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平野綾♥ スピード☆スター♪♪

Hirano♥Aya in "Speed☆Star"… Hirano♥Aya "Speed Star" (first press edition) …for more Hirano♥Aya *gushing* ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!♥ please click here♥! ^ ^ 。。。I meant music♪♪ loving~♥ (。ーωー。)。。the main post~ is near the bottom though ^ ^。And I apologize so much as I've only replaced the … Continue reading

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~Dreaming of a DS? Please help!!

Now playing with a friend’s DS just after returning from work/more shopping~♥!! Black Friday?!! much too wild for me to stay out though (ノロ≦。)!!!….currently “multitasking?” as I’m (半身浴中♪。。。) in a “half bath” position~♪♪ while playing~ (。ーωー。)笑。However being most very very … Continue reading

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Hangry & angry’s “Sadistic Dance” ~♪♪ !

Hangry & Angry "Sadistic Dance"… Hangry & Angry "Sadistic Dance" LE lunch box… Something deliciously dark..this way comes! ^ ^ わぁーいo(*´∀`)o゛。。。gotta love those little plushies~! even if they're so menacing in a cute way~!….and I wonder if there's really one of … Continue reading

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Tonight the weather is ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)>ヽ`、ヽ!!! Spending Thanksgiving with family♥. So much rain~!  !  !  Tonight my internet connection has been bad….still is so much (;´□`)! I wanted so much to post a new album to share but it’s not to … Continue reading

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~Why I so won’t be eating any pumpkin pie this year~!!!! (ノロ≦。)!!!

Okay, …this actually is a bit early as Thanksgiving isn't quite here yet~ (人∀`*)。 It's just that…. ..when something is this disturbing and the public's safety depends on it~…. …….*sharing* early is better than later ne~! っo(*´∀`)o! Hmm…well truth be … Continue reading

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~Race♥ results for Aichan’s “私” giveaway~ (final drawing pending…^ ^)

高橋愛最新写真集。。”私”。 Aichan♥ in "私"… Okay~! these are the preliminary results as the two top finishing *fantasy* teams will go onto a final one time drawing~ which CK♥ has so sweetly agreed to do for me once again~ o(*´∀`)o゛! So many … Continue reading

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Minnasan~, Gomen ne~…I've been rather delinquent with PMs and comments recently getting so far behind…(._.;)! This week's work schedule is now up to a 2 am start time~!! (ノロ≦。)!!!Only temporary though… Meaning…'s only just past 6 pm but it's already way … Continue reading

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OMG!!! four in a row?!!! \(^o^)/☆

J.J♥!!!! ヾ(^∇^) #48♥♥♥ Superman!!!!(Mark named him~!!!!) (人∀`*)♥!!!! ~パンダも嬉しい!!!! ~Congratulations Jimmie♥ on being the first with four in a row~!!!!~ You rock my world~!♥♥♥♥ o(*´∀`)o゛ Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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本とに好きなお友達!o(*´∀`)o゛♥ 。。。あっ! あたしの家に、可愛いお友達が来たんだ!! 実は。。。彼が、bf♥からのプレゼントです~!o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥ 本と本とに。。すごくすごく~!可愛いでしょうね~! さ~、サンタさんはちょっとちじまってなりましたか?!(・o・)↓↓↓ (。ーωー。)笑  あっ!サンタさんは。。。高くない?!(・o・)   Read and post comments

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~Ito Yuna “Let it Go”…

Ito Yuna in "Let it Go"…♥ …Yunachan~ always so *gorgeous*! (*´∀`*) The styling of "Let it Go"~…美しい。。 Ito Yuna Ito Yuna "Let it Go" first press release~… From sweeping♥ballads…to powerful dance tracks~, Ito Yuna has so much variety in her … Continue reading

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