ガールパワーアップ~!(Video game edition~:P )

Girls and video games…vs. boys and video games~ (*´∀`*) hmm….is our mentality that much different? (・c_・;)?I usually hear that boys are much more competitive when it comes to any type of sport or competition even coming via a video game console~. If you're a boy and reading this then I can surely surely assure you that girls are very much just as competitive in their hearts♥ and that despite what you may observe on the outside~ (。ーωー。) No we most likely won't become boisterous or become visibly aggressive on the outside but we surely are as passionate about challenges as much as you are~ ^ ^。Maybe you've never witnessed the glances that some of us give other girls when they enter the room….no not me really~! but so many of my girl friends openly do this at nearly every given opportunity….and this sometimes can transpire into much more than girl competition and by that I do mean video games~ Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!One of my guy friends tells me that…."we don't care what the other guys look like and it's never in our consideration" hmm….is this really true? ^ ^ We compare breast, hips, legs and faces……not so much the case with guys?…I wonder in the male aspect?

Personally I'm not very good at most video games (+_+)。。。case in point…I'm yet to score 200 in Wii bowling (´⌒`。) I always lose at Mario Cart (´⌒`。) I lose at most tennis♥ games even though I do play in real life (´⌒`。) my brother always always beats me at everything!!! (´⌒`。) hmm…no sibling rivalry as he can play a game for the very first time and still somehow win against me (ノロ≦。)!(*sigh*…so much practicing though ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。!!)…and some of my girl friends don't play at all….some go online though~…not me as I don't think I could muster enough confidence to speak live online with those headset thingies~(*>ω<)!

What I most love though are RPG's…..no boys to make fun of me when I'm so bad (。ーωー。) in fact I can *play* with by myself for hours and hours without ever leaving my room~!……um……….I'm quite good at these~(*´∀`*)♥..ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!*GUSH*~!!!!!!!) ………(゜∀゜)………。

……that didn't *come* out right did it? (*´艸`)。。。definitely no pun intended!!!! I wonder (。ーωー。)。。

..well *it* doesn't take very long for me♥…to learn most games~…hmm you didn't think I was speaking of *that* did you?…(u_u*)!

My fave♥ is definitely Final Fantasy♥ and it remains as the sole reason for me to "upgrade" to a PS3…please don't tease (;´□`) as yes I'm yet to purchase one……..still playing with *myself* on my PS2…(u_u*).

My one *shining* moment comes with…(I've said c*m way too much ne in a single post~(*´艸`) ) fighting games where I've really wanted so much to learn everything about a single character and then grow from there~….in retrospect it all began with Kazama♥Jun whom with I would beat some of my guy friends with albeit it was an old game by the time my friends let me play….until my friends made me choose my character from the random selection cube leaving me so so vulnerable (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓ 。。。so surely one must study ne~!…thus the photo above albeit the mini version~ and different games….but still those emotions remain~.

So are boys more competitive then girls?!…I dont' really think so when other girls are involved but I'm speaking from personal experiences as I'm so so always the loser when it comes to any such situations it seems…(u_u*)! Guys have always chosen other girls over me throughout my life so….it's just me being given what I am ^ ^。 And it's okay~ as otherwise I may have never met my honey♥~right now。。。 o(*´∀`)o゛。

So….hmm any thoughts on girl♥power versus guys and video games?…perhaps minnasan♥ has something personal to *share* here~?…matte imasu~ ^ ^。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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19 Responses to ガールパワーアップ~!(Video game edition~:P )

