~Dust bunnies, bruises & Saturday’s unwanted cleavage photos…(ノロ≦。)!~


*Thank you* for everyone’s well wishes as my burn is now nearly almost completely vanished~ o(*´∀`)o゛Your words of encouragement mean so much to me~! arigatou gozaimasu! ♥

Yesterday I was visiting with one of my cousins and one of my most favorite♥ nieces~…she wears socks all day long while indoors it seems so she doesn’t seem to notice…….w~ah! there seems to be some accumulation of thingies on her bedroom floor! (・д・`*) which she isn’t aware of? Hmm…..but my cousin says that she sometimes refuses to clean her room properly so in an attempt to encourage her to be much neater~……I did a bit of lint rolling along her floor…….




A~h! hair….dust…and some of them were large enough to be categorized as true “bunnies” I think! (ノロ≦。)!

So now she’s cleaning her room much more….or was she only cleaning until I left I wonder?? ( ┰_┰) We have carpet and tile flooring and while my cousin’s floors are all wooden…I think that daily cleaning is necessary and especially if you own any pets♥~! ^ ^ There were some photos taken by my niece as she was watching me roll away at her bedroom floor~…well photos of what little cleavage I have and at that angle it’s so not good~! (*´艸`)!She can be so rascally sometimes~!!!…(^q^)…and I’m wondering where does she get this from~. ???

Mmm…speaking of cleavage I still remember when I first discovered the push up bra~♥! it was a very let’s say exciting day for me and my body~ but then I also remember that later that same year when Christmas arrived a few guy friends pitched in together to give me a Christmas present….

….(sigh…) it turned out to be a custom designed T-shirt which had one of the those street warning signs on it with text that read something like:……“WARNING! OBJECTS HEREIN MAY APPEAR MUCH LARGER THAN THEY ACTUALLY ARE!” (;´□`)!!!。。。。。

。。hmm…what ever happened to that T-shirt I wonder??……

….oh~! that’s right the kittens needed something soft to lie on then!…..(。ーωー。)!

I know you really don’t want to see my very pale legs again so I’m refraining from showing you the new bruise that I’ve gotten also yesterday while visiting with my cousin, her husband and rascally♥ niece~! Like us they also have cats who stay indoors always…..so while I was walking into their living room one of their cats quickly darted in front of me just as I was stepping forward and in that instant I really thought that I may accidentally step on her (・д・`*)!so I tried to quickly step in another direction but as I’m not really the most agile person you’ll meet…….I ended up Yay~! missing their cat but Ugh~! I sort of tripped over myself (that’s how it was carefully described to me~! :P) and fell onto my cousins little exercise thingie~……(´⌒`。)。。。。。

。。。。and I bruise so so easily that even by bumping softly into something I’ve gotten bruises in the past….those that I don’t even realize that I’ve gotten until I’m taking a shower later and I’m like e~h?! how did that happen? (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ 。。。

….so now I have this really awful looking bruise which is shaped really oddly on my upper thigh really near to where I was just burned~….so that was my weekend~ and I’m sure everyone had a much better one than I did ne~ ^ ^。


your tiny, clumsy friend♥ (^q^).

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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21 Responses to ~Dust bunnies, bruises & Saturday’s unwanted cleavage photos…(ノロ≦。)!~

  1. aww ~ hope those bruises will go away fast. Juz do warm compress daily. I got a bruise as big as plate when i was into vehicular accident 2 yrs ago which was really ugly >_< .. And like u, i also bruise so easily that even my skin hit something even softly. Still, it has been a great weekend visiting ur relatives ^_^ I had a great one!


  2. Oh no that's so scary!! and I hope you weren't injured in any other way. =( W~ah that's such a large bruise…I think I would have fainted if I had a bruise that large. It doesn't hurt very much unless I press against it but it doesn't look very nice right now…..thank you for your remedy~ and I've been keeping a compress on it as much as possible. Hmm..just while at work it's not really possible for me to treat it properly but as soon as I got home I immediately began with a warm compress again~. =) Hai~ it was a really fun day and weekend~….I just sort of got a little blue when I reached home and my new bruise looked so awful but everything was fun~! I'm *happy* that you had a wonderful weekend too~! A~h now it's back to work. ^ ^


  3. Thank you ^_^. It surely was such a large bruise over my thigh ~ it was only noticed on the 2nd day in hospital and we often made fun out of it cause only that male nurse doing the warm and cold compress, and my friend always teased him lol. But sure it was really painful, looking at it from black to green , it's really ugly. But i'm so thankful i only got bruises and few wounds and no serious injuries. But u know, the fear is there ~ they had to scan my whole body, especially my head. Fortunately, everything is well.Thanks a Lot ! and hope bruise will be gone ~ it won't take long tym, so dun worry ^_^


  4. A~h you had a male nurse helping you with your compress~ (*´∀`*) but I can't even imagine having a bruise that size anywhere on my body (;´□`)。。。and yours was from such an awful and scary accident so it's so much more painful I imagine. I'm so happy to know that you weren't seriously injured anywhere else but I imagine it must be so traumatic to go through something like this….I think there would be anxiety getting into a car again. Just happy that you recovered fully~. *Thank you* so much ne~! o(*´∀`)o゛。。。my bf♥ wasn't with me for one day and he wonders how I can be so accident prone while he's away…(ノロ≦。)!


