It was just a matter of time before C-ute would complete their cycle of solo member shashinshuu~…no wait~!! where's Chisa's?!! UFI nande?!! (*>ω<)!!although given they are now a 5nin group~, still it's most sweet~* to see Nakki who's been most deserving of her very own pb to *shine~* so much here ^ ^!

…..Dear Tsunku~ where's Chisa's shashinshuu? ( ゚∀(・-・)

It began about 4 1/2 hours ago today~…here I was thinking okay ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ I'll just scan a few photos to *share~* but a funny thing occurred along the way as I ended up with 53 scans instead of just a few…(・д・`*)!!。。it's just that Nakki's "NACKY" shashinshuu is page after page of *adorable*…*energetic~**..and most *playful~*** photos~♥! I just love her smile ( ̄▽ ̄) and she has some of the most amusing~ facial expressions at times during her making of DVD~!! A~h! and I just noticed something….Nakki has a similar honest~inner child laugh just like Mano♥eri does~ (*´∀`*) A laugh without apprehension or walls~….pure~♥ uninhibited (。ーωー。)笑

And perhaps it was best to wait for as long as UFI did in offering Nakki fans her very first solo pb release~ as whereas some members have appeared to be a bit nervous in their solo debut releases albeit very subtle, here Nakki appears completely natural in front of the camera allowing for that endearing giddiness and *charm~* which we love so much to enliven these pages~ (*´∀`*)♥

Nakajima Saki's "NACKY" shashinshuu can be ordered here at Amazon Japan.

Nakajima Saki's "NACKY" can be ordered here at YesAsia.

It's Nakki's very first time in Hawaii~♥ and it's always so wonderful to see so many familiar places in H!P shashinshuu~ here Nakki has experienced so much of our dear Oahu~♥….from Haleiwa to town o(*´∀`)o゛ I stopped scanning at 53 pages..but this could have gone on for much longer…..just so many *kawaii~* photos in "NACKY"…enjoy~ っo(*´∀`)o!

~I love what her backpack says here♥~!!


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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25 Responses to ハワイで!中島早貴ファーストソロ写真集りりーす~!

  1. J-pyon says:

    かわいい ね。 Nakki-chan is so adorable i cannot believe this is her first pb. She has such a charm about her that you instantly fall in love with her, im glad she is getting more face time she deserves it and im sure her fans appreciate it to. (^_^)V


  2. That's so much how I felt too~….she just looks so much more comfortable than you'd imagine, it being her very first pb release~. I so adore her *smile~* and in the making of you can really see her natural charisma and just how photogenic she is~ ^ ^!I do hope that C-ute will feature more equality in their vocal lines and attention to each member in their pvs~ and choreography….I was really thinking that now that they're 5nin that things would change so much~. lol I guess that has gone out the window though…well at least for now~ ^ ^!


  3. Hydeo says:

    hey MB i dont like u when u not post the full photobook aheaheamake me want so much but only have few scans ahehaea :~~~~ joking about dont like u :Pbut saki stay so good on the pb :3~~


  4. Cory Roberts says:

    Cute! I wish I had a photobook like that.


  5. E~h?!! (´⌒`。)。。。I tried scanning as many as I could but the day was going by so quickly and I still wanted to post them~ before bedtime ( 」´0`)」Zzzzzzzz U~n! Nakki is really *adorable~* in her first shashinshuu…happy~* you like it too~! ^ ^


  6. Hi Cory~ ^ ^。。I've put links above just in case you're interested in ordering Nakki's pb~ (*´∀`*)


  7. Guldari says:

    +_+可愛くて美しいです.多くのファンが彼女の写真集を待ちました.やっぱり, すごいです.楽しく見えますね.


