~UTB Vol.194 December 2009~ features more ♥ for H!P & AKB~

Gomen ne~ I'm so late in scanning the latest issue (ノロ≦。)!Kawaguchi Haruna is this issue's covergirl~ and this the first time I think she's making an appearance in UTB?…chotto that could be wrong~, she's currently starring Fuji TV's drama "Tokyo DOGS."

AKB48 continues to have many articles and picture features in UTB which has been a growing trend in these pages and (more ♥ for CK ne~!) they're really taking the idol group genre to chart topping heights in both position as well as sales~! Takusan~! AKB features in this issue!!! with both solo and group pictorials/articles on AKB48's Oshima Yuko & Maeda Atsuko, SKE48's Matsui Rena & Mukaida Manatsu as well as an AKB48 feature and a mini group named ”く~のね4”。。(should have read "Watarirouka Hashiritai" 😛 thank you~! CK & Wendychi for clearing my confusion~)seifuku♥ so *kawaii*~!! ^ ^

H!P who's been a mainstay in UTB also has *cute* features on Maimai with additional off shots not included in her 1st solo shashinshuu~, an upcoming preview of Riichan's new shashinshuu always so *adorable* ne~! and Maimichan's♥ ongoing photo feature continues towards the back of this issue with what I think is possibly her most *kawaii* photo shoot to date for UTB~! \(^o^)/☆

While the format of UTB has seen so many changes over the years one of their staples has always been their high level of photography, engaging articles w/ idol games…news…interests..hobbies♥ as well as the occasional idol♥room invasion~! (・д・`*) With their glossy covers and flat spines back now for some time~ UTB has really returned to their original prestige in idol♥ publications setting the standard so much~.

The extras which in the past has included pull out posters, clear files and a most impressive DVD in each issue…now published every other month~ are randomly inserted photo trading cards and you'll receive with each issue a chance for one out of three possible sets~! This month I received set "A" and for the most part your favorite♥ idols are divided up pretty well within these card sets so for instance if you're a fan of either H!P or AKB48?SKE48 you'll receive at least one member in your set no matter if it's A, B or C~ ^ ^。

In addition…in the middle variety features section there's more on S/mileage with member profiles so you can learn their personalities much better, a solo shashinshuu article with Riichan♥ where she reflects on her previous pb releases~ and Nakki & Airiin preview C-ute's upcoming "best of" album which has a tentative release date of November 18th~!

Okay~! before I lull you into sleep ( 」´0`)」Zzzzzzz with any more of my talk~…(^q^) here are those aforementioned article's scans…..I'm beginning with Maimichan's♥ as I think it's the most *wonderful* pictorial in this issue and really she's just so so *adorable* here as she portrays daily activity *moments*~ from waking to playing to sleepy time here's Maimichan in "Days" vol.5 up first…..

^ ^。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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17 Responses to ~UTB Vol.194 December 2009~ features more ♥ for H!P & AKB~

  1. J-pyon says:

    Hmm a magazine with a bunch of cute girls in it …wow i love japan. yes yes i know typical guy 🙂


  2. CK says:

    You got Rabutan!!! This was the first issue that I got in my subscription, although I have the last 4 issues. I got Set B of the pics. I actually wanted Set C because not only did it have the adorable Matsui Rena from SKE, but Sailor Venus!!!


  3. Hi J-pyon,For an idol♥ magazine UTB is really one of the best published~ and although it's a bit more expensive than some other releases it's so so worth it I think~! I know it's not really evident from these scans but right to the quality of glossy paper and overall appearance it's just really *pretty* to collect~ o(*´∀`)o゛。


  4. Hi~ CK!! ~~~ヾ(^∇^)。。。(reading your PM now~….but my futon is calling me to bed~ ( 」´0`)」Zzzzzzz gomen ne~ I promise to reply tomorrow ^ ^。) You're so cute you know all of their nicknames so well~! \(^o^)/☆ Maimichan♥ too ne~ in set C (._.;)…a~h she's very very *cute*! and 'Sailor Venus?' I'm thinking Ayaka because of cosplay♥! A~h Watanabe Mayu so *adorable* too~…do you listen to ぐ~のね4?I must sleep now….I'll be so tired tomorrow~! ( ̄O ̄*)


  5. J-pyon says:

    WoW that's cool but ill buy anything with any Hello Project girls in it im such a huge fan of them glad to hear that its a well put together magazine and i like high quality pictures usually makes them a collectors item and price does not really matter to me when it comes to Hello Project and by the looks of your scans almost looks like its almost Photo book quality pics looks like im going to have to pick me up a copy. Thanks for posting the scans (^_^)V


