Manobaby♥..cow~cosplay (・o・) as Bomb magazine celebrates their 30th anniversary~!

o(*´∀`)o゛。。。it's actually been quite awhile since I last collected an issue of Bomb magazine…here now celebrating their 30th anniversary~ with their October 2009 issue \(^o^)/☆!

I wasn't aware that Bomb had been in publication for so long~!! and surely with their in depth all things~ idol♥ format they're sure to continue in prosperity for years to come I think~! Had a subscription for awhile…その結果…(写真参照。)↓↓↓(。ーωー。)笑

This publication~ is quite unique as its size is more comparable to a digest…measuring about 8 1/4"x5 3/4" but for it's rather tiny format Bomb really presents so many features monthly that are sure to entice any idol♥ fan~ I imagine ^ ^。Each issue currently averages near 138~140 or so pages and while it's a scale down from their past 170+ pages really all of their regular features have remained very much intact~……from their headline idol♥ feature, idol room checks~!, group/idol♥ news, music release news~, idol♥ games, interviews, live reports, drama/movie news, always so *beautiful* photography~, gravure! gravure! gravure! and so much more! 

Hmm…..the only problem with only receiving set "C" is the resulting image above~…(^q^)! As is indicated to the right~….set "C" when aligned adjacently will only produce that *down~there* area of Koike Rina~ (・o・)!!Well the front images are okay~ so (。ーωー。)♪。

This issue's cover girl is the ever *adorable* Manoeri♥~! (*´∀`*) And just in case you're choosing individual issues to get~ the idol♥ on the cover is so much more a substantial event~ than in most other publications…..

… in point: You see a most favorite♥ idol/artist/group on the cover of a publication there on the shelf…sadly the issue is sealed…but you purchase it on a moment's weakness to said favorite♥ idol/artist/group..(*´艸`)!。。。reach home♥….open outer wrap…..browse issue frantically searching for cover feature!!! (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!!!。。どこ?。。どこ?。。どこ??!(・c_・;)?! Then only to realize that your most favorite♥ idol/artist/group was given only 2~3 pages?!!! なんじゃこりゃぁぁあぁああーっっ(;´□`)!!!

。。。。。。。。。。。sorry~! just had a *moment*..(*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓

Hmm…sound familiar? ( ̄O ̄*)


…with Bomb magazine this will surely never ever occur ever~! o(*´∀`)o゛

The reason being that the idol♥ featured on their covers always get so so so much coverage~!


…..with this issue you'll see 18+ pages of Manoeri♥ if including her off shot feature~! And if you're most curious to know of Manoeri's♥ day to day~living style it's all here….and Bomb's "Growing☆Up" feature which is also a standard with each of their cover features~ includes baby♥ photos~! *KAWAII* deshou~!♥♥♥

Manobaby♥….Manopre~teen♥….Mano~room~layout~♥…Mano~wearing~an~Elmo~T-shirt♥….Mano~with~Hello~Kitty♥'s all here~! (*´∀`*)。。。

。。and due to Bomb's tiny size I could fit the entire issue while opened up~ to scan the pages in a single scan ^ ^…

~Manobaby♥~ o(*´∀`)o゛



~Ah~! I do love cosplay♥ but eh~?!! 何これ(・o・)?。。。(。ーωー。)笑


Oguro Yuko…always so *cute* ne~!….and she really doesn't seem to age ne…here at 26 she still looks so young~! w/ Koike Rina in CM feature~ ^ ^。


The *lovely* and so so talented Ueto♥Aya~!….featured with her anime counterpart "Atom" whom she voices in the CG version anime~ ^ ^。


Off shots~ just as in UTB and Mmm..more with the cow…(^q^)!


Ishihara Satomi regularly would appear in Kindai too~!…here she's so *gorgeous* in her photo~shoot and her photo with the amazing arrangement of flowers♥ omg~! so so *pretty*…the colors!!!!


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to Manobaby♥..cow~cosplay (・o・) as Bomb magazine celebrates their 30th anniversary~!