  5. Yah ~ it was a male nurse… but i was behaved! It was just my friend always made fun of him. The Dr. gave me schedules to visit him for check-ups after i was discharged. I'm just so thankful that everything is well. It made me happy to know also, that lots of people do care♥ thru those lil ways of sending fruits n flowers, which am really so appreciative of. My bf and my father do checked on me time to time ( both not in the country) that made me feel so better, too. But I always get emotional when am being asked, I felt sow eak that i ended up crying. But then, I had to be strong.aww ~ that means he shud be with u all the time. ♥♥♥ Thanks a Lot ^-^


  6. Having such *wonderful* support through family and friends is so comforting and so sweet♥ that you received care baskets~♥ while you recovered o(*´∀`)o゛。A~h that's so sweet♥~ of your bf and father…it means so much when you're so vulnerable emotionally~…..I'm so happy that you had such wonderful support as everything must have been so difficult for you but these bonds really do help us to pull through in our weakest or darkest hours~. He was teasing…(^q^)!..I do rely on him so much I know and I just don't think that I've ever loved someone so much~! ^ ^


  7. Sofia says:

    Ah…cleaning. It's the most boring thing to do, I think (except doing dished, I hate that even more), but it's quite nessesairy if you want your home to be nice looking. And if you have pets, as you said, daily cleaning is a must. My floors (floor rather, as my home is only one room and a bathroom) are carpets…and they get really messy (dusty) very quickly for some reason (!). Hi hi…your niece is certainly a little rascal >_<
    Push up bra's hm…I never really wore on, since I don't actually need to make "objects appear larger than they are" ^o^…but my sister is a huge fan of them. They're really good ne..not to mention they're often very *cute*.
    I know about those "oooo I almost stepped on something and when I tried to avoid it I tripped" moments. I've done that a lot too, simply because I'm so preoccupied most of the time (not with important things though, just with random stupid-ness) and so I tend to miss stuff…and then discover them before I step on them. Hi hi…anyway…you're so not alone in being clumsy.


  8. Ah~! dishes scare me too?!!…well it's mostly from when I was younger when my brother and I would wait to see whom would do them if they really piled up~….(ノロ≦。)!We now have tile in our living room areas and hallway so it's usually swiffer time ^ ^!Cats do clean themselves but they shed so much fur it seems!! We still have carpets elsewhere so it's a bit unusual I know (u_u*). She was taking seemingly so many photos with her cell so…….I should have known! (._.;)! It's just a well…..not so good angle for me well I'm sure I need not say anymore! XDYou're soooooo lucky!!! \(^o^)/ I mean…I stand in front of the mirror thinking and doing this and that~…well I guess it just can't be helped with me! (;´□`) but I'm okay….just not as curvy as I quote one of my guy friends…as would be much better ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。He also said to me that…"it's false advertising…" but I then said to him that they're not for sale~….and especially not to him! :PIt's just that I know how uncoordinated I must have looked (*≧∀≦)。。。but I think they're already used to me so maybe it wasn't that bad? NO it was bad!! At first I didn't even realize how much I hurt myself as I was just too embarrassed as my initial reaction (*´艸`)!A~h I don't feel so alone…although I did once walk into stack of pallets in a warehouse while speaking to a co-worker (人∀`*)。。he was so cute though as he tried to act as if he didn't see….but then I must have had this look on my face…omg! that was not a very good day for me! XD


  9. Sofia says:

    Ha ha…piles of dishes, I can relate to that. An old classmate once said "I thought girls were neat"…>_<..but I guess I'm not so much. Ah, I have tile in my bathroom. Carpets are nice though, we have them in the stairs in my parents house and they're really comfortable to walk on. ^o^ it's always interesting to see photos other people took of you when you weren't quite ready…they don't always turn out so flattering.
    Yeah well sometimes I feel lucky about it, sometimes not so much. I guess we always want what we can't have ne. "False advertising" huh? he he, you're so right! They are not for sale!
    The more you tell me the more I feel that we are so alike in a lot of ways. I'm like that when I trip and fall too…I'm like getting up from the ground in a second, trying to pretend that nothing happened..and then a few seconds after that I realize that it really hurts. I could definitely walk into a stack of pallets too! My mind is so scattered a lot of the time and so I tend to not watch where I'm walking..I once walked straight into a 1 meter broad concrete pillar..That was not a good day for me!


