~Todays’ arrivals…

(*Sigh*…) here's Kindai's final issue…it feels so odd to just say that~ (;´□`) but so *wonderful* that C-ute got the final cover!!! \(^o^)/☆ And there's a few surprises inside as I hope to have some scans to share hopefully within the week as well as with C-ute's "Alo-Hello!" shot here in Hawaii~ and the latest issue of UTB~!

Hmmm…I'm a bit hesitant to open up the sealing on Momusu's latest single "Kimagure Princess" (._.;)! as I'm a bit worried that this may be the very first single by them that I'm not going to like? (*´艸`)!!While I'm yet to hear a single note or vocal from this single I've just been reading a lot of not so good thoughts on it so I'm very hesitant to listen as their singles stare at me from across the room……

And Yay~! a complete pv collection from Arashi♥ is finally here~!!! o(*´∀`)o゛So many awesome pvs that we can finally watch whenever we want too♥~! I haven't watched "Sakura sake" in such a long time…(´⌒`。)!!So many pvs♥ here to love so I think I'll just play them over and over until someone♥ makes me stop!!…(^q^)!! If you don't hear from me for awhile you now know what happened…..(。ーωー。)!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to ~Todays’ arrivals…

  1. paul.thomas says:

    HUH!? Kindai final issue?! I hadn't realised! Damn, I'll have to make sure to pop down to the Japan Centre a little later today and see if they still have copies of it in stock….and I wonder if they'll have UTB in or not? The first issue without my subscription, I hope they realise that i still want it but just can't afford paying for a year up front lol.


  2. denadel says:

    So you finally got the MM single. I am excited to hear your thoughts about it!


  3. mousoufest says:

    Yay! Having stuff arrive safely is always great.
    Now you can see the animation film of Arashi as superheros! 😀


  4. J-pyon says:

    I got the final issue of Kindai as well 64 years of being around is a very impressive feat for any publication. I am also glad C-ute are on the cover as well consider it a fitting end for Erika Umedas career with C-ute.


  5. matsuzy says:

    uwah arashi~ i havent gotten mine yet.. :(( good thing there's no limited edition ne so there's still stock! 🙂


  6. I was so surprised to when I first heard this was their very last issue and it's truly amazing how long this publication has been around!!…that too I wasn't aware of and when the cover says: 64 years it's just wow~! A~h I wasn't aware that subscriptions to UTB needed to be for an entire year?!! 😮 I hope you were able to find both at the Japan Centre~! With C-ute on their final cover I think it's definitely a must have for you especially since Ume is there~ (*´∀`*)。They still sit sealed waiting for me…(u_u*) I will listen today for the very first time but I don't think I'll have time to post any thoughts until maybe tomorrow as I got home from work really late today (;´□`) and I'm only now able to begin replying to I think 26? messages….


  7. Hi denadel~..hopefully I'll be able to post on "Kimagure Princess" tomorrow or on Saturday…today's just been so busy (ノロ≦。)!and I only have time to reply to messages~ ^ ^。


  8. Hmm…I was thinking about having an Arashi♥ pv post~ here but it may take some time I think to prepare and yay~! I'm really excited to watch their animated version!!! (*´∀`*)


  9. I think they really did so well with their final issue…so many articles ne~ and of course with C-ute on the cover it's really a sweet♥ issue~! (*´∀`*) A~h so happy you collect Kindai too..I'll miss it so much as it's really been one of the most unique publications in that they cover so much of both male and female artists/idols and I was sooo amazed when I saw they they've been releasing issues for so long!!! U~n! 64 years so *amazing*!! \(^o^)/☆


  10. I think you'll be okay with the Kimagure Princess single~ I actually like it a lot — it harkens back to the earlier 3rd Gen days with the goofiness of Love Machine and Koi no Dance Site.


  11. So so so true~! Whenever I see an artist newsmail either late at night or early in the morning I'm always so frightened that if it's a new Arashi♥ LE it may be sold out already…I read 'out of print' and then cry (;´□`)!This happened for "My Girl" so I rushed over to YesAsia and ahhhhh they still had it available for order..so so worried though ne~ (・д・`*)!!I purchased two copies as I wanted to give one away later…^ ^。


  12. A~h it sounds like Tsunku is going back to his early musical creativeness?…okay I think you've just convinced me buy saying that Kamei♥ is performing the lead vocals~?!! I'm so so happy for her!!! She's so much the most *adorable* in Momusu I think~! o(*´∀`)o゛I just thought of when I very first heard "Chokotto Love" when it was released….at first I was like E~h?! nani kore? (・д・`*)。。。but after playing it again I was so in love with it's oddness and it's just so catchy ne and original in every way~ ^ ^。


  13. matsuzy says:

    wee~ is there's going to be any contest for it? i'd be sure to watch out for it.. *wink wink* XDD lol..


  14. A~h! I'm so sorry (._.;) I meant I'll be giving away Arashi's "5×10 all the best" DVD~…I ordered an extra copy for a Christmas♥giveaway~ ^ ^。


  15. matsuzy says:

    oh haha.. i thought it was for my girl.. XDD


  16. Gomen ne~ I wrote that so confusingly (._.;)….a~h "My Girl" is still in shipping…maybe somewhere over the ocean??


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