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( 」´0`)」Zzzzzzzzzz!!

A~h! I've done it again…. ..I've only gotten 4 1/2 hours of sleep combined during the past two nights~ (._.;)! ….stupid ne~! (ノロ≦。)!!! VOX ate (*>ω<)。。。!my S/mileage post~ I was writing late last night and therefore kept me up… …..then … Continue reading

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S/mileage, スキちゃん~♥, indie pvs!!..and your call waiting…

~"Cute J♥Pop calling…….It’s for you~!" ^ ^ S/mileage"Sukichan" & "aMa no Jaku".."Asu wa date nano ni, imasugu koe ga kikitai" pv DVD singles… ….great big giant *fuzzy* phone~….want!! I'm now really convinced that Tsunku's been giving all of his best compositions♪♪~ … Continue reading

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