  1. Henkka says:



  2. Aww is that really true?! \(^o^)/☆。。。most guys here find me to be out of place but interestingly not so much with the Wii..maybe because the Wii is more of an *adorable* console?…made for girls too~! I wish they made a pink♥ Wii…I would want want want~! ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。LOL some guys think I'm prudish when they first meet me….but…….hmm I'm not so much really (。ーωー。) of course girls have needs to ne~ ^ ^!Sometimes I *share* too much..sorry!! (*´艸`)W~ah! you've played so many all the way till their end ne~!!! I didn't play the online release (;_;) but from number VII I've been so much of a fan of FF♥~!! Oh I loved IX so much too~! Everything so true of what you've said here and I loved that they returned to the tiny looking characters again…sort of reminded me of VII although much less blocky~. The ending movie was soooo sweet♥♥♥ I just love how Dagger was at first so relieved and overjoyed to see Zidane but then…she suddenly becomes feisty like.."why did you worry me so much!!" o(*´∀`)o゛♥!I think VII too has such an in depth and engaging story plus it's really the one that can leave such an impact on your emotions as…wait how far are you along as I so don't want to spoil anything in your experience (ノロ≦。)!I must not say…..shhh…^ ^。LOL um I'm reading along and typing as I go so I didn't yet reach the part where you say you're on the last disc..:P! Sorry that must've sounded so stupid ne~…(^q^)! Hmm…wow you're going to complete them all?!! You're so awesome!! I don't even own the console to be able to play the earlier series…(u_u*). Hai~ me too….it's gone down a bit though recently so when the new FF is released here I know I'll be so tempted to want to play~! (…imagines if I could win at Wii bowling vs. Henkka??? (・c_・;)?) Oh no please don't apologize…I'm most delinquent with everything everywhere (._.;)…(sends virtual hug♥ o(*´∀`)o゛) I've missed you !(人∀`*)


  3. Henkka says:

    It is! Hmmm. You know MB, if guys think you're somehow out of place, I think it might be your massive collection of 写真集 and other girly J-pop merchandise, rather than any consoles. Just a thought! 😛 But hey, who says you have to be "normal" anyway? :)"Needs", huh. Is this really the same MB speaking who doesn't know what "fap" means? :PFF11 was the online one, I haven't played that either. I'm not really interested in that one so much… Yes, agreed on the IX ending movie being the best. 🙂 Ah, if you mean the Aeris thing, someone actually spoiled that to me years before I actually got to play the game, so I knew to expect it. Damned internet! Actually, please don't hit me MB, but now that I'm nearly finished with the game… I don't know, it didn't really strike me as THAT awesome. I mean I like it and all (duh, it's Final Fantasy after all!) but to me it just doesn't reach the awesomeness of VII and IX to be honest. But it's a great game nevertheless. There's definitely something there that's missing in the later games, some of that playfulness… Could be just due to the great translation, but for example that flashback scene with Tifa getting angry at Cloud when she thinks he stole her panties… when do you ever see stuff like that in Final Fantasy nowadays?! A classic moment. 😛 Ah, looks like I started talking about panties again… sorry. 😛 Anyway, you can actually buy PS1 versions of at least Final Fantasies 4 to 6. I'm not sure about 1 to 3 though, I haven't checked. My version of 6 is the PS version actually. You should probably invest in those if you care to. :)I've actually never touched a Wii in my life, you would probably beat me so bad at it. :PAlso, this is a bit random, but how do you make those awesome Japanese smileys? I assume you don't write those by hand every time. 😛 You probably have to load up something to your Japanese IME, am I right? Someone pointed me to this thing: http://kaomoji-cafe.jp/jisho/index.html I downloaded it, but I've no idea how I'd actually go about adding it to IME… Anyway, do help me! I want to make my share of awesome 顔文字 too. (´;ω;`)