  10. A~hh that's so unfair for him to say (ノロ≦。)!I sometimes miss our carpets but as long as our bedrooms still have them I'm most *happy*~. Tile is so much easier to clean though ne~! and thank goodness for the swiffer♥~! On some days my best friend♥! Oh no you're definitely lucky~…I mean they make clothes look so much nicer too I think and if they're natural you don't have to worry about 'false advertisement' ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。I would never get enhancements though…I just think that what you're given is how you were meant to be~ and I do have something♥ so I think it's okay~ ^ ^。That's always my first reaction and though….omg did anyone see?? and if they did how many people saw?? (・д・`*)!I have a few tiny scars which have faded a bit but are still there from being overly clumsy…(/∇\*)!


  11. Sofia says:

    Hi hi, a little unfair perhaps..but a little true too >_<. Carpets are nice but you're so right tiles are a lot easier to clean. And the swiffer really is my best friend too! ..some days too. I love it when it's clean, if it weren't so much work I would totally be a neat-freak.
    Thanks! ..I guess. Actually I am pretty happy about it the way it is, most days. I agree with you totally, the way we were born it's the way we're meant to be (more or less). And I think you're smart to not want enhancements, it's only un-naturally looking on most people (in my opinion).
    ^o^ Me too! Usually way to many people see, for some reason. I have some bruises and scars too…well I suppose we can see them as souvenirs of our pasts, or something like that.


  12. A~h you use them too? I'm so stupid when it comes to some products as I assume that they're only available here or in the U.S. (._.;)! You just swoosh and swoosh and it's all done~♥! =) A lot of my girlfriends say things about other girls when they think *things* aren't well…..natural? but while I do, well I honestly do look at other girls to see their physique I so try not to get body envy from it (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓That would just be bad and I do have *something* so I can be happy with myself I think. Still you're so lucky and omg I'm trying not to have body envy with you~! Gomen ne~ (*´艸`)。I hope it can be seen as character marks?….that we've experienced so much so early~. LOL okay I'm really trying to stretch my emotions when it comes to tiny scars……(^q^)!


  13. Sofia says:

    Hai I use them too…or at least something very similair to them (I'm not sure if it's exactly the same). Oh you're no stupid at all, I think it's difficult to know which products that's available all over the world and which aren't too.
    I try to not get to much body envy too…it's difficult sometimes because I suppose it's a case of everyon just wants what they don't have, but still I'm trying to be happy with what I have. Hi hi…I'm trying not to be envious of you in so many ways…we're all a little like that I guess ^_^
    Oh yeah there you have it! They're character marks! Well you should stretch the significance of your tiny scars, of course you should…I do too.


  14. We have dusters too now although the swiffer for our tiled floor is most useful for sure~..sorry I sometimes say things that make no sense (ノロ≦。)!Oh no but you're so lucky as you naturally have what so many of us want~…I know it's shameless for me to say but I've tried different types of bras or tops which seem to accent me a bit better….though it's still just little me inside (._.;). Hmm…I really don't think there's anything of me to be envious about…I'm short…a little strange (but hopefully in a cute way~! (^q^) )..clumsy and my physique is um….sort of average or at least that's the impression I've gotten from guys here with my bf♥ being the one and only exception as he says that I should never want to change a thing about me because the way that I am is what endears him to me. He's so sweet♥!! and at times I feel so undeserving of being with with o(*´∀`)o!I can tell friends who weren't there how I got them….just kidding I wouldn't make them up that way but the truth is usually me being overly clumsy so unless someone asks how I got one of them I not telling!!! (*´艸`)


  15. Sofia says:

    I get what you mean. On tiled floors, dusters kind of tend to just move everything around appose to actually catching it like a swiffer does. Oh you have nothing to apologize about, I do that too (a lot more often than you do).
    Hi hi..perhaps I am. And thanks dear…and also, I don't think that there is anything shameless in looking for clothes that accentuate things a little..it's the same as people (like me) wanting to buy clothes that makes them look slimmer. It all comes down to who we want ot present ourselves in our clothes. I'm jealous of the fact that you're as tiny as you are, I would want to look like that too…but I'm working on liking myself and I am..and for the record I do think that you're strange in a good way. And all the nice things your bf says are so true, you should never ever feel like you don't deserve being with him. You two really sound like a perfect couple.
    Hi hi…I'm the same. Unless someone's what "what the h*ll did you do…again?", I keep my mouth shut. >_<