  6. CK says:

    Yes, Ayaka was Sailor Venus. Not only did I listen to the new Watarirouka single, it released the day I left Japan, so I rushed out in the Morning and bought it along with Otsuka Ai and Berryz before it was time for my shuttle to leave \(^o^)/


  7. Hi J-pyon~! I'm sure you'll love UTB so much and it's quite a large publication~ so there's so much in surprises when you open the issue as I've only covered a tiny bit of it~ ^ ^。It's very nice to meet such a passionate fan~!! よろしくお願いします~!o(*´∀`)o゛


  8. きゃぁーっっっ(ノロ≦。)!ごめんなしゃい↓・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。it's an entire day later and I almost need to sleep and I hope you're not angry (*≧m≦)!!as I've yet to reply (+_+)。夕べはあたしが約束しましたですけど。。。本とにごめんね~。わぁーいo(*´∀`)o゛so lucky~!! BK won't arrive until next week for me (;´□`) and I'm curious to know the style of music♪♪ for ぐ~のね4。。。entering into AKB seems so overwhelming but maybe if I can just listen to one unit for now?


  9. CK says:

    I have always thought WH is AKB's version of Buono!, only a lot more lolli. They are both Pony Canyon, and musically there are similarites, and Mayuyu sounds like Momoko. And no I'm not mad.I am exhausted myself! Working when my body says sleep!


  10. 'WH?'….I'm so confused (._.;)! Is ぐ~のね4 WH? A~h 'loli' (。ーωー。)笑 Oh they have a Momo♥ too? in AKB…or rather WH? Must be *kawaii* ne~!….Pony Canyon really has been the staple of production for idols and idol groups for so long….way back to CoCo, Ribbon, Otomejuku♥, Qlair, etc….they really always have been so prestigious in this regard~. Now in some groups/artists they embrace a rock♥ sound~! (*´∀`*)♪…your Buono! comparison has sent me to much excitement ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!…ah day two and now you surely must be angry (ノロ≦。)!I'm trying to reply to all comments now as I usually reply to PMs afterward and yet I don't think I'll finish tonight…so bad of me ne~ (*>ω<)!I may take a *break* soon….^ ^


  11. Guldari says:

    多いですね!まいみちゃんは さまざまな姿を見せてくれるね. きれいです!ハギティは 赤んぼうみたい~MBさんが AKBが好きなことは分からなかった.私も好き.大声ダイヤモンドとかRiverとか,良い曲たちが多いと思う.私はあっちゃんが一番好き!


  12. wendychi says:

    Ah, guu no ne 4 is just the title of the photoshoot. Their new single is "Kanpeki Guu no ne" so it's taken from that, I believe, and the number of girls in the group. The actual group name is Watarirouka Hashiritai. They don't have a Momo (I don't think so anyway?) and they don't have a rock sound, but they're comparable enough to Buono!. >w>P.S. MAYUYU IS AWESOME. and sorry for invading your conversation 😛


  13. CK says:

    Watarirouka Hashirtai doesn't have a Momo, but they DO have a Mayuyu, a Nacchan, a Harugon, and a Lovetan!


  14. あたしね~AKBの事は。。まだまだ決めません(・_・)たぶん、もっとAKBの事を知ったら、もっと好きかも知れないし?あたしはAKBの事を全然知りませんですけど。。。皆本とに可愛い!!あっ!その曲は凄く人気ですね~!う~ん!そうね。。舞美ちゃんいつもいつもとても綺麗です!!(*´∀`*) まいまいはまだまだ子供っぽいのみたいです~。それで。。まいまいのファーストソロ写真集がたぶんまだ早いかも知れません。


  15. *Thank you* wendychi for explaining…I'm so clueless when it comes to anything AKB related and I didn't read the article's description well~ ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。!'Watarirouka Hashiritai"…omoshiroi namae~ ^ ^!Hmm…they're more *poppy* than rock? I'll search for a pv~ to hear! (*´∀`*) Oh no thank you for helping to clear my self caused confusion~ (ノロ≦。)!I sometimes wondered if H!P would be confusing for new fans to learn about but I think that AKB may be even more complicated??…then again it's most like me ne~! ^ ^


  16. wendychi says:

    If you're going to look up one of their songs, look up Kanpeki Guu no ne because it's their best single yet. :Db


  17. …watched "Kanpeki guu no ne"……this just happened~♥ ^ ^。


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