「Featured post」~小池唯 ♥ continues and only two days left to reserve your very own~* premium signed panel!!

~Hello 2010….ヾ(^∇^)。。。
。。hmm what to post next?
…..a most *cute~* idol♥ of course!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

The latest issue of Sabra (February 2010) gives access to online only Sabra.net idol♥ photo collections~!

And top center is Koike Yui…with the most expressive and *pretty~* eyes ………(゜∀゜)………。

This gravure feature was actually released on Christmas day for Sabra’s cellphone site but it’s my first time seeing it in this latest issue. Many publications are now offering off photo~shoots or completely new releases in this manner as the idol♥web revolution continues to grow~! And thinking back to when H!P first began releasing their online only digital photobooks~…..UFI was really onto something weren’t they back then as now it’s really a means which enable publishers to reach so so many more fans of photo collections~♥ ^ ^。
A~h kore mite mite~!

B.L.T. is offering a signed large sized panel (measuring approximately: 20.8 inches X 16.5 inches!) of Koike♥Yui~!!! According to the B.L.T. WEB SHOP sales began on December 1st at 1 pm and will only go onto January 5th till 1 pm…which means that there’s only very little over two days left to reserve one~! Unless she’s since changed it, her autograph uses the kana “ゆ” which Yuichan makes look like a cute~♥ fish in her signature o(*´∀`)o゛。

A maximum of 50 panels are said to be made with no more offered afterward….but with the current count at 20 pieces reserved means that this will be even more of a *rare~* signed piece to own~♥! Each will also be serial numbered and the means in which they are distributed is also noted to be of a random order so even if you reserved last, you could still receive serial #1 panel~!!! *kawaii~* ne! o(*´∀`)o゛♥

They are a bit pricey (・д・`*) but I know they’ll be so worth it when they both arrive in February~!!!…here’s the links to shop:

…and here’s the rest of Koike Yui’s feature on Sabra.net~..I think this is really one of the
most *pretty~* photo sets for any idol♥!!…

…I also realized that I forgot to post her previous Sabra gravure in entirety…(._.;)!Here’s the rest of her photos~ ^ ^。


About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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21 Responses to 「Featured post」~小池唯 ♥ continues and only two days left to reserve your very own~* premium signed panel!!

  1. Hydeo says:

    who is her MB ?i really dont know her O.oshe is so kawaiiand errr whats her age O.o ?


  2. Hi Hydeo~…Koike♥Yui is 18~ and will be nineteen on April 4th ^ ^。I just love her eyes~*..she has like perfect eyes I think (*´∀`*) She was Miss Magazine and most recently Nitellegenic 2009~♥! *Kawaii~* ne!


  3. Hydeo says:

    yes, she is beautiful ^^, i love her eyes too, well normaly i like all the japanese eyes aehaehae :xher is idol ?? only make magazine pics ?? or sing or is actress too ??nitellegenic? whats this ??yes she is really kawaii ;3~~, know wher i can see more pics from her ?


  4. U~n our tiny eyes? ( ̄▽ ̄) Yuichan actually though..has quite beautiful almond shaped eyes ne~ ^ ^!She's mainly a model for publications so far but surely with her rising popularity Yuichan I imagine will begin appearing in CMs, variety t.v. and maybe even dramas♥. She did sing for one single with Yuachan and Nitellegenic~. Nitellegenic is a idol♥ competition which has been held since 1998, where a few select idols♥ are crowned…I've only been aware of it recently though~. Hmm..these are her complete Sabra.net photos released so far but she also has a new calendar and DVD releases too~! Yuichan has also appeared in idol publications…most recently tied into her being crowned Nitellegenic 2009~ ^ ^。


  5. yodcAlger says:

    pic Yui31 is MESMERIZING


  6. Hydeo says:

    hehe all japaneses giirls have cute eyes aheahea, is that what get my attention more on they :Poh this is good for her and for the fans se more about her ^^.like miss universe or this things ??every idol have a calendar aheahe :Pcool so her wins the 2009 competition 😛


