Are you Team Hangry or Team Angry?~ (・o・) + CD giveaway ^ ^

~There seems to be much debate on which side to take as the “Twilight” saga unfolds before us from beloved novels to the silver screen~….Team Edward♥ vs. Team Jacob♥ the debate rages on~!!!! you prefer your guy to be warm and furry or cold and and like a love magnet~?! (・c_・;)?


…another such “hot” (。ーωー。) topic got me thinking today~…(^q^)!

What about Team….

Hangry vs. Team Angry?!!!! (・д・`*)

Surely we must first delve into each camps♥ strong and attractive points ne~^ ^!

Campaigning~ campaigning~~~!!!!

Okay where was I?


。。oh right~ sorry Edward was distracting me…(*´∀`*)

no I meant Jacob…(*´∀`*)

no Ja~Edward~!! (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ

。。。。。okay, I’m okay~  ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。really~!…(^q^)!

Now let’s look at some constructive and most “meaningful” points on the behalf of both parties..

> Hangry can probably beat up Angry!

> Angry may out~cute Hangry in a photo shoot!

> Hangry may lock up Angry in a chest before any said photo shoot can occur!

> Angry has more Lolli♥ fans!

> Hangry has more goth fans!

> Angry has a *cuddly* voice!

> Hangry has a scarier plushy!

> Angry looks scarier holding her plushy!

> Hangry has a much more powerful voice!

> Angry looks scarier holding her plushy!

> Hangry wears wicked eyeliner!

> Angry looks scarier holding her plushy!

~Okay! I think we’ve covered most arguing points~ (。ーωー。 )♪~。。hmm…sort of? (*´艸`)

….and here’s a little unscientific ( ̄▽ ̄) poll:

Please click~* here to visit Vizu poll.

If you’d like to win Hangry & Angry’s “Sadistic Dance” RE CD….entering is easy~! Please vote in the poll and say here briefly (or not so briefly! (*´∀`*) ) why either Hangry or Angry’s Team *tickles* your fancy a bit more~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥

Deadline for all entries is December 27th~ ^ ^。

To listen to Hangry & Angry’s “Sadistic Dance” album please click~ here ^ ^!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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15 Responses to Are you Team Hangry or Team Angry?~ (・o・) + CD giveaway ^ ^

  1. For me, it's pretty up in the air. I never really felt a lot for Hangry back when she was Yossie. I never felt a lot for Angry back when she was Rika in Morning Musume, though I quite liked her in Viyuuden. I like their singing equally for this project, so it basically comes down to who I end up looking at more. Since I like Lolita styles and the color blue more than I like Punk styles and the color pink… I'm going to call myself Team Angry. But it's only barely because I think the two are just so


  2. Kireny says:

    Team Angry because above all else not only can she beat up Hangry (never doubt the cute ones, they are fierce) but she does pull off the cute/scary look very well….espcially with the doll to help her. She does stand out more so than Hangry, I believe and her singing works very well for this project. Its also alot more shocking for fans to see her in this style and to pull off this style since we're used to cute/a little sexy but never like this. Which really makes it amazing, thats why its team Angry


  3. Nonbon says:

    I adore them both, but I really lean more on the side of Team Angry~! ♥♥ ↑↑↑ ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノSadistically cute. (' v ^*)/It's a combo that can't really lose!


  4. Alezra says:

    Gawd that was hard i like both gals allot! I mean angry is so cute with her loli clothes and sweet voice …waah she looks like a doll! ❤ Hangy has an awesome voice and a sexy look…. Me liky! ❤ So i guess I'll choose the one that cought my attention first…. and that is………………. *du du du duuuuuuum!* Hangy! :DShe kinda' reminds me of my first crush xD Hhaha, though he was…is a boy, they kinda look alike…he's a guy version of hangry ''kinda'' xD….. I think it's her cool aura that makes my memories pop up in the head. He was just like that…. really cool and totally hot :)… You could actually feel his selfconfidence… just like hangry… she seem like a strong person with a strong selfconfidence.It's kinda hard to choose really cuz' they are so different! :)They are freakin' cool! I love em'! <3Hug ^ – ^)/


  5. Alezra says:

    About the Twilight saga… After watching New Moon i'm kinda' on Jacobs side….Ok i wont say anything, don't want to spoil anything for yuo hons'! xD Hug! ❤


  6. Alezra says:

    I mean for you who hasn't seen the movie yet… -_-;;;


