~Sugaya Risako in 梨想 ^ ^

Not even gloomy~overcast weather could dampen Riichan's spirits~ for her already 4th shashinshuu release titled "Risou."

Riichan also remains as the youngest H!P member to have released a solo pb~ and here in her fourth effort her image is being touted as a bit more mature…through wardrobe as well as the overall styling employed throughout~ "Risou."

True to her nature~ an open playfulness appears in numerous shots….that being mixed with *sexy~* at times…and that house which opens the photo book is so so surreal~looking (・o・)!!It's so odd and tiny looking and I imagine it could be made out of gingerbread….somewhere in a parallel universe~ ^ ^。

A~h! ever since reading CK♥'s take on those….omg! 'flying nun' photos which I've held back from seeing until now……I've been quite apprehensive of them~…and they are quite quite…(・c_・;)?puzzling??? as to why the wardrobe director chose those for Riichan to wear~! So, my one promise* here~ definitely no 'flying nun' photos in this entire post anywhere~ っo(*´∀`)o!♥♥♥

And on that final note…..I've scanned 37 of my favorite♥ photos from "Risou", so many *kawaii* ones to choose from~ (*´∀`*)!!。。followed by just a few screencaps~ from the accompanying 20 minute "making of" DVD…some of which has a bit of a haze happening in it~. Was it the weather??…or perhaps a *fuzzy* camera lens?? ^ ^。。。。。

Sugaya Risako's shashinshuu can be ordered here at Amazon Japan.

Sugaya Risako's "Risou" shashinshuu can be ordered here at YesAsia.

~This very well may be one of the most interesting….or odd?..
..bikinis that I've seen in a long long while~!

~Is it space tech meets bikini~?

~Abstract art~?

…or was there so much extra material that is seemed like the right thing to do~? (・o・)!!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to ~Sugaya Risako in 梨想 ^ ^

  1. J-pyon says:

    Wow sugaya-san just keeps getting more gorgeous every year. I really love her smile very cute ね。Gloomy weather…Must be a rain girl lol. Thanks for posting these beautiful picks Berryz Koubou is tops for me yay….Well one of my favs anyway i have bunch. (^_^)V


  2. Zush says:



  3. strawberrie says:

    I think Risako looks so much better now that she is curvy. I remember people keep talking about how she putting on some weight in Berryz vs C-ute I thought she look healthier but it was when she getting some curves. That bikini though…. well I never was one for art (since my middle art teacher told me I'm horrible – I was only 13 and it was my first art class T_T)


  4. mousoufest says:

    she looks like Nishioka Sumiko >_< but of course, much prettier and younger.


  5. Riichan really is so *glowing* in this latest pb~ (*´∀`*) lol a 'rain girl?' (・o・) I wonder ne~..their schedules must be so precise that shooting couldn't wait until the weather cleared up…it didn't even dawn on me even when I first saw the cover background…but it looks so so gray~ (u_u*) *Thank you* for visiting and your comment~♥!


  6. Hmm…Zush surely must choose only one ne~ (。ーωー。)..both Riichan and Miya so *kawaii* though…^ ^!Yoku wakaru~♥! Hai~! I still haven't watched her accompanying DVD….."Nacky"も 待ってます~ ^ ^。


  7. U~n I so agree~….she was going through changes with her body and it was unfortunate that some did make fun of her weight change~…but most girls do experience a period like this so it really shouldn't be joked about I think~. A~h! that's so mean of your teacher to be so harsh and you were so little then…aren't teachers supposed to help nourish us and not discourage? (・д・`*) But that odd so odd bikini…..I don't know what to make of it really….??? (・c_・;)?


  8. W~ah~ they really do have a similar resemblance~!!! (image) I needed to search for her photo~…but then I was like wow~! you're so right!!!…their facial features like with their shape and eyes so alike~ ^ ^!


  9. Guldari says:

    かわいい!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!彼女は相変わらずの人気メンバーです.彼女の写真集ももう 4番目ですね.すごい!


  10. Alezra says:

    Waaah her blue dress with white dots is sooooooo CUTE~ ! I'm so making one for myself! xD ❤ Gawd it's so cute! I want summer already! >u<'Hhaha what a indeed weird bikini… hmm kinda abstract and cute! I kinda like it but i woudlent weir it myself though…:3She's totally gorgeous! ❤ Thnx for sharin ❤ Hug


  11. う~ん!りいちゃんの写真集リリースは早いでね~!もう4番目、すごい~!もも♥とりいちゃんがBKの一番人気メンバー、あたしもそう思っています~(*´∀`*) 彼女につれて、彼女はますます美しい~!


  12. It's so *pretty~* ne~!…so true, much more for summer though~ ^ ^。You're so amazing you can sew too~!….I've only learned to knit simple things but never made any real clothes~ (._.;) When I first saw it I was like E~h?! what is that thing on the side and hanging out? (・д・`*) I would feel much too odd wearing something like that too~….it's just not very pretty ne~…more strange (・o・)I love H!P photo books~…always so *kawaii~* (*´∀`*)


  13. Guldari says:

    写真集がないキャプテンもはやく発売されたら良いだろう.今日は学校休日なので, 楽に休んでいます.もうすぐ 3年生になるから, このごろよほど忙しいです.韓国はもう完全な冬天気で,とても寒いです.ハワイはどうかな?


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