~Nacchi’s♥ “Christmas Gift 2005″

わぁーいo(*´∀`)o゛。。I couldn't believe that this was on auctions for only $6?!! (・o・) How could someone part with Nacchi♥ for only $6?…wait, *lucky~*!! っo(*´∀`)o!

Hmm..even the towel was unopened~!..also in the box were a postcard, heart♥ keychain, clear photo protector, two 5"x7" UFA photos and very cute* cute~* stickers! I especially love the Santa~Hello!Project logo..*kawaii~*  o(*´∀`)o゛!

I wonder if I spend way too much time in auctions??…(._.;) Maybe I need help (*´艸`)。。。

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to ~Nacchi’s♥ “Christmas Gift 2005″

  1. Great Christmas gifts!Wow!:)


  2. Hello~, I thought just the package itself was really *cute* (*´∀`*) with the H!P logo being Christmassy~!…and Nacchi♥ always so *kawaii~* ne~! ^ ^


  3. J-pyon says:

    Oh wow nacchi memorabilia that's so awesome and for such a cheap price to. I really miss nacchi-san, i wish she would put out some music i really love her singing, actually i wish all the Original members would put out new songs. I'm still trying to get a listen to kei-chan and marippes song they wrote and sung together. Congrats on the find yay. (^_^)V


  4. gaulloa says:

    Last august 10th we did on our project club a party and exchange/show some old gift items celebrating the BIG 28, he he! … was so great…. I think is worth getting stuff memorabilia whetever you can.. it will disappear cause many old followers as us have great love for that… I just to buy stuff from Ebay, but not much anymore.About the video, what I heard is that the video was in youtube HERE, but FujiTV network ( and Avex?) took it out…. what a pitty!


  5. At first I felt really sad to see something maybe rare from Nacchi?..being auctioned for so little (;´□`) but then I thought…a~h *lucky~*? And no one else bid on it either so it remained at I think it was $6….I miss all of the Elder's Club so much too. I just received both Nacchi and Ayaya's new concert DVD releases…both have really great playlists~! and live live live bands too~♥!!! I'll post them both here soon ^ ^。


  6. (;´□`) YouTube ate my account too~…I now have so many broken links to videos here..over 260 of them (;_;) I was just wanting to help promote artists that I love with them but….now they're all gone so I'm using Vox exclusively now~. A~h you've collected a lot too! \(^o^)/☆ I love browsing through auctions..I'm usually on Yahoo Japan Auctions dreaming~* of things (*´∀`*)♥ So true ne~…when you see something so *special~* you really should try to attain it as it may never appear again or it may be much too expensive the next time~.


  7. batmite1 says:

    Merry Christmas! Hope your doing well.


  8. Hi~! Merry Christmas~*!!Thank you so much~ o(*´∀`)o゛!I hope the rest of your holiday season is most wonderful♥!


  9. Hello!Jessie says:

    aww This looks really cool!haha I think I am on Ebay too much looking for H!P stuff. I wish I could use Yahoo auctions!!!! Sooo much H!P for sooooo littleeee *tears* but sadly I would have to use a proxy and that is soooooo expensive…….Your lucky though! such a cute nacchi item for so little!!!I sent you another messege^^ I hope you get it this time!


  10. I so am on auctions too much~! (ノロ≦。)!I'm shopping♥ more on Yahoo Japan Auctions recently….and it's so easy to be tempted to bid or purchase something in an instant~! I need much more self control ( ̄O ̄*) I was really surprised that this Nacchi♥ collectible was being sold for so little~! (・o・) and then the odd part of me then felt like I was rescuing Nacchi's collectible by bidding on it~ XD! U~n I just replied to your PM….have a wonderful New Years~* celebration! \(^o^)/☆


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