  7. wendychi says:

    I never liked Yossie very much and Rika just looks so much better than her in h&A so IT'S OBVIOUS WHAT TEAM I AMAlso on the topic of Twilight teams, I'm Team Eric (that dorky Asian guy from her school :B) and Team Taylor Lautner because he's gorgeous and beautiful and amazing (etc.) but Jacob as a character started making me rage half-way through Eclipse….Yes, I read (and own) all of the books. *looks down sadly*


  8. J-pyon says:

    Yossie has that boyish tomboy thing going but the one thing i know about Rika-chan is that she hates to lose and she has a very mean streak when winning and losing are on the line but i still love them both. (^_^)V


  9. mousoufest says:

    See~ There are lots people interested in the giveaway~ ^^I like Hangry because Angry looks scarier holding her plushy XDhaha I just like Yossie more than Rika-chan?? I've seen Yossie on more shows and she is very funny and charismatic~!For Twilight, I like Jacob more^^ He is very nice and adorable, too. But I'm not so sure on the hairy part XD


  10. Andy says:

    [c’est top]


  11. Andy says:

    Where did the rest of my comment go! I typed a whole huge thing.Let's try this again.———————————————————————–Hahaha, "c'est top"?? I've never heard a French person say that. Anyway!I am team Hangry because…because…Yossy is and probably always will be my favorite Musume! The first MM PV I ever saw was Sexy Boy, accidentally, on Youtube. I'd never heard of MM before and was just completely confused by the gaggle of girls I was being bombarded with. I couldn't identify anyone, but one beauty stood out to me immediately, and that was Yossy!Of course, it took me a few hours with Google image search and Wikipedia before I could match the name to the graceful, feminine creature I saw in the video, but once I did, I started scouring Youtube for more MM PVs. I fell upon them randomly: I think the next two I saw were Ambitious and Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago, not necessarily two of MM's best efforts…And then I found Mr. Moonlight.Oh.My.God.I'm sorry. Did I just call Yossy a graceful, feminine creature? Let me amend that. She also makes a freakin' sexy boy. The way she looks into Makoto's eyes when she's dancing with her practically made me swoon. Yossy may or may not be perfectly heterosexual in real life, but good god, she certainly knows how to play it to make a girl fall for her. And this girl totally has.Rika is lovely, and also very beautiful, of course, but she just doesn't have the same force of personality–nor that counter-culture cachet that Yossy gets, in my eyes, by being a bit of a gender outlaw in a company that's slowly forcing all their girls into the same KAWAII~~!!!!! mold. So, in conclusion, the fact that Yossy is just far better suited for a project like this, combined with the fact that I think she would totally be capable of seducing me if I ever met her in person puts me firmly in the TEAM HANGRY camp.


  12. Rebear says:

    Angry! Team Angry all the way. :3 Rika was the first Musume I fell over in love for~ due to her Charmy character during the news segments with Yuuko. It's only natural that I'd love her in this duo, then, even though Yossui is gorgeous in her own way… and pretty kakko ii ne ^^;; …But I really love Angry's hair. Aaaaaah. All in all, I'm pretty strongly Team Angry. But darn you, MB, for making me choose. 😛


  13. Tautterkle says:

    To get this out of the way I am Team Switzerland 😀 hehe. Meaning that I am neither Team Jacob or Team Edward. Though if it was a choice I'd be team Alice 😀 ^.^;
    Hmm I really can't choose. I love them both. But if I must choose then Team Hangry it is.And no I am not biased…I think ^^; I guess you could say that my personality/tastes are more Hangry like.
    I believe that Rika's and Hitomi's voices suit each other. Rika's sickly sweet. Hitomi's deep and powerful. Blending together for a great sound 😀


  14. maiZe says:

    Am I too late? XD Is the deadline end of day Dec. 27, your time? or was it start of Dec. 27? o_O


  15. Hi maiZe~! Oh no it's by midnight you're still really early (*´∀`*) W~ah! I'm thinking of another drawing???…this is the off season for the Cup series so sadly I have no races to watch (;_;) Rikachan really is so so adorable and I love her inner competitiveness so much too~! Remember during the I think most recent Sportsfestival when they were playing that sit on another member's shoulders~grab the "flag" game thingie? She cracked me up so much..but I think it's awesome that she's so competitive and yet she carries a most *adorble~* aura about her♥ ^ ^。


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