  4. Hi Henkka~! ^ ^My bf♥ still laughs ヾ(^∇^) at me so much but it's quite funny when we start arguing ( `_)乂(_' ) over who's *cuter*~ for me I always say Kamei♥ and then he sort of agrees~. Hmm….it's a good thing that he loves my oddness and so true ne~ I'm most *happy* not being very normal…(^q^)!Hmm…I think it's all your fault!!! (ノロ≦。)!lol kidding!!!..but really all of you ganged up on me at once (;´□`)!!I'm past my mid twenties~ soooo…I've read that I should be nearing my *sexual* prime very soon I think o(*´∀`)o゛♥ even though I'm not having any until I'm happily married~ ^ ^!For men it happens really too early I think….it was during your late teens and omg! isn't that really really odd~?!! ….memo to self _〆(・∀・@) "Henkka's past his *prime* (・д・`*)!!!(´⌒`。)。。。。VII was soooo awesome though!! Hm….???? Now I'm so sad I think I need to cry for awhile…..(;_;)…………………………..Okay VIII was really amazing too~! and Squall is a definite *cutey*♥♥♥ scar and all~!! ………(゜∀゜)………。(._.;)…….Henkka and panties again??? You never hear of any of us wanting to savor your underpants~ (ノロ≦。)!so I'll just call you "Hentai" or would it be "Henttai?" for now…(^q^)!That was a funny moment in the game for sure and the Japanese can have the best sense of humor when it comes to these type of thingies~! I still really love the date scenario where Cloud needs to choose between either Aerith or Tifa…I always chose Aerith and then towards the end of the game on the final disc where you see Aerith's ghost in that church where her flowers have bloomed it's such a moving and eerie moment too~. A~h I wasn't aware that they had translated the early games to the PS?(imagines Henttai trying to bowl with the Wii♥………….(。ーωー。)笑 )A friend helped me set up my laptop when I first got it…..I'm so bad at anything computer related so I have no idea of what he did…..but it uses a "bias" I think with your IME? You can also find many symbols by combining various kanji meanings and the symbols represent them~ ^ ^。


  5. Guldari says:

    ゲームは勝つよりは楽しむためにするのです!韓国でもビデオゲームと係わる放送をするのに,韓国ではビデオゲームと係わる放送が少なくてよく分からないが,オンラインゲームでは女も男に負けないです!男たちは… 確かに競争心が多いようです.学校でゲームに賭をするんだよ!私は野球ゲームが好きだが, 勝つのは半々だよ!


  6. う~ん!あたしまだまだ上手ですけど、ビデオゲームを本とに楽しいです!^ ^ いつも。。。負けちゃった~(;´□`)!!!↓↓↓ たくさんのともだちがオンライんビデオゲームをすごく大好きです!!でもあたし。。。ぜんぜん好きじゃない。えっとね~男は、ファイト!!!な感じです!ときどきにはそのふんいき。。。。ちょっと怖い!あっ!すごい~!がんばってね!\(^o^)/☆


  7. maiZe says:

    AHHHH!!! MB!! I just got home, checked my twitter, and saw my brother tweeted at me: RT @Dtoid: North American Final Fantasy XIII release date set http://bit.ly/OKBNd (HAY @maizedot3)


  8. You have the most *wonderful* brother~!! o(*´∀`)o゛♥ he tweets you with such news!!! A~h! just a few more months??? I'm yet to purchase a PS3 (ノロ≦。)!but now I so must very soon~!! It seems so long ne~ since the last game was released….but truly they put so much into this series so you just know the time spent in the original as well as the translated version will be so *amazing* for sure~!! \(^o^)/☆ Hmm…March? this is when I too will disappear from blogging and maybe the internet~ (´⌒`。)。I wonder we may be playing at the same time? ^ ^!A~h! lol you're so funny!!! maiZe doesn't swear ne~! (^-^*)I sometimes will spend hours/ I mean um days in one spot attempting to power up~! so much so that I don't lose to a boss stage~ (._.;)! Oh you're the very first to tell me~! Arigatou♥! o(*´∀`)o゛ ~Top of things to do: …_〆(・∀・@) "purchase PS3 very soon~!!!


  9. maiZe says:

    You know, I didn't really enjoy FFXII, so I have been awaiting this release even more anxiously that I usually do FF releases. XII just didn't have the usual romance (seeing as half of the main romance was severed in the freakin' opening movie) that I look forward to in FF. I'm hoping for a really good romantic storyline tied into all the action this time.