  16. I may have a bit of a complex I think…just a little as I was teased in school for being so little (;´□`) and now that those birthdays are past I guess it's okay to say that I would sometimes *wish* for *them* to be bigger…so silly I know (._.;)! I am a bit bigger so maybe it did come true~? (人∀`*) Sorry this is an odd conversation ne~ (*´艸`)!I'm always looking up at everyone~….so funny I want to be taller….^ ^。Hmm…I still think you're much *luckier*~! for sure! (*´∀`*) He's just so sweet* to me always and I've just never been treated this way before by anyone~…aside from my mom♥ and dad♥~! XD …..lol what am I saying?!! But he really is and then I feel so undeserving…I love♥ him so much~!


  17. Sofia says:

    I understand fully about complexes…since I have boatloads of them myself >_<. It's not silly at all to wish for such things, I think we've all had such wishes more or less often (at least I know I have). Hi hi, you don't have to be sorry at all…I've had conversations that's hugely more strange that thisone…I used to want to be taller too..I'm only 162, 5 centimeters..because I look up at most people too, but nowdays I'm quite happy with my heigh. Better be a little "to short" than a little to tall I think (as I imagine it would be difficult with clothes and stuff). Well thanks dear, I guess I am lucky ^ ^ It's so sweet how much you really care for him and love him, I can tell in every word you write about him and I'm truly happy that you have found someone that's so good to you. You totally deserve it!


  18. I still can remember my brother saying to me really loudly…'why are you wearing a bra when you don't even have any boobs?' (;´□`)。。。that was so mean! but we were very much that way to one another when we were younger so everything's really so much different now….no more teasing and maybe just a little bit of arguing sometimes (。ーωー。)I guess seeing so many modes in magazines all being so tall with such long legs gives the impression that this is how we should look preferably?…I say no though and yay~! for us little women! \(^o^)/☆ I can't lie though as I really wanted to be much taller when I was younger~…now I'm happy to be tiny as my bf♥ says it makes me more *cuddly*~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥ We do have a very balanced relationship and I want to make him as happy as I possibly can…it's just that he's always so thoughtful and sweet♥ to me so I always feel at a loss (人∀`*)


  19. Sofia says:

    That is really mean! But I guess siblings are like that…there is no one in the world I can argue with like I do with my sisters. Although, just as with you and your brother, our relationship has changed now that we're all older ^_^
    I think you have a point there, absolutely. All those picture kind of screws with our heads and makes us think that we can be like that if we try really hard…when all of it is retuched and stretched and fixed into someone that's not even real. I so YAY for lille women too! …I can relate to wanting to be taller too, but as you said being little makes you a lot more cuddly. Hi hi….You and your bf really seem to have the best relationship, giving each other so much love and caring. I can see how much you care about him and love him, and if I can see that in just the words you write I'm sure he can too…and I'm absolutely certain that he thinks that you're just all those perfect things that you think of him…I'm blabbering, gome ne…I just want to say that the two of you seem prerfect together.


  20. What's not so funny is that he still brings it up when family gets together (;´□`) I just stare at him giving him a *look* (*>ω<)!but then I always laugh afterward as I'm really used to being made fun of so much~. I'm glad that siblings all grow out of that stage….so much happier now~ ^ ^。I'm now thinking Yay~ for men who love♥ little women~! \(^o^)/☆In so many ways I now think that we're really lucky to be so little~! *Thank you*~! you're so much the *sweetest*!!…I've just never felt so connected to another person this way before…I'm so not going to scare him away by saying….but I so want him to marry♥ me as I don't want to be with anyone else~ (*´∀`*)。He purchased for me some jewelry I think to…commemorate our love~ and our relationship hasn't reached an anniversary like I'm used to like with a year~…he's sending roses♥ for days like our one month anniversary…two months anniversary…or just to say "I Love You♥"…and I always feel so happy but yet so guilty~ because he's so wonderful to me always~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥!


  21. Sofia says:

    ^o^, well siblings are like that. They can annoy us and make fun of us a lot, but as long as you can laugh at it afterwards (as you said) it's okay. It's true that when you grow out of that stage though, it is a lot easier and happier..you're so right about that.
    Hai…Yay for men who love little women! Yeah, me too…nowdays I think that I'd much rather be short than very tall (which I think is a little difficult if you're a girl).*You're so welcome* You two have the most wonderful love and when I read all the sweet things he does for you I'm like "Awwww…he's so wonderful". I can understand that you want to marry him, really. If you've found someone that's that good to you, it's really worth hanging on to.


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