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「Featured post」~小池唯 ♥ continues and only two days left to reserve your very own~* premium signed panel!!

~Hello 2010….ヾ(^∇^)。。。 。。hmm what to post next? …..a most *cute~* idol♥ of course!! ( ̄▽ ̄) Sabra (February 2010) “keitai gravure site” feature… The latest issue of Sabra (February 2010) gives access to online only Sabra.net idol♥ photo collections~! And top center … Continue reading

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あっ!カメラで悪いですけど。。。花火を綺麗~*綺麗~*~~*! (…one of these were taken while I was clumsily slipping of of a rock I was trying to stand on..I think you can guess which one~…(^q^)! ) Sorry for my poor camera ability~…I was really trying though lol~ (*´艸`)!E~hh … Continue reading

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