  10. That was so true and it really made me love FFVIII and FFIX so much as there was much more interaction and at least those hints of romance intertwined within the ongoing story~ o(*´∀`)o゛I hope this one will be much more romantic too~! A~h I knew that maiZe doesn't swear…(^q^)I'm really going to need to purchase one soon~…but maybe after the Christmas♥season as I need to stop purchasing *gifts* for myself already~ (ノロ≦。)!It's really wonderful that you can double it as a Blu-ray player to watch movies♥!! So lucky that you can watch already~! \(^o^)/☆ I have a lot of friends who love playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero too~…I just haven't tried it just yet~may seem awkward to go from playing a guitar to a game guitar? Still it looks like so much fun if only I'll be able to keep up with all of those lights streaming down~! ^ ^


  11. PARAGO_55 says:

    wow it's so cool…definately a big plus…u like Final Fantasy too?! i myself am a big fan…so far i passed FF 4,5,6, and 10 only…i got some more to go…i would play all day, too bad work gets in the way lol!! currently i am playing FF3 on the DS…i jus got the DS jus for that game…well i got MarioKart too…also i jus downloaded FF7 for the PS3…which i will play after i complete 3 oops come to think of it i still have FF12 i haven't even opened yet lol…ohhhh if u wanna play a good RPG that will take up a lot of your time, you should play Persona 3 (shooting yourself in the head to summon demons to help you in battle…cool huh?? lol)…but i've been playing too much Street Fighter 4 lately…but you should get a ps3 hehe, FF13 looks awesome…i could go on forever wih this subject but i'll end it here lol…konban wa…ttyl


  12. A~h! you're so familiar with all of the series from the beginning?!! One day a friend recommended FFVII to me so I only began from there~ :/. I so know that *feeling*…you want to finish so much so you need to keep playing for hours and hours…days and days…weeks into weeks until your friends say to you~! Where have you been?!! (人∀`*) A lot of my friends love the DS….sadly I don't have one and I know I'm missing out on so much~ (;´□`)!I do love racing♥ games~! Crash Bandicoot is one of my most favorite♥!! Coco♥ for the win always~! Ah FFVII was really my first love for rpgs~….it's much older now but I hope you still enjoy playing~. E~h?! that sounds so…..so…….I don't know but scary!!! (・д・`*) 'Persona 3'…thank you for the suggestion! ^ ^ U~n! I really need to purchase a PS3 soon…..by next March I realize!!


  13. maiZe says:

    Hmm… It's too bad I can't reply to 2 comments at once… Well, I can, which is what I'm going to do, but I can't do it by hitting the "reply" thing. XD


  14. E~h?! dating and dungeons? (^-^*)….ah! there is dating in FF too ne~ ^ ^。The one rpg that I never was able to finish was Parasite Eve…I think it was the first one if there's more than one~ which a friend let me play~..I think it was an older release by then though. That thing at the end keeps beating me up~! ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 and it seems that I didn't acquire a strong enough weapon to finish~ (;_;)! Persona 3 sounds really interesting~ and now with not one but two recommendations~♥ I really should look for it the next time I'm visiting the mall~ ^ ^。The shooting yourself though~! hmm…..(・д・`*)!!


  15. PARAGO_55 says:

    hi =),
    yeah that's what intrigued me to get into Perona 3 too (the shooting yourself in the head) hehe, and wow that game took A LOT of my time hehe…but that game is too cool with a nice storyline and good soundtrack too…and yesss in March FF13 comes out, but Super Street Fighter 4 will come out around the same time too…so hmmmm…i dunno, i'll definately get both, and wow i didn't know there was Persona for PSP…cool, i wanna play Persona 4 too…too much games with so little time…lol =)