  8. Hydeo says:

    yes i loved her firs PB :P, so have some way u scan the full pb this time ??no one put the last one of sayu and koha pb :\, and i wanted so much that 2 pbs :\now kamei go have another, and nothing about one of reina :\


  9. う~ん!なっき♥のファーストソロ写真集は待ちますのファンを沢山ですね~!!ぜんぶ写真は、綺麗~!いっぱい~いっぱいでしょう~!^ ^それと。。。ハワイのイメージがかんぺき~♥。


  10. I actually scanned a bit more than I was thinking I would (._.;)! It's just that I want these to remain as pre~views so that more fans will support H!P and purchase their shashinshuu~♥. A~h! I just noticed that Kamei has a new image DVD being released too~!!….shashinshuu too?..I wonder what the release date is..must check~! ^ ^


  11. Hydeo says:

    :~~ aehahea, hope someone put the full pb on H!O soooo ahehaehaeher pb stay really goodthe release is in marchi want one of reina-chan <3…. but strange where is reina pb, 2 consecutives to kamei @.@


  12. Always so *happy~* for more Kamei♥~ness! A~h March seems so far away still~. I'm sure Reinachan will have a new shashinshuu very soon~…she's so popular with fans and UFI must surely have a release planned ne~ ^ ^。


  13. Hydeo says:

    yeh look so far yet aheahea, hope have a reina one in this time aheahehaesoon ?? is strange reina dont get her 20 birthday PB, kamei and sayu get the 20 years pb O.oand now anounced another kamei pb, is really strangehope is before kamei on @.@, i dont want wait much long more :\seeing i lot the koha and sayu one :\


  14. A~h..that is true~…I really liked "20 Dreams" by Kamei♥ (*´∀`*) I think so many fans must wonder how UFI~ decides these matters and i don't know if you may remember but when H!P first began releasing solo shashinshuu for their members, everyone in Momusu received a release back then~. I wish more equality was in place~ but with popularity most likely being a factor in terms of sales, surely UFI has their favorites too I imagine~.


  15. Hydeo says:

    yeh i rememberbut yet where is reina 20 years pb O.o ?? is strange seeing the 2 6gen get one and her dont get o.oahehae probably i think they have their favorites too…. but is REINA @.@ aheahehaeaanyway hope her get 2 PB consecutives too ;3~~


  16. That is true~….but I don't think it will be very long before Reinachan does get a new shashinshuu~….UFI really releases them in such quick fashion so I'm sure it'll be announced soon ^ ^。


  17. Hydeo says:

    hope she get 5 or 6 thies year \o/ aheahehaeaand hope she get lost and endup stay here in my house aheahea :3~~Reina ❤


  18. A~h! (・o・) you really do adore~* Reinachan so much ne!! (*´∀`*) She's really feisty though I think…please take pre~caution…(^q^)!


  19. Hydeo says:

    yes aheahea, love her a lot :3~~ what mean feisty ?? sorry i never see this word aheahehapreucaution why ?


  20. A~h! that was just a joke to be cautious around her feisty~ness…(^q^)! Um….'feisty' like someone who is most energetic~* and really charged with aggressiveness~♥!


  21. Hydeo says:

    aeahehaeathis remember me tsundere and yandere aehaheahea


  22. mikeymikez says:

    She is really cute!! And I see that she is shopping for her bananaphone in one picture! ^^


    • Ahhh! I’d totally forgotten about that :P! At first I was like….e~h? but then u~n! our downtown vendors and shops always have so much fresh produce for sale street~side =). Now every time I see a banana I’ll be thinking about calling someone up :P! Nakki’s pb is really cute~♥ ne~!


      • mikeymikez says:

        spam!! You know about Hawaii and Spam right? They have an L & L’s here in San Diego!! And if you’ve seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you know The Spam Song?! lol

        So, they have vegetables too? What kind is your favorite? 😉

        She has such long legs!! @@


        • Oh L&L is so popular here!!…I don’t eat there though but I think everyone else does :P! At one time I was thinking that Spam should be manufactured here being that possibly more Spam is consumed here than anywhere else? It just seems that way….locals here looooooove Spam! Some joke that it’s Hawaiian~steak :P! Oh I don’t know that film….I mean I’ve heard of it but I’ve just never watched it before =/. So funny…there’s a Spam song? (^q^)!

          Hmm….I really most every vegetable I think…but my most favorite~♥ would be…..okra, any lettuce really, carrots….lol I was going to say tomatoes but isn’t that a fruit? :P! I think one of the few vegetables that I don’t like is eggplant and bitter melon….ick (ノロ≦。)!!


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