Late night Nocchi♥ rant~…

Well it's not actually late here…only just before 9 pm (。ーωー。) 。。。but seeing a Nocchi clip at Craig'z has got me once again wondering why oh why if you were in management at UFI would you ever decide to let go of one of the most most cutest and most most *adorable* idols in the world who's such a natural (ノロ≦。)!True she may still be under their agency but she's been graduated from H!P which is well (;´□`)!!!

It's just wonderful to see her being active now but had H!P chosen to keep her~ well imagine the possibilities…..

Momusu is losing Kohachan♥ (;´□`)!but no need for another audition when you'd still have had um Nocchi♥~! C-ute is losing two members this year (;´□`)!but with a quick Nocchi♥ remedy all would be right with the world again~ \(^o^)/☆。Manoeri♥ is the girl next door idol perfection* and so could have been Nocchi♥~! New shuffle groups roaming loose in Tsunku's head….think Nocchi♥! ( ̄▽ ̄)!World hunger…Nocchi♥~! World *peace*…Nocchi♥~! Okay I will stop now…(._.;).

….even the back of Nocchi's♥ head is *adorable* そうでしょうね。。(。ーωー。)!!

So *happy* that Nocchi's still working on projects that she once did with other H!P members so that's really great! She's also debuted as a seiyuu (voice actress! (^o^)/!!) and this clip♥ ↓↓↓ this clip♥ that Craig found…I hope it's okay that I'm linking it here but it's so so so so so *adorable*!!! I think really beyond words….so I shall shut up now….really…….okay no more speaking….just watch okay I'll be quiet now。。。(*´艸`)。

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to Late night Nocchi♥ rant~…

  1. Risuzu says:

    With her personality, and one bit in the Ongaku Gatas DVD pamphlet where she seems to channel Inaba's spirit, I call her Mini-Inaba.<3


  2. A~h! that's so *cute*!! o(*´∀`)o゛So sad that both my Nocchi and Manoeri Ongaku Gatas clips are now gone~ (;´□`)。。。and she's so expressive ne~! I mean I was just watching this clip above the other day and not only does she carry herself so well but her energy and enthusiasm just impress so much~! There's also this little part where her voice dips down ↓↓ which is so *adorable*….hmm I guess we both have Nocchi♥ on the brain~ o(*´∀`)o゛。


  3. denadel says:

    Hi MB!Did you know arisa noto released a mini album a few weeks ago?I recently found out, it came out of the blue. It is called "NO NIGHT EDEN".Listening to it now, it sounds ok. Her voice isnt the best, but the songs are nice (the one sI have heard so far).


  4. Wow~!! this is amazing news!!! I hadn't heard that Nocchi♥ released a CD of her very own~ o(*´∀`)o゛ I've only heard of her recent seiyuu releases with anime and I so so want to hear her album!!! I hope it's available as a major release so that it'll be on online music store sites~ ^ ^。Thank you~* so much denadel!! I'm going to look for her album now…I so so *adore* Nocchi and even if her vocals aren't the strongest I think I'll still love it so much (*´∀`*)。


  5. denadel says:

    I didntknow this either, but i found a comment by chance and thought it sounded interesting. Which then led to another comment about an album!


  6. I've been trying to see if it can be purchased at her official blog but it appears that you could only purchase it at an event which passed a few weeks ago? Sadly nothing on auctions either and Nocchi♥ even released a shashinshuu too~*. I may not be able to find them though as they may be too rare to find now I wonder (;´□`)。The covers look really *cute~* too and now I'm really sad….maybe I'll be able to find them later I hope ^ ^。


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