~安倍なつみ Summer Live Tour 2009~♥

With the Elder's Club graduated, this was such a sweet~* surprise!! A Nacchi concert release~!! Filmed at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater, this concert DVD contains two discs for nearly 200 minutes of footage including something quite unique to H!P as in addition to the tour's "making of footage" there's also an opening act~ performance on the second disc which runs approximately 17 minutes~! edit: I just realized from maiZe that I forgot to say their name here (._.;) Nacchi's opening act~ is "Kamomejidou Gashoudan." Thank you~* maiZe…I have many a bone~headed moments here (*´艸`)!

While this DVD has a bit of higher price tag at 5000¥…I do think that the inclusion of a live band complete with a string quartet in addition to the extensive footage contained within, make this release well worth the interest of any Nacchi fan~ ^ ^。The instrumentation accompanying Nacchi onstage includes guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, saxophone, percussion, violin, viola and cello~ and while the string quartet is utilized in only particular arrangements~, their presence is most profound in those performances..even giving "Amasugita kajitsu" an "Eleanor Rigby" type of feel and rhythm~!

Abe Natsumi's "Summer Live Tour 2009 ~Yappari sneaker ga suki!~ Tour Final "aratana chikai" can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Abe Natsumi's Live Tour 2009 ~Yappari sneaker ga suki!~ Tour Final "aratana chikai" can be ordered here at YesAsia.

~While Nacchi's entire set~list is full of improvisation and new arrangements, the presence of a string quartet adds such possibilities which breath completely new life into her songs and at times are most reminiscent of a concert hall only that here pop and classical merge together in a venue of such open beauty (literally~!) and along with an ambiance of intimacy, allowing nature to shine in as a second audience to Nacchi's most special night~.

While the concert entails a very much even balance between uptempo~ to beloved ballads…the four performances that I've chosen to present here are perhaps more on the intimate side~ with my reasoning mostly being just how captivating Nacchi's vocals are during these song arrangements~…and I'll even go as far as saying that Nacchi here, in this venue, has her most strong and moving vocal performance to date~.  "Soyo kaze" opens the concert so I really wanted to feature it here first as it showcases the strings so much…then, "Shousetsu no naka no futari" for it's heartwarming melody~♥, "Iki wo kasanemashou" for it's spice~ of ska & reggae and "Sora LIFE GOES ON" as it's my most favorite♥ Nacchi song♪~ (*´∀`*)♥ and it's a b~side! ^ ^!


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to ~安倍なつみ Summer Live Tour 2009~♥

  1. maiZe says:

    Wowzers… A string quartet. o_O I never got into Nacchi's solo work, but I feel like I should watch this concert… I know my brother loves a lot of Nacchi's stuff. I know his favourite songs. I'm actually waiting for my Aya fall concert DVD to arrive from YesAsia. I'm soooo impatient for it! XD


  2. Nacchi's previous 2008 "Aki Angelic~…" concert DVD was really incredible too~! Momusu, BK and C-ute should sooooo be allowed to have a live band on stage with them for their entire concerts too~!…just imagining the possibilities of how they could re~arrange so many amazing songs♪ like maybe a jazz~y version of "Ai no tane"♥♥♥~! I'm hoping to watch Ayaya's new concert DVD soon too~..it arrived with Nacchi's but I sort of have Watarirouka Hashiri Taion the brain at the moment…I was waiting so long for those only to find out that one of them was out of print and now I need to get the RE (._.;) There's a dancing pink♥rabbit in Ayaya's concert…….it's on the back of the case~!…(^q^)! I'm not sure what it all means just yet but it's cute~♥….okay a bit strange but I do like strange sometimes (*´艸`)A~h! that's so funny…really? I have esp"N" 😛 After you asked I just realized that I forgot to write their name in the post (._.;) (will add it now…) At first I was listening to Nacchi introduce them but she spoke rather quickly but then it's written on the back of the case….some unfamiliar kanji though….okay~! I can finally read it~! Nacchi's opening act is: "Kamomejidou Gashoudan." They're all so little~! really *adorable~* ^ ^。


  3. *]hAr0ld[* says:

    belated merry christmas MB 🙂 hope you have a good vacation:) take care:) BTW advance happy new year:p


  4. J-pyon says:

    Ahh Nacchi one of my favorite Musume singers her voice is so brilliant. What an elaborate set up to, having a strings section only adds fullness to the music i think it was wonderfully done. As you stated it has a hefty price tag, but it looks like you get your moneys worth. Nacchi is so beautiful in this DVD as well i do miss seeing her and hearing her enchanting voice i really hope she brings us some new music in the new year. yay for Nacchi (^_^)V


  5. Slasha says:

    Merry late Christmas, MB! Never thought I'd see a Nacchi concert with a string quartet. Nacchi just got a little more cool.
    To be honest, I haven't listened to much of Nacchi's recent stuff. But I'm definitely going to listen to this performance. It looks pretty interesting.


  6. The year seems to have gone by so quickly~!! (・д・`*) I hope your Christmas~* was wonderful with lots of gifts♥ and a most Happy New Year to you too~!!! ^ ^


  7. *Thank you~* Slasha o(*´∀`)o゛♥ I hope your Christmas was fun and full of gifts~! This concert was so amazing!!!..and it's really having the live musicians on stage with her….it just adds so so much to the performances and also the new arrangements and improvisation are always so exceptional~. One day Momusu should go back to having a live band with them on stage~….just imagine the possibilities their song arrangements would enjoy~! The string quartet was really sweet~*…Mr.Children sometimes tours with a mini orchestra with strings too~! I chose some of her slower arrangements here~….I hope you enjoyed them too~ (*´∀`*) There's also a lot of upbeat arrangements..but I hope you like these too~ ^ ^。


  8. A~h! I'm so happy you listened!! (*´∀`*) Nacchi really sang so amazingly ne~!..now if only Momusu/BK/C-ute would adapt to having live musicians on stage with them too~! ^ ^ Just so much more possibilities as songs♪ can be re~arranged and improvised on in a live setting~♥! I was so happily surprised when I first saw this new concert for pre-order…..I so hope so too that Nacchi will continue to perform and Yes~! I hope she releases new music in 2010~!


  9. Dream Lover says:

    Pleased to meet you! Some people here on Vox referred me to your blog. I like Saito Yua too and will make a fan site soon. Happy New Year!!


  10. Dream Lover says:

    Was this DVD released by Hello Project (with the logo on the cover)? I thought that once the Elders graduated that there would be no more release from them!


  11. CK says:

    It wasn't released by H!P, but it WAS released on Zetima through Up Front. I believe she is still in contract with them. Ayaya also released a DVD recently.


  12. Dream Lover says:

    that would make perfect sense. thanks. . .


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