  1. Alezra says:

    Waaah soooo many O.O…. So many pretty gals' Wish i was asian >.<…They are all so damn gorgous… some are more cute than gorgeous though :3I have a simillar dress like Satomi (the flowery dress) I think it's in my home country too* though -_-;;… wwell it's not like i can wear it now anywas xD It freezing cold outside!Yuuri… O.O A cow cosplay… hmm… xD Hhaha~ I dont know what to think about this actually… it's kinda' cute i think xD Though i guess it's suppose to be sexy xD … It kinda' is… Gaah i dont know xDHug ^ – ^)/


  2. batmite1 says:

    Morishita Yuuri in Bomb October 2009 Scan0014Wow! I didn't think our Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader outfits couldn't be topped. Just add a cowboy hat and she'd probably fit right in down here.


  3. Rebear says:

    Pictures of baby Mano?! This magazine is amazing. I love the pictures of her lounging in front of the fan. It seems so candid and typical. ❤ But that kabutomushi looks terrifying…. and it's all over the delicious melon =3=;


  4. U~n Bomb magazine really does so amazing with their photography and idols♥~ everyone~everyone definitely so *kawaii*!!! (*´∀`*)A~hh that dress is soooo *beautiful*~!!! So lucky you have this style~ and I can't even imagine how freezing it must be there now!!! (・д・`*) If I were to move to such climates~ I would so need to get an entirely new wardrobe I think…(^q^)!lol I had a very similar reaction~! ( ̄▽ ̄)。。。cute?…sexy?…maybe a bit odd (・o・)!Yuuri's definitely *sexy* here~ and I'm just so surprised that there's actually a cow there with her….sugoi ne~! ^ ^


  5. A~h! you're so funny~!! (*´∀`*)。。I'm now *imagining* the players being so so distracted during the game and even the officials too~…(^q^)! Your friend next to you asks for the score of the game………..but no one knows~ ^ ^!


  6. It really is one of Bomb magazine's most fun features~! be able to see inside of our favorite♥ idol's family photo albums~ ^ ^!Sometimes I can totally recognize some of them…resemblance wise a bit in their baby photos but most of the time I'm like e~h??? they appear so different~! (^-^*)♥A~h! I somehow even while scanning didn't even notice the large beetle???!! (・o・)!!omg! it's so creepy looking!!!! (・д・`*)Cow cosplay is so funny and odd ne~!….hmm her bikini top is a bit too tiny for her I wonder (*´艸`)。。。I wonder what the cow is thinking??? ^ ^


  7. batmite1 says:

    You may be right.. although Jerry Jones did put up "Dancer Cages" in the upper decks of the new stadium.. so we can keep them up there so the players won't be distracted, just us Fans.


  8. E~h?!! (・o・) that sounds so much like a club atmosphere?? lol I guess it does serve its purpose~… must be the only stadium of its kind I wonder?! Well, even girls like looking at *beautiful* girls so you guys may not be the only ones being distracted (。ーωー。) ♪♪。。。


  9. batmite1 says:

    Everyone who has been there has said it's an incredible experience.. but sadly (for me) I haven't gone to the new stadium yet.I'm sure this is one of the many reasons the guys and gals like the new place..


  10. I'm sure you'll get a chance to visit too ne~ ^ ^W~ow!!….girls I think like seeing other pretty* girls too so you guys may not be the only ones being distracted~ (*´∀`*) but for much different reasons of course~! I'm really afraid of heights so I could never do something like that…plus my nerves would be getting to me so much (._.;). I think they're amazing to dance way up there~! ^ ^


  11. batmite1 says:

    Well.. If/when I do stop by there.. I'll be sure to give them a visit.I have a feeling that if you ever got up there..all your fears would quickly dissapear from all the cheers and attention you'd get.


  12. I was reading that it was really expensive to build~!! and you now have the most amazing stadium in the country!!…and surely it'll be a most amazing experience to visit~!A~h! I may become overwhelmed and *faint*~ (*´艸`)。。。I'm really really much more mom says 'painfully shy' (・д・`*)!


  13. Pingback: 真野恵里菜「MORE FRIENDS」、whipping :O, latin~jazz, lots of eating, Club Nokia and more~♥! | モーニングBerryz48…the morning after….. "Always wear protection before reading…(^q^)."

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