  16. PARAGO_55 says:

    hey =),
    hehe yes i've had those calls before, where i'm deeply into a game, then friends say, "where have you been?" and I say "ok i'll turn it off as soon as i'm finish with this dungeon." lol…yah too bad there's no dating simulator in FF lol…hehe just by reading these comments, makes me wanna play and finish FF3 hehe…=D ohhhh i remember Crash Bandicoot Racing…hehe i am so terrible at racing games, you would definately beat and overlap me hehe


  17. I did that for awhile…actually a lot~!…(^q^) When you're trying to *power* up~! though that can take so much time…..like if you find a great spot for it with a save sphere♥ you can stay there for hours and hours…(*´∀`*) The only tiny bit I remember was Cloud's decision of whether to take Tifa or Aerith out on a mini date~…(not really a simulator though :/ ) there were actually quite a lot of unexpected events that would pop up and I was like E~h?!! what sort of game is this lol!! (。ーωー。) Coco♥'s really fun to race with~!…the cars in Bandicoot slide and jump all over the different courses…really fun if you get the chance~! It's the one and only game that I can beat my brother at! (^-^*)


  18. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    Man I've been busy & I can't believe I missed this post.First off you'd probably beat me in every video game that we played together because quite frankly I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the game.(gomen, please don't get mad at that comment LOL)Secondly I think competition matters to guys too with pretty much EVERYTHING. The animal instinct comes in to play, & most guys want to be the alpha male & dominate. I wish I could share everyone's love for Final Fantasy but I absolutely positively cannot stand turn-based combat. Any rpg I play has to be an action rpg with real-time combat like Yakuza or Zelda.Also, I talk big but I suck at video games. I like them though!When I play Modern Warfare 2 online I always get yelled at by people.random guy online: "what are you doing Sue-G? IDIOT the guy's hiding over there!"me: "where?" as I'm getting shot up with a million bulletsrandom guy online: "too late you're dead YOU SUCK!"***************************random wii jokemy cousin & I were at Target & we were looking at wii accessories when I noticed a black colored wii remote & nunchuk, I was like "that'd be cool if they came out with a black wii"My cousin was like "you didn't hear? they are coming out with a black wii it's gonna be waaaaay BIGGER than the regular colored wii?"I was liked "Really? How much bigger? Wait, that doesn't make sense….are they adding stuff to it?"My cousin started busting up laughing then I realized the joke. A BIG BLACK Wii HAHA.We seriously need to grow up.Guys can be so perverted.


  19. Hi Tsuji~kun! (*´∀`*)。。。(*promises* to play fair…will not wear seductive♥ clothing or bikinis while playing video games with Tsuji~kun (。ーωー。) ) Aww I definitely wouldn't be distracting~ I promise~! ^ ^ Although….if I could use *this* to win~…hmm (人∀`*) Sorry that's really bad~! (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓ Some of my girl friends say that their bfs like them to be on *top* and dominate~…..wait we're speaking of video games (*´艸`)!。。。。。(._.;)!A~h Zelda is so much fun too~!! I know what you mean about it not being turn based…..I guess there's more intense of a challenge when it's in real time ne~ ^ ^。A~h I love that you're "Sue G" online? (*´∀`*) Some of those first person games make me nauseated (´⌒`。) I guess it's from me being so bad with getting car~sick (when left in the back seat too long~ (ノロ≦。)!)…sea sick (always~ well just once as I've never gone sailing again~ (ノロ≦。)!) and with any type of much too real simulator I think~ (ノロ≦。)!I wish I could play them though surely I would be so bad at them I think!!! (+_+) I have a lot of guy friends who love to play online and it may be this same game you mentioned??? It's really popular and some of them even took time off of work to play!!! (・o・)Aw that's so mean of them to speak to you that way!!! (;´□`)LOL!….omg! that's so…..so………..hmm I think your cousin is very much like the guys I work with….I mean some of them are so naughty~ and indiscreet at times~!…(^q^) So they're really that much *bigger*?! (・o・)


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