Hello! Project Fall concert T-Shirts♥~!

I was really happy (pun maybe intended (*´艸`)!) with so many of the happy/*Smile* T-shirt designs~ from the latest H!P concert tours~!! (*´∀`*)。。。。。so the real dilemma came from which ones to choose??? (・c_・;)?Colors are important so that was one consideration but more importantly which members to choose as I was only allowing myself two member shirts from these releases~ (人∀`*)。

I really wanted two group shirts for sure…those being Momusu's and C-ute's and I really really so *adore* those happy face icons for each member on Momusu's…so so cute too!! as you first guess which belongs to each member from the front and then on the back of Momusu's shirt are the complete list of member's names next to their happy (^o^)'s~! Sort of like answers???…..maybe my imagination is much too strange~…(^q^)!

I ended up choosing Koha♥chan's solo T-shirt set and it really became an easy decision as this is perhaps her very last T-shirt set as a member of  H!P…(;´□`)!!!This most likely will never be worn as it's rather like a last collector's item from one of Momusu's most *adorable* members~ and definitely their most energetic!!! っo(*´∀`)o! Momusu's included a nine photo set while Koha♥chan's came with a two photo set (always ♥ the fighting pose~!!!) as well as a cute wristband which also bears her happy face icon~♥ ^ ^。

Here are the accompanying photos…in order♥:

Koha♥chan's is my favorite♥ in this set as she's so *adorable* here showing which smiley♥ is hers~! ( ̄▽ ̄)

…and Koha♥chan's set:

Fighto~ pose~♥!!

C-ute's latest concert T-shirt set includes six member photos and their "Cutie Jump" tour logo~ all in a sort of army green?….and I'm just happy to have one last Ume photo from her final tour with C-ute..I can't believe she's graduated already (;´□`)。。。while Manoeri's was so much a must have as not only do I love red but it's also her debut solo concert T-shirt set~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥!Manoeri's also includes two photos as well as a name wristband~. The piano silhouette jumped at me from when I very first saw Manoeri's design and it's so so so so so so perfect!!! Her girl next door idol image + piano♥ = pure ~♥~! o(*´∀`)o゛。

Here are the accompanying member photos…once again in order♥:

…and Manoeri's set:

(Fighto~! pose♥!)

Minna *kawaii* ne~♥!

^ ^。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to Hello! Project Fall concert T-Shirts♥~!

  1. paul.thomas says:

    So jealous! I've been looking at that group C-ute tshirt for weeks thinking how much I want one but I just haven't managed to get myself enough cash for it 😦 I really (really) like the design of it, I'm finding lately that C-ute's shirt design although generally simple really do look the best.Mmm and the nine smile shirt, my fingers are still crossed that I'll be getting at least one of them. Damn it! Why do I have to buy things like furniture XD


  2. The simplicity is really wonderful ne~…and I really love the darker green color which I'm calling 'Army green'..I hope that's right~! XD A~h furniture shopping♥ though is much much more important ne~ but I too would ponder sleeping on the floor…hmm I already do that though (人∀`*) (futon♥) to have the shirt…(^q^)! The smileys are the cutest!!!…the shirt's quite large for me though so I may just sleep in it~ ( 」´0`)」Someone…I won't mention any names (ノロ≦。)!sort of forgot to bring your package this past weekend….so I'm still waiting but there's a promise to bring it this weekend instead ^ ^。


  3. paul.thomas says:

    Yea, the green is a really nice colour, sometimes it's nice to wear slightly darker colours rather than the usual brightness that is H!P shirts.


  4. W~ah! you're still awake?!! lol I know I always say this to you whenever you're online so late!…(^q^)! Wow so awesome~!! and it was loud like a rock concert?!! Paris….so lucky to were able to go~!! I'm so jealous!! (人∀`*) I hope you have the best of weekends although as you say it'll be very difficult to top seeing Hangry & Angry live~!! I noticed that Rikachan is releasing I think a idol type DVD on the 6th of January??? ^ ^。


  5. Shirow says:

    That C-ute 'Jump' T-shirt looks like a fire safety sign, or like its telling someone to jump off something, quite bizarre don't you think? 😮


  6. A~h! I thought the running figure was *cute*!…..oh no Shirow no I'm thinking it is a sign for something odd~ (._.;)! The color is really awesome though…but now…..poor running/jumping figure~ (´⌒`。)


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