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~Guardians4, PARTY TIME♪♪~, the art of ♥ making & giant smelly crackers~! (ノロ≦。)!

Guardians4 in "PARTY TIME"… Guardians4 "PARTY TIME" (first press w/DVD & photo card) November 18th saw the release of Guardians4~ already third single~! And while the title group remains intact some big changes have occurred within H!P's Egg unit Shugo … Continue reading

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~Fantasy teams~*set for Aichan’s♥ “私” 写真集 giveaway~

高橋愛最新写真集。。”私”。 Scan0007 In just two days~ history may be made in the Cup Series at Homestead Miami Speedway~! J.J.♥ goes for an unprecedented 4th straight title in racing's most prestigious series \(^o^)/☆ J.J,♥ must finish 25th or better to seal … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals~…

Cdjapan order… Today I was greeted~ by quite an accumulation (・o・) of releases as sometimes you find yourself either adding to or combining several different orders together~…..the result is above and there are truly~ so many releases that I've been … Continue reading

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~9 Smile *member image* T-shirt sets~♥! *きら~*きら~*

Momusu "9 Smile" member T-shirt sets… Aichan’s♥ "9 Smile" image T-shirt (back) I was so *excited* to see that H!P was finally releasing individual member T-shirts which bear their own *images*~! ^ ^ The only drawback is that they're so so … Continue reading

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~Chocolove♥~ is…..

I’ve been watching this ↑↑↑ pv~♥ for awhile now tonight…it’s just one of those songs♪♪~ where its catchy qualities mesmerizes you into a puddle of *mush~* ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!I must say thank you to denadel for linking this for me just earlier … Continue reading

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ARASHI in "My Girl"… ARASHI "My Girl" LE & RE singles~ Arashi's♥ new single "My Girl" (with a t.v. drama of the same name~ *hopes it's released onto DVD soon so I can watch (^-^*) ) goes immediately into my … Continue reading

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テクテク。。。baby steps~ towards AKB~ ( ^‐^)♥

Watarirouka Hashiritai~♥ The power of media persuasion? ( ゚∀(・-・)♥! Really how strong could the pages of a publication be really?? (・c_・;)? Sa~! Quite *strong* I think~! (^∇^)! Case in point~…….a seemingly innocent issue of UTB arrives from Cdjapan~ (。ーωー。) ♪♪ … Continue reading

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~The race♥ for Aichan’s “私” starts here~ ^ ^

Aichan♥ in "私"… 高橋愛最新写真集。。”私”。 *Thank you* to Anise & Cloves, Ada xD, maiZe & Hello!Jessie for sharing your thoughts on Aichan♥ in her leadership~ role…so many facets of her personality, professionalism, ability and intangibles learned over time as an idol♥~ … Continue reading

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Gift♥ from P.Thomas… Today~ a gift♥ from Paul-kun arrived~!。。。o(*´∀`)o゛when I was unable to attend the Anime Expo held earlier this year in L.A. (;_;) he was so *thoughtful* as he was thinking about sending me some items from the event…before … Continue reading

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~UTB Vol.194 December 2009~ features more ♥ for H!P & AKB~

UTB Vol.194 December 2009 (cover scan) UTB Vol.194 December 2009… Gomen ne~ I'm so late in scanning the latest issue (ノロ≦。)!Kawaguchi Haruna is this issue's covergirl~ and this the first time I think she's making an appearance in UTB?…chotto that … Continue reading

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