Dear “pv” what art thou?

There was a time when I thought of music promotional videos to be a means for artists/groups/record label to help grow their fan base by presenting themselves in a media which could be seen by many. That "promotional" truly meant to promote. A lot of this in me has sort of mixed feelings at the moment as most embedded pvs here are now unplayable empty shells…early this morning at 1 am I think, I received numerous notifications from YouTube indicating that what turned out to be all of Arashi's pvs were being removed but along with that everything else too as the account no longer exists.

The perhaps strange thing is that really I'm not saddened by the account no longer existing or its channel as I never really used YouTube as a place for socializing….what is affected though are many many posts here which utilized those clips for helping to present artists/groups in a better light in hopes that perhaps new fans could be attracted to them and ultimately be moved to purchase their releases~. The lone reason for opening that account was exclusively for means of embedding clips into posts to better help to support their music and personalities more clearly and hopefully more entertainingly.

Of course there is other media being utilized including photos, scans and audio clips…etc….but for some posts in particular so much was relying on the inclusion of those said pvs and I think much of these post's impact is ultimately lost in losing those visual accompaniments~.

A part of me wants to believe that in some at least little tiny way those pvs once helped to spread the love for those artists to others as I think that many times one may come across a clip just by chance one day~ but in hearing and seeing….a new musical obsession may begin♥~. Luckily I did have one last look at the channel last night….. Arashi has always garnered the most views of any artist I've shared with some clips exceeding 800,000 views in a relatively short period of time…and hopefully some where in those views…….just maybe a new fan or more were born~.

Yet it seems that I'm rather disillusioned when it comes to what a pv is intended for? H!P makes it a point to broadcast their pvs as early as possible through Dohhh UP! online which I think helps to create a genuine buzz and anticipation of their upcoming releases~…..and isn't that perhaps what a pv (promotional video) is intended for? H!P in general hasn't been active in removing their pvs even from outer independent sites but whether this is a blind nod or not numerous other musical entities do make it a point to remove any and all promotional material which I'm wondering is it not a contradiction to what a pv is meant to be by its very own definition? In the past channels like MTV (now there's so much reality t.v. there XD) I think were very much sought after by record labels/artists to broadcast their pvs as much as possible to help launch at times….new careers….comebacks…..and new singles~ but…..really what is a pv today if one doesn't want it shown to others in a media which can reach so many so quickly? An artist such as Marie♥Digby (listening♪♪~ right now o(*´∀`)o゛) had her career literally launched on the internet via YouTube by broadcasting her clips there freely~… helps to keep my faith in what a pv is truly is.

I do apologize so much for all of the empty embedded clips which now are spread throughout posts here…'s just too much of a daunting task to try to reproduce them all directly to VOX instead……happily some clips I've included are directly to VOX instead so those remain available to view but in the larger picture of things they are quite a minimum here verses those which are now gone~. All clips will now be included here directly to VOX and I do hope that these clips play okay for everyone wanting to view them~. I'm really sorry as so much of the experience is no doubt now lost in those earlier posts…..but perhaps wanting to help promote artists is now taboo in some eyes~ ( ┰_┰)。

I'd love to hear any thoughts anyone has if you'd like to *share* them here~…

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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9 Responses to Dear “pv” what art thou?

  1. Specktakus says:

    Sorry, that's quite a bit of work that's now lost. I believe most record/management companies still view Youtube PV's as more of a content control issue than a means of promotion (which seems shortsighted). I discovered H!P via Youtube in late 2005 and have purchased about 300 H!P CD/DVDs over the last four years. And I'm guessing that my story is not unique.


  2. Craig says:

    I think it's the creative act that is the most important thing. That is to say I think MAKING the song is more imprtant than the song itself when it's complete. The song is lovely like a flower but THE MAKING OF THE SONG is the tree that the flower bloomed from.
    With that said then the PV can be viewed as something like a vase… Hypothetically the same PV could be used for more than one song or even it could have no song at all. YouTube is like a building where you had a room and in your room you chose to house many many vases. People from all around the world came to view your collection… One day when you went out people who had been drinking a very intoxicating drink called POWER came in, trashed your collection and set fire to place!
    When you came back and saw your room had been destroyed you couldn't understand why anyone would want to destroy all your lovely vases…
    I want to say to you right now: Those people can't see past the blood in their own mind. Their bloody minds urge them to destroy. Your vases were their victims… The places where the videos were once embedded in your posts are now like shards of glass.
    HOWEVER your blog posts are lovely flowers but YOUR BLOGGING is the tree!


  3. Wow you're so wonderful to support the artists~! It's so true that our purchases help to keep them going too ne~ and I'm very *happy* to meet you! I'm still a bit numb right now I think…..over 260 clips now gone forever~ (;´□`)!Your words are so inspiring here~ really makes me want to believe that promoting artists with pvs really does make sense even if record companies don't agree with this thinking~. I hope there are many more fans that have grown to discover and love artists like you have through this type of media approach~ *thank you* what you've shared with me here means a lot~. ^ ^!


