Mr.Children♥ ~Shumatsu no confidence songs~ ♪♪~

2 DVDs!!!!..22 performances!!!….156 minutes!!!! It's Mr.Children!!!! my most favorite♥ band in the world's recently released concert DVD "Tour 2009 Shumatsu no confidence songs"~!!!! To say that I was *gushing*** with excitement on its arrival may still be an understatement~ ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!as this is already my most favorite♥ concert release of the year~ \(^o^)/☆!!!I think they're the most *wonderful*..*amazing*..*catchy* in the world~♥……oh and there's also The Beatles~♥!…(^q^)!

For a bit of a memory lane~ look into Mr.Children, please click~ here ^ ^。

Mr.Children's "Shumatsu no confidence songs" concert DVD can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Mr.Children's "Shumatsu no confidence songs" concert DVD can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Mr.Children's "Shumatsu no confidence songs" concert DVD can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

Mr.Children has often presented us with some of the most unique album art designs っo(*´∀`)o!。。and this DVD has a really really imaginative vision of a musical♪ island paradise…just take a look and find all of the ordinary and not so ordinary components which comprise the cover artwork~ which comes complete with guitar bridge, koi oasis, microphone tower, keyboard stairs, speaker buildings, mushroom slide, coffee mug/ disco ball tower, volcano, deer and the details go on and on……oh~ and if you look a bit closer "Mr.Children" is also spelled out ingeniously in all of the island commotion across the lower half of the island~!

It's so *cool~y* detailed and intricate that found myself gazing at it for quite awhile….until okay~! it's time to watch the concert already~! (人∀`*)

In addition to the most *awesome* cover artwork~ there's also a large fold out style poster which doubles as the concert's liner notes on its reverse side~ ^ ^。

This concert was filmed at Japan's legendary Budoukan~!…and what really makes Mr.Children's♥ lives so so *special~* aside from their of course most awesome songs♪~ is how much they improvise and re~arrange so many of their songs o(*´∀`)o゛!And with a full arsenal of most amazing and talented musicians they're able to re~create and often times re~invent Sakurai~san's musical♪♪~ masterpieces which can take twists and major turns from what you're used to hearing on their albums~..truly so many surprise improvisations and entirely new intros/interludes within their songs….always so refreshing~ always so breathtaking just being able to witness how much they put into all of their live appearances~!

Before heading into six favorite♥ performances which I've included below and speaking of amazing intros into songs, here's one of my most favorite♥ special intros which appears on Mr.Children's "Home Tour 2007-in the field-"…which I still like to call it their "turtle♥bunny" DVD~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥

Just below ↓↓↓ Mr.Children's performance of their beautiful ballad "Shirushi" begins with an acoustic intro… amazingly~amazingly~!! *sweet~!!! (*´∀`*)♥♥♥

~Just love how Sakurai'~san's acoustic solo blends seamlessly into the group's live performance as the video with Sakurai~san sitting under a tree heads straight into the heart of the song~♥ ………(゜∀゜)………。

I so needed to begin with "HANABI!!!" It's my favorite♥ song from Mr.Children's 2007 album release.."Supermarket Fantasy" (which is heavily supported here on this concert DVD~ (*´∀`*) ) after some inner debate & struggle ( `_)乂(_' )。。。(・o・)!as at first I couldn't decide between "HANABI" or "Esora"..both such *awesome* songs~!!!! ~♥~!!!!


Here's just a tiny bit of those special intros which I earlier mentioned~…and here Sakurai~san sooooo genki♥ and *energetic~*!!!! The original pv~ for "Esora" is so so *cute* too~!…I'm sad that YouTube ate it…(;´□`)


~Just imagine…….the *feeling* of having written a song♪..selling over 1.9 million copies..winning the prestigious song of the year award~!!..and having your song♪ then serenaded by an entire audience filling Nippon Budoukan~ ^ ^。For Mr.Children that most beloved song♪ and fan favorite♥ is "innocent world" and it's now a long time running tradition for Sakurai~san to ask the audience to sing entire verses & chorus parts and as they've resonated throughout arenas across Japan~ so it's also heard here~…….gives me goosebumps~!!!! just listening (人∀`*)♥♥♥

~Simply, one of Mr.Children's *cutest* songs♪ (*´∀`*)♥ The style here is very reminiscent of early Mr.Children releases~…especially the *tinkering* of what I think is a xylophone?…the bars you tap with a tiny mallet..^ ^。


~*Warm* and mesmerizing~ melody♪……and listen for the sweet* lead in from the middle interlude back to the chorus~ (*´∀`*)♥♥♥


~Extremely cool guitar riffs~!….and Tahara Kenichi~san's guitar *tone* here is ………(゜∀゜)………。♥!!The build~up to the chorus too….one of Mr.Children's best~ ^ ^。


~Wa~h!! so close you can *touch* him!!!!
My *dream* handshake..I mean~! *touch* event ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!♥

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4 Responses to Mr.Children♥ ~Shumatsu no confidence songs~ ♪♪~

  1. J-pyon says:

    I like their songs i have seen videos and live shows but i don't own any Cd's i need to buy some but lately i been buying a lot of Hexagon ♥ so i have no money to buy Mr. Children….yet anyways. Thank you for posting more of their songs im for sure going to buy some of their Cd's next. (^_^)V


  2. *Thank you* for liking their songs♪ too….a~h! I know that sounds a bit strange to say but I so so love Mr.Children so it makes me most *happy~* to know another fan♥ o(*´∀`)o゛'Hexagon?'…I'm not familiar with (._.;) are they a band too? Ya~y! \(^o^)/☆ please do support Mr.Children too ne~! Arigatou~♥!!


  3. J-pyon says:

    I will support them yay!! Hexagon is a quiz show and a Talent show lol its made up of singers and songwriters and some like misono, yaguchi mari, satoda mai, tsurono ono, and Tsuji (nono) nozomi and a ton of other celebrites and comedians. I really have been like the music they been putting out. i link a son below to give you a taste of what it is. Thanks also for your post on Mr. Children im so overwhelmed by how much music i want that sometimes i forget some bands, their is tons of great music from japan i dont know were to start thx again. (^_^)VHexagon; Satoda Mai


  4. A~h just yesterday morning I saw Tsujichan on Japanese t.v.~…we have a local broadcast here every morning but I only caught the very end of the segment so I'm not sure what the news story was about~ (._.;) The song is is really *cute*~! and Mai~san is looking really wonderful and *sexy* too~! Hmm..'Hexagon' this is the first time I'm hearing of this program…so this single is from the show too? U~n! o(*´∀`)o゛so true~ ne….so much music to fall in love with and just not enough time it seems~. Thank you for listening~ ^ ^!


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