Still undecided on a Hello! Project calendar for 2010?…this may help. ^ ^

One most notable change to this year’s designs are that the familiar metal clasp that was used to keep all of the calendar’s pages binded together atop has now been replaced by a much wider cardboard~. What this means is that if you had been like I have…folding each month over without removing them in an attempt to preserve these calendars, the larger cardboard top will cause each month to crease much lower down into each page which isn’t very good so perhaps now removing them completely after each month expires may be for the best~. What’s nice now though is that in removing each month the task is much much easier as they’re clearly perforated atop right aside of the cardboard tops. =) ….so no more trying to cut them across with a razor which will make anyone nervous I think~!

In replacing 2009’s calendars at the end of the year I’m still finding that I have 4 areas available to display these full sized wall calendars……so it encouraged me to once again not hold back in getting each of H!P’s 3 main group’s calendars for 2010 (*´∀`*)!I was also most tempted to purchase Manoeri’s but in the end I decided on getting Hirano♥Aya’s instead~^ ^。Most of this years calendars range in price from 2200 yen ~ 2500 yen.

2010 Japanese calendars can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Please return to the top to vote for your favorite design for 2010~…..

Berryz Koubou’s theme for 2010 is shigoto….or careers I should say?…work~. =) From a moving company, fast food, flower shop, beauty & salon, record shop♥ to bakery~ the members are grouped into pairings of two or three per calendar page but what I always seem to find to be the best shots are the ones which include the entire group together and besides this year’s cover, the final extra page which isn’t marked by a month is once again the prettiest I think to display~ o(*´∀`)o゛!It’s quite a change from last years too in that 2010 for BK really has gone cartoonish in a way rather than showing them in the ambiance of the outdoors~.









C-ute’s 2010 theme is sports~ and I really love that UFI made the effort to present the members in those atmospheres rather than color in backgrounds which I’m sure is most likely less costly to their budgets but there’s definitely a much warmer feel with truer images~. The themes include everything from skiing to lacrosse to karate to volleyball to baseball to ballet~ and you have to love each member’s outfits as they’re so so *cute* (*´∀`*)!!I am saddened to see that Ume wasn’t part of this calendar but with her graduation coming this year it’s totally understandable….still it may take me awhile to get used to 5nin C-ute♥~! They’re all looking so grown up here too….*kawaii*~! Once again the extra last page is pure ~♥~!! If removed you could totally make a pretty poster out of it ^ ^!This calendar makes me really miss H!P’s annual sports festivals~ (;´□`)!!









Momusu I think has once again provided fans with the most desirable calendar…and really who could resist Santa♥Kamei?…(^q^)!! Also the absolutely gorgeous cover is is given another image on the final extra page and just like last year’s extra photo I so would want to have this framed and hung up if only there were more room (ノロ≦。)!something that’s sadly no where to be found for me…(._.;)! These overhead shots are always so beautiful and really Momusu’s entire calendar has a sweet♥ candidness to it and once again I love that it was shot out of a studio’s confines in rooms and the scenic outdoors~. I’m also most *happy*! to see Kohachan♥ present!! ^ ^。










A~h while Hirano♥Aya isn’t related to H!P….her 2010 calendar is so so so *adorable*!! All photos are off shots from her “Girlfriend” shashinshuu~♥ which was part of a giveaway a short while back, Cho~kawaii ne~♥!








Please also vote for your favorite♥ H!P 2010 calendar…yoroshiku onegaishimasu~! ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to Still undecided on a Hello! Project calendar for 2010?…this may help. ^ ^

  1. Guldari says:

    私はBerryz工房に投票した.みんな きれいだね!私はやっぱりモモが一番よし!可愛い~~~~~


  2. 投票のことを、ありがとうごじます!o(*´∀`)o゛う~ん!すべての写真が本とに綺麗ですね~!!いつも、ももはちょ可愛い!今年のハロプロのカレンダーを買っていますか?


  3. Zush says:

    [ciò è buono]


  4. paul.thomas says:

    Damn, I was so sure I was going to get a C-ute calendar this year, but after seeing the Berryz one I want to get that one now… although I may just end up getting the C-ute one, that lacrosse shot is awesome, I'd have trouble moving it to the other months though lol


  5. Guldari says:

    事実は, 買うことができなかった.私はまだ未成年者なので, 何かを注文するとかする時はご両親の許諾を引き受けなければならない.高等学校を卒業しておとなになればさまざまなハロプロ関連グッツを買いたい.特に, 写真集とカレンダを買いたい!


  6. Hi Zush~It's really true that in the past Momusu's calendars in particular were designed with much more of an impact~…theirs is still very *pretty* this year to I think but there really is a cartoonish look to BK's and I'm always wishing for more complete monthly group photos rather than pairings~. Still a *cuteness* to them I think but I can totally understand your feelings with this year's designs~. ^ ^


  7. I really love group shots too and especially in calendars as everyone is on your wall without you needing to switch between months~…and I so do that too as if I have a most favorite♥ page I'll keep it there and sometimes for several months…(^q^)! It's sort of odd though when it's been November and December as I then have the very end of the year up way too early!!! (*´艸`) The lacrosse photos do look great and now I'm just curious which you'll choose…^ ^!I also received a call today about a package arriving for me from the "royal mail?"….doki doki~! I'm so excited!!


  8. 時々Guldariくんの年は忘れています。。(._.;)!ごめんね。う~ん!その時に、卒業してから。。たくさんハロプログッツ買いましょうね~!(*´∀`*)。


  9. paul.thomas says:

    I'm still unsure, hopefully it won't be decided by what's still in stock XDI think overall I prefer the Berryz Calendar the cartoon look and feel is awesome, but there's some really great shots of C-ute in there's, and I have been after one of there's a few years now and now it's two members down 😥


  10. A~h! I hope they're all still available! ^ ^ I know that C-ute's not the same without Ume♥ but still there's Nakki♥~! and um…..Maimichan♥? Sorry I'm over influencing~ (。ーωー。)!And after the year's over you could really use so many of the months as posters♥ too! (*´∀`*)Our postal service is too having a bad time right now with so many closing and shorter hours being implemented =(. I think my brother is visiting this weekend so I must keep reminding him to not forget your parcel (・д・`*)。。。since you've moved is your address the same as the one that I have? Christmas♥ is so soon ne~ and I have a little something for you that I hope you love o(*´∀`)o゛!


  11. paul.thomas says:

    Well you're right there's always Nakki and I'm really growing to love Chisato lately, and the karate/judo (which ever it is lol) looks like a good one as well… hmm so tough!


  12. Hmm……a~h! you have a lot of wall space ne~? Okay I'm sorry …(^q^)! C-ute vs. BK….hmmm………omg! ah! gomen nasai~! Please don't hate hate me!! (ノロ≦。)!Oh it's a good thing that I asked or someone else in Britain would be wondering…who's this most endeared Paul and why has this strange girl sent me these?…(^q^)!


  13. I forgot to say so sorry I did receive your last e-mail but so much has taken me away from the internet recently (;´□`)。 I promise to respond soon~! Gomen nasai (._.;).


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