S/mileage, スキちゃん~♥, indie pvs!!..and your call waiting…

….great big giant *fuzzy* phone~….want!!

I'm now really convinced that Tsunku's been giving all of his best compositions♪♪~ to S/mileage and Mano♥eri of late…

..just as with S/mileage's previous two indies releases~ "aMa no Jaku" and "Asu wa date nano ni imasugu koega kikitai", "Sukichan" embodies everything that addictive & *cute* J-Pop so much should~! Music♪♪ which lifts the spirit~\(^o^)/♥ with melodies that entice the ears and hold prisoner your very~ sugary soul~ into addicted bliss~ ヾ(^∇^)♥♥♥

Previous *gushing*~ ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!on S/mileage's first two indies singles~ can be found here ^ ^。

From *cute* and catchy~ instrumentation to The Beatles going Baroquee ♪ S/mileage is fast becoming one of H!P's best produced groups…and this all coming from four most talented Eggs~. S/mileage are: Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda Kanon & Ogawa Saki~ ^ ^。


01 スキちゃん

Always so impressive are the girl's ensemble vocals which have driven their chorus lines~ and with each member's voice holding distinctly unique qualities~ so much of their personalities are gradually being spread throughout the generous solo portions being offered up by their perfectly choreographed vocal lines~. While "Sukichan" is much more a straightforward J-Pop song and especially when compared side by side to their previous two releases~ it still comes fully equipped with those alluring pre~chorus & chorus hooks♥ which have made S/mileage such an irresistible group thus far~ o(*´∀`)o゛。

(click to play~!)

First time watching these pvs~ and I can't emphasize enough about how well produced and choreographed they are~! From their wardrobes to sets to the outdoors to seifuku♥ and of course their music♪ release thus far!….S/mileage is quickly becoming my most favorite H!P group~ even when up against UFI's main three♥ ^ ^!Both indies pv DVD singles present approximately 11~12 minutes of "making of footage" and with the omission of any jacket making of footage, it allows for so much more fun & candid humor which often borders complete comedy♥ at times…(^q^)!

"aMa no Jakju" remains as my most favorite♥ song thus far by S/mileage (with their second release "Asu wa date nano ni imasugu koe ga kikitai" a very close second..well sort of close~!!) with its *feel* good~ & so happy rhythm and its pv just couldn't be any better I think~! I love that the girls were able to take their very own candid and fun Poloroids~ which then act as props for the chalkboard in this pv and their "Jitensha" ("bicycle") dance in their choreography is *cute* beyond words!! ( ̄▽ ̄)♥

~"aMa no Jaku" I think is the *perfect* blueprint for an idol♥ song~

~Each member is given an equal solo verse part~

~All share♥ in the culmination and build up of the most heavenly chorus melody♪♪~ ~

And I'm thinking that this truly~ must be what it means to be addicted to tiramisu~! Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!





Watching the "making of" footage really gives you a sense of how developed each member of S/mileage are as idols and that being despite this being their indies debut together~…and my greatest *wish* for this unit? Please Tsunku keep S/mileage a true~ J♥Pop group for as long as possible as there is oh so much out there already in terms of J-Hip Hop, J-Dance as well as J-R&B~ ^ ^。 As it's their type of brand of *pure* J♥Pop in which I so enjoy~ listening to っo(*´∀`)o! I *adore* their closeness to one another and you can see their bonds so well developed even at this early stage~.



(click to play~!)

I so love♥!! their outfits in their second single~ (*´∀`*)….would this be a pinkish expression of frilly renaissance lolly? (^-^*)♥ I find that the side to side panning of the camera~ really accentuates the dance so much and this one reminds me so every fondly♥ of second gen. Tanpopo~ as Tsunku delivers J♥Beatles~ o(*´∀`)o゛。

And finishing on a so so amusing note~…(^q^)! more than half of the "making of" footage for "Asu wa date nano ni imasugu koe ga kikitai" is occupied by members of S/mileage dishing *secrets* about one another with a highlight being the always so *adorable* Yuukachan hearing from afar such a *moment* and declaring those whispers all~ "lies"…hmm 'lies?' I wonder?? (。ーωー。)。。。

Hm..but more than anything I find myself *wishing* for one of these very oversized and oh~so fuzzy phones! ………(゜∀゜)………。♥♥♥

And I love how they can be an absolute "direct" line to your friends~ and no one else…

…..and so funny when one falls off the wall~ on accident….

..whether choreographed or not…

…..it's definitely a *keeper~*! \(^o^)/☆



~Making of….

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to S/mileage, スキちゃん~♥, indie pvs!!..and your call waiting…

  1. Wolfychan says:

    Wow, you always get awesome items. ^_^ S/mileage are great! Thank you a lot for the screenshots, I really wanted one of Yuuka's face on Asu wa Date. <3Btw, do you have a Youtube account? I'd like to have you as a friend there if you had one. (:


  2. Aprilis. says:

    S/mileage has become one of my favourite groups. I'm so excited they're getting an official debut next year!


  3. Hi Wolfychan~! So *happy* you're liking S/mileage's releases too~! \(^o^)/☆ and Yukarin always so *adorable* ^ ^!Right now they're so much my favorite group in H!P~…I can't deny it anymore I think~ (*´∀`*)Oh~….I still want to cry whenever I think about it…..(;´□`) I used to have a YouTube account under MorningBerryz24 but here I wrote about what happened to it. There were over 260 videos linked to posts here which are now gone (;_;).


  4. Wow~! that's so awesome that S/mileage will be getting their very first major release~!! \(^o^)/☆ It'll be so much easier too finding their releases~…right now their indies releases are only being sold in Japan so I'm sure their sales will be even greater ne~ with their major release debut~! I really hope that Tsunku keeps S/mileage's music very J-Poppy♥ like it is now~ and with each girl being equal with their vocal parts too~♥ ^ ^。


  5. Wolfychan says:

    OMG, that's truly sad. T__T It really pisses of. My first one got deleted as well with my Ayumi Hamasaki's videos. Even though, some videos of my new account have been deleted 'cause Copyright infringement and it didn't get all deleted. O_O Fukui TV are nice, I suppose… I made another account to upload material that could be deleted (they have deleted like 10 videos and my account is still there… I totally don't understand.)Anyways, if you decide to have a new account, please let me know. ^_^


  6. I'm maybe a bit jaded as you probably could tell by that post I wrote shortly after (u_u*) and I really don't intend to open a new account there as it was just so much time spent editing those videos only to have them all be gone~….and now so many broken links here in posts~ (;´□`) The video file size limit here is only 50MB so I have to keep the clarity a bit lower…but I'm thinking of sharing videos here on VOX from now. It still breaks my heart that they're all gone…


  7. Wolfychan says:

    I totally understand. :/ There are more video hosting's with HQ, like Vimeo. You can upload videos until 1 hour long there. But Vox is nice as well. Just do whatever you feel more comfortable with. (:


  8. Hmm…I wonder if Vimeo will be kinder??..I'm not familiar with this website. W~ow…that's amazing!!! an entire hour!!! My internet would probably take like forever but that's just Wo~w! amazing!!! I've been embedding the videos here a bit smaller to keep their resolution looking okay…I hope they look okay~ ^ ^。They upload here pretty quick too so it's really much easier for me っo(*´∀`)o!


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