  4. Hi Craig,I can't even begin to say how much you've made me so *happy* with what you've said here~. I was really feeling down recently after this occurred but you've helped to lift my spirits* back up so much~! o(*´∀`)o゛It's just me trying so much to understand… write so poetically too~ I think! Your analogies really say so much to me and it really makes me happy to continue writing here~ ^ ^!I'm just so sad that if someone is new here and sees so many posts with empty pv links~…what will they think I wonder…it can't be good though to have so many missing pvs now but I think by using only VOX from now it should be okay I wonder? *Thank you* from my ♥ for being such a *wonderful* and thoughtful friend to me~…I cherish you~! o(*´∀`)o゛♥


  5. chocobliss says:

    @Spectakus~ I discovered H!P the same time in the same way.


  6. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    the recording industry is the most lucrative what it costs to produce an album vs the kind of profit that is gained from the sales of the music & related merchandise is so lopsided it's ridiculous that's the reason why it cracks me up that record labels want to so tightly control the dissemination of their mediaI agree that a degree of control is necessary to protect their financial stake in the production/promotion costs in the case of PVs it is very short-sighted for record companies NOT to see the benefit that a PV can have when seen in an unofficial forum ESPECIALLY when trying to reach markets outside of Japancase in pointI first saw a PV featuring the J Reggae recording artist PANG on youtube (unofficial upload)on my next trip to Tokyo while in Shibuya I bought EVERY SINGLE PANG album I could get my hands on at HMV & Tower Recordsin the case of PANG, AVEX has since set up their own youtube channelIt wouldn't be hard for other labels to do the same thing.I sometimes think to myself that MY MONEY MUST NOT BE GOOD ENOUGH for Japanese companies considering how hard it seems sometimes for me to get exposed to new things they offer for sale.In the case of music, I have mixed feelings. I agree that the illegal download of music is wack if you are planning not to support the artist. But in our case, being native English speaking fans of J Music I beleieve that downloading an album first to check it out before you buy is ok considering the ungodly pricetag associated with importing Japanese CDs.There were times when I threw money down the drain on a wack album, I have vowed to try & never do that again. Yes I'm thinking of you D-51 "Oneness" album that I bought for $35.


  7. I was so heartbroken to see everything just lost…I truly just wanted to show my favorite♥ artists in their best light and with the traffic on YouTube it seemed to be the best venue. I regret so much now though….maybe if those 260+ clips had been on VOX they would still be able to be experienced by potential new fans here I wonder? It encourages me so much to hear your personal experiences and thank you so much for expressing them. I was a bit hesitant to write this thinking that no one would care really….but with Tsujisan, Specktakus, Craig and Chocobliss I feel much better…I mean this so much♥. I still want to believe that even in this most tiny place here that I will be able tyo reach music lovers or culture lovers of music/Japan….but I can't lie as I'm still so much heartbroken by all that is now lost. It says so much that some artists now embrace media outlets like YouTube who can reach literally millions in such a short period of time….thank you so much for your posting here. For me and it's probably my very own fault for being so weak but for blogging this way so much of me is dependent on those that I meet♥ here. Thank you for being you and for being so open and expressive with me….it means so much….lol omg! you're probably thinking who is this overly clingly girl???!! (ノロ≦。)!I so agree~…..only if one is truly supportive of their favorite♥ artists than having a preview is okay…..but I think so many just download without thinking of their beloved artists? If not for those truly supporting them… would and artist survive?……this saddens me too very much. And OMG! I have sooooo many misses on purchases!! (;´□`)!!!CDs that well… will never be played again?…..most likely (。ーωー。)!


  8. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    It sucks that the clips are lost, you put a lot of care & effort into your blog posts (which is why love your blog btw).Regarding blogsWhen I think of quality I think MB!!!I'll continue to support you until the day when you finally decide to stop posting, even then this place is chock full of a backlog of posts I haven't read yet.For me this is almost like a Jpop resource/reference/historical catalog of sorts & I love it! You're like a knowledgeable friend who's opinion I respect about all things Japanese pop culture & entertainment related.(I have another friend who's a videogame otaku who I often talk to before making a videogame purchase, sooo you're like that except with Jpop LOL)Thanks for taking the time out of your everyday life to create this space!


  9. W~ah! I'm so unworthy really!!! (ノロ≦。)!You're so so much too kind to me!…you make me *smile* so much!! I'm sort of kooky when it comes to posts as I can be maybe overly obsessive sometimes I think? (人∀`*)I really hope that you'll find older posts too~…I once thought that everything here should be deleted when I'm no longer active here but it could remain like sort of an archive ne? There are of course those occasional random and very strange things that I write too…(^q^) so I'm sure if someone is new here much later on they may become most puzzled as to how strange I can be。。。 (。ーωー。)!Tsuji-san has made me *smile* so much o(*´∀`)o゛today~! You're so truly sweet♥ *thank you!~!


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