Happy Halloween!!….it’s the scariest places to eat top 10~! (゜Д゜;)

Surely some of these must be just lost in translation (・_・);。。。and it being Halloween I just thought that these would be a bit of fun~…(^q^)! I'm also thinking that surely someone visiting may have visited one of these eateries and I'm sure all of their dishes must be *wonderful*~…..it's just that………

(Some are a bit well….um adult like in theme so if you're a younger visitor you may want to not view these.)


At #10 is "The Golden Stool"…..I'm sure it's truly just a place to *sit*~ but something is still a bit disturbing here with this locale's name! (・_・)


At #9….well we seem to be developing sort of an early theme here…(^q^)! But as long as "it's* happy~! \(^o^)/☆


At #8…not really sure of what to expect on this menu!!…but I guess it'll involve a lot of chewing?….wait that's just odd though and why would they be serving *those*??? ( ̄O ̄*)!!


Okay I'm sure this must mean something else!!! at #7……but if you primarily read and speak in English then it becomes quite frightening!!!! (・д・`*)


At #6…A~h! this is rather rude ne!! (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓Okay I know this surely means something else but it's Halloween and this still scares me!! Their menu must be really carb heavy?!! (;´□`)


At #5…um…..well I don't know quite what to say here………but who would think up such a name for their place?!! (・_・)


At #4 this one's really omg! Does Indian cuisine really include "eating" a part of us?!! Must be expensive *dining* here I think~! (*´艸`)


At #3…there are really way too many words here in this sign which should never be included together in one advertisement for eating!! Ever!! Never!! Ever!! (゜Д゜;)


Wa~h! at #2 hmm……if one could really do both at the same time I wonder??? This one's intriguing I mean…well um…..there must be some really amazing things on the menu to be able to do this!! Some girls take awhile I'm told but not me so I guess I'll just be having a little entree here…..I won't say anything more (。ーωー。)。。。

…and at #1! is……

…..talk about being straightforward with your signage!!! ( ̄O ̄*) omg this just better not be the very first time that one is eating here! This is so not a first date♥ type of lunch or dinner!! I think I'll eat here after I'm married~♥。。。(。ーωー。)!Sorry that's just raunchy (*>ω<)。。okay kidding!!

…..and remember to never drink and fly or let friends drink and fly~! Happy Halloween minnasan~! ^ ^

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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19 Responses to Happy Halloween!!….it’s the scariest places to eat top 10~! (゜Д゜;)

  1. anninjapan says:

    these are funny!! 😉
    your pix in the earlier posts are soooo cute too!
    i see a girl that looks similar to you on TV here sometimes..
    but it could not be you. since you are sooo far in another land.


  2. CK says:

    very funny! On that note, there is a restaurant in the neighborhood i work in that serves Cumin Dressing, but for some odd reason on the menu board there is a space in the middle of Cumin, between the "n" and the "i"Needless to say, i stay away from their salads


  3. Guldari says:

    Halloween Dayは 楽しく見えますね!それは西洋の羨ましい祭り中の一つです.私もカボチャを頭に被りたいです!MBさんも何か恐ろしい変装をしましたか?あそこにある場所たちは, 私もいつか必ず行って見たいです.


  4. Sofia says:

    Ha hahah! Who on earth names their diner to such names??? Honestly they must not have been thinking much at all..or perhaps to much. Oh well no matter how much they thought or didn't think it's certainly a frightening (and funny) list.


  5. xmangerm says:

    Thanks for the entertainment.


  6. Slasha says:

    Thanks for the funny Halloween pictures. I looked at them while I gave out candy last night and they made me laugh…I almost scared the kids XD .


  7. My father sent me these so with Halloween I thought that it would be a bit of fun to write about them in a bit of a different light~…(^q^)! A~h…it would be amazing if I could look like a celebrity!!…although I know I so don't (;´□`)。。。recently my new beautician thought that I was a tourist from Japan~ so maybe I do have a resemblance..just a little. You're much too *kind*~…me so unworthy~! (._.;)


  8. Hi CK~! I hope…well I know you must be having the most fun time in Japan right now~! (*´∀`*)。。。lol that's so so funny..scary funny!! (・д・`*)!Is there really such a dressing???…omg such an odd name to have!! I would say more about *** but I think it'll be better shared in a PM~ (。ーωー。)。。。not that you'd want to know~ ^ ^。


  9. Alezra says:

    Hhahahha lol lol xD Omo that was really funny thank you for sharing hon 😀 That really cracked me up! xD LOLz ''Dont Drink And Fly'' xD
    Ohhhh it's been such a long time since i've commented on your blog! I've missed your blog and you ofcourse :3
    I'm kinda late but Happy Halloween! 😀 Did you dress up like something? I was a frog prince this year xD Hhaha
    My friends boyfriend didnt want to be her frog prince since she was a princess, so i was (what guy would want to dress up in green tights xD So i kinda' understand him) xD I didnt have any other ideas anywa xD Lol
    Big big hugs! ❤


  10. はい~毎年はあたしも楽しみです!(*´∀`*)!!あっ。。Halloweenは韓国にありませんですか?あっ!あたしが違いました。。。ごめんね~(*´艸`)。mmm。。。あたしのHalloweenの衣装はちょっと可愛いかも知れない。。。(。ーωー。)♥~。


  11. (^q^)….I was a bit hesitant as I so didn't want any of these to be offensive but hopefully humorous~ its just so unusual to have such names for restaurants :o! I know that pronunciations can be so different with their meanings all over the word but……..some of these are just E~h?!! (・д・`*)!like isn't "vagina" a vagina everywhere??? ぇええ〜ッΣ(゜ロ゜;ノ)ノ!?I'm so confused by their meanings here~!


  12. I *hope* you had a fun Halloween~! and that these made you smile~! ^ ^


  13. A~h I *hope* your Halloween~ was most fun and it's always so *cute* to see all of the creativity put into trick~or~treater's costumes….I did notice that with it falling on a weekend this year that so many more people were out…I mean even adults~…(^q^)! I'm happy these made you smile too~ ( ̄▽ ̄)


  14. Hi Alezra~! o(*´∀`)o゛so *happy* you laughed at these too…(^q^)! I hope you are well and most genki~! Happy Halloween~! U~n I did dress up a bit for Halloween…I was thinking *cute* more than scary but it was really fun as I was able to take my niece and some of her friends trick~or~treating. Aww that's so *sweet* of you~! and really cute to dress up for your friend ^ ^!A~h that may have been awkward for him I wonder! A~h! *hugs*~♥ ^ ^。


  15. denadel says:

    Haha, great post. Its amazing how wrong signs can get xD


  16. I'm *happy* these made you laugh…(^q^)! Some of these eateries' names are just so so so so strange though ne~! (・д・`*)


  17. Sofia says:

    I don't think they're offensive, I think everyone gets that it's suppose to be funny. You're so rigth! When I read some of them I was like "what the H*LL were they thinking?!"…Yeah, it should be the same everywhere, it really is a confusing thing to include that in a name…Eh..


  18. U~n! (*´∀`*) I'm so so glad~!! I wonder what it would be like to eat there….it'll be like…..I'm eating in a place with the word vagina in its name (・_・);!!


  19. Sofia says:

    ^_^ Right! It would be a little strange I think…I mean I wouldn't be able to let go of that strange name…and eating with that in my mind…Ehhhh, not so good I think.


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