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~Start your very own Mayuyu♥ shrine for only 1500¥!!

Watanabe Mayu auction1 …while browsing through Yahoo!Japan Auctions I came across this~!!! (* ̄O ̄)ノ。。。and the all glass frame is really remarkable too~! lol I like how this seller is using his/her cigarettes to show the size of this pretty collectible~!..although we … Continue reading

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Mano♥bug, Mano♥bucket?..Mano♥laundry~ ^ ^

Manoeri♥ in Bomb magazine DVD vol.14… Bomb magazine January 2010 I really stopped collecting Bomb magazine for a long while~..and the recent October issue was one of just a few issues which I've collected in recent years…so seeing that their … Continue reading

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