Mano♥eri & Hello♥Kitty = ~にゃん~ニャん (“) (“)

As cute and *cuddly~*…H!P's girl~next door is, it was just a matter of time before she got the call from Hello♥Kitty~ to collaborate on a single release♪~。

Manoeri's 5th major single release was again presented in multiple versions~ with the extras being available with her type A & B CD singles~….both include an additional DVD with type A giving you "Dance Shot Ver." of the title track while type B includes her "Buranko Ver." pv~. Her accompanying pv DVD single includes in addition to the original version of her pv~, a "Close Up Ver."

"Love & Peace = Paradise" brings upon us a first for H!P as it's their very first to be kitten~ized as track 2 features much more in the way of ~meow~ meows in addition to Manoeri's already *furry~* vocals♥ (*´∀`*)…now just who is Hello♥Kitty?..I mean vocally….??? (・c_・;)?Surely it's not Tsunku singing back~up here as he often does on select Momusu~ releases (。ーωー。)♪♪。。。



Mano Erina's "Love & Peace = Paradise" can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Mano Erina's "Love & Peace = Paradise" can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Mano Erina's "Love & Peace = Paradise" can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

The styling is very much Chrismas~y♥like with *cozy~* and fluffy wardrobes in white o(*´∀`)o゛and although this single isn't actually a holiday~ song it makes up so much for this by continuing Manoeri's brand~* of cute & most catchy♥ J-Pop (*´∀`*) It however doesn't quite have the flair and attraction of some of her previous singles..and in particular "Hajimete no keiken" and "Sekai wa summer party" which I thought were most outstanding~ songs♪♪~ capturing such a *pure* sound of J-Pop~ ^ ^。

02 Love&Peace=パラダイス
Mano Erina featuring Hello♥Kitty

うわ~わわわ~っ(・o・)!!!。。。the coupling with track "18sai no kisetsu" has a very "Ob-LaDi, Ob-La-Da"~!!! sort of rhythm going on~?!!! わぁーいo(*´∀`)o゛♥ The melody itself though is somewhat nursery rhyme sounding I think?…..wait,..


……..Manoeri is Hello♥Kitty~! (人∀`*)。。。

*Happily~* Manoeri continues to be backed~up by Hello!Project Eggs♥….although these Eggs are most accomplished now and really perhaps deserving of being graduated from that title?….a~h! it's really almost like having S/mileage with Manoeri on the very same stage in these releases~ ^ ^! Please enjoy~* the music videos っo(*´∀`)o!。。。




~While most dance shot versions have at least a bit of editing…I love how this version was performed in a single take~!…..after much rehearsing and practice I imagine~…the Eggs♥ are so awesome~!!!! ^ ^

~"Buranko"….the "swing" version~


In addition to the original and "Close Up Ver." pvs on the pv DVD single~, there's also a look behind the scenes including the jacket photo shoot and pv making of for a running time of 19:47~. What I found most entertaining were the fun and candid *moments~* between Manoeri and the Eggs♥….and now as they've been together for quite some time, there's a special bond and closeness o(*´∀`)o゛ that you can really feel in these scenes~…




…and ending on an amusing note~…I think it's so *cute* and maybe slightly odd how Yukarin♥'s attention seems to waver a bit during on camera conversations~ and interviews~…(^q^)! It's not in the way she's responding as she's very attentive this way….but her eyes seem to wander elsewhere all the while as she's still speaking to the camera~ (*´∀`*)♥!

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3 Responses to Mano♥eri & Hello♥Kitty = ~にゃん~ニャん (“) (“)

  1. Guldari says:

    かわいい~~~~!!!!+_+彼女いつも溌剌とする姿がすきです.今日から冬休みです.もう完全な 3年生になりました.緊張されますね!それでは, メリークリスマスイブ.


  2. う~ん!冬がは早い来ましたですね~。。。o(*´∀`)o゛朝晩涼しくなってきた、こんな天気が大好きです(*´∀`*) いつも~いつも真野ちゃんはすごく可愛い。。その感じ、あたしもすきです♥。心配しないでね~Guldari~くんはきっと大丈夫o(*´∀`)o゛メリクリスマス~!


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