was a nice movie. I just wanted to hug Nino throughout. ❤ Even though he was covered in dirt the whole movie, he was so cute.


  15. It's so funny…..sometimes the text turns dark~ (・д・`*)!!I'm reading closely~* to the screen now…(^q^)! You know I was so nervous throughout watching…(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ !!!。。and I kept thinking please don't hurt him please!!!! XD So many must have been thrust into a bad situation…I think part of the film's direction really showed that aspect~…war is so terrible no matter what (ノロ≦。)!A~h!♥ so so many moments~* ne in this drama~*!! o(*´∀`)o゛And I love how Tabechan's had such dreams of marrying someone rich and when she first saw his home…omg! that was so sooo funny with her reaction…(^q^)! Hmm….I'm secretly~* plotting on ways to turn you into a drama~♥ addict! (。ーωー。) Just so so many awesome dramas♥ which are so moving and memorable with its characters and stories!!! Nino is such an amazing actor…the best really I think in Arashi♥ but then again I'm highly biased (。ーωー。) ♪♪。。。A~h air guitar never was so cute too ne~!!!! I so love the opening credits so much..often times with dramas the way their theme songs♥ are incorporated along with the visuals adds so much more impact~ ^ ^。I'd really say HYD (Hana yori dango) HYD!! first!!! 😛 It's so much an offbeat and most moving and wonderful drama~♥! lol again here I'm so overly biased but HYD is really endeared to so many!!! You so must watch!!! (*´∀`*)


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