  7. Hmm…it's her *eyes~*…her beautiful *eyes~*..gaze at Yui28 ………(゜∀゜)………。She's just so *cute* ne (*´∀`*)


  8. Hmm…it's sort of like that as idols all try to compete at their very best~ to win the crown of Nitellegenic for the year~ \(^o^)/☆ The calendar world is so fickle ne~….I mean some idols♥ have a calendar one year and the very next year they may not receive one in many cases…I'm thinking that popularity and overall sales decides on which idols♥ receive calendars each year from production companies~…and I imagine they can be quite pricey to produce as well~. U~n! five idols♥ were chosen for 2009 and Koike Yui so *pretty~* ne~! (*´∀`*)


  9. Hydeo says:

    look cool eheheh :3~~ … yeh maybe if they mantain the popularity they have , all the year their got one hehehe…aehahea well i think is all normal to theyyeh i liked her :3~~u know Idoling!!! ?? i dont remember if i talked about they with u :3~~


  10. I have Idolings!!! first album…..I was being a bit overwhelmed at the time with other releases so I may have been reluctant to pursue them further….but I do love their debut~ ^ ^。Okawa Ai sold out 50~ 10,000¥signed panels at B.L.T.'s web shop!! koko ni~ mite~ ^ ^。


  11. Hydeo says:

    oh i think u need buy the other things, they are really good, and their concerts are funny ahehaehaeai stay a lot addicted to they this days aehaehaheacool @.@


  12. I'm now thinking that I'll try to begin my fandom♥ with AKB48 from their new upcoming single with maybe just a bit of backtracking…but maybe to add Idoling!!! for me would be a bit too much (;_;) as I always like to purchase releases~. I'm just thinking that one day though I may see/hear a song of theirs and totally fall in love with it~ (*´∀`*)♥ and that would change everything (・д・`*)!!


  13. Hydeo says:

    ehehe akb48 is really good, i want see how go be the new single <3well u can try idoling!!! now getting the things on iternet, if u stay really adicted to they, so u start to buy their things ^^why go change everythings ??


  14. Oh I just meant that if I began watching some of their clips~ I may feel a real want to start collecting their releases too and that may be a bit much for me right now…just so many groups that I love so much already and support~♥ ^ ^。


  15. Hydeo says:

    oh aheahehabut u go like, look they program is really good too, and the concerts is all natural dont have much script things aheaheha is really cool, have one where 2 girls fall down the stairs aheahehayeh me too, sux i dont have a job yet to buy the thingsu answered the other post i make ?? i dont get a noticed msg on my mail


  16. E~hhhh?!!!! (・д・`*)。。。that sounds so scary!! I hope they were okay!! Soon I'm sure you'll be able to collect your favorite♥ idols ne~ ^ ^! A~h sorry…I wasn't sure of what to write there…(._.;)


  17. Hydeo says:

    ah dont worry is something like "they have back walking, so they dont see the stairs and puff, they stumbled in the stairs" not so big fall aehahea only a little fall, but is fun, they get up laugting a lot ahehae.Yeh i hope so, i need find a good job for this first :3~~ah aehahea its ok so :3~~what u has doing this days ?


  18. A~h…(sigh of relief*) I'm so glad that no one was injured as stairs + heights….(・д・`*)!!Mmm well studying must come first ne~ but surely you'll find a great job after your studies~ ^ ^!It's been rather quiet aside from Hikki's concert last weekend~♥…mostly work, work, work and then a little sleep…( 」´0`)」Zzzzzzz


  19. Hydeo says:

    ahehaea no no, only a little fall aheahea.. yeh every one say this, lets see how goins on :Phikki concert ? u mean utada ? aehahe well u have a work :3~~


  20. U~n ^ ^!。。。I was able to see Hikki live last Friday night~* I was so exhausted when I arrived home later but managed to write this little post~♥ about the event which turned out to be quite an eventful one~!!


  21. Hydeo says:

    @.@ u watch utada live @.@ ow my gosh, i sell all my things to try see her live someday @.@and u have this chance, :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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