S/mileage indies 2nd single あすはデートなのに、今すぐ声が聞きたい

S/mileage are Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda Kanon & Ogawa Saki~.

Tsunku continues to compose♪♪~ such gems* for the H!P Eggs~! and following up their most awesome/catchy debut "aMa no Jaku" S/mileage has once again released such a well written, produced and performed single~.

Tsunku's 60's inspiration was running very high while he wrote "Asuwa date nano ni, imasugu koega kikitai" which means….asu (morning)…nano ni (has more than one usage but here it means "in spite of" or "even though")…..imasugu (right away, as soon as possible)….koe (voice)….and kikitai (want to hear; kiku is the stem form which means to listen;hear;ask)…which when put together has a meaning like…."Although we have a date tomorrow, (I) want to hear your voice right away…(or sooner)." And I think we've all experienced this *feeling* so much as even though we know we're going to see our loved♥ one very soon it's just not soon enough~. ^ ^

As of today October 14th there are still at least two copies of S/mileage's "Asuwa date nano ni, ima sugu koega kikitai" indies single still available at Ohta's eBay store~.

From dueling organ pitches and harpsichord (I just so love that distinct *plucked* sound that the harpsichord produces as its strings aren't struck as with a piano….and if you've seen the inside of a harpsichord it's really a fascinating instrument with an ingenious design) "Asu wa date nano ni, imasugu koega kikitai" is pure 60's love♥~ o(*´∀`)o゛and in some ways it can be envisioned as Bach meets~ The Beatles as there's a very Baroque era theme hovering over all of the twinkling psychedelic keyboard riffs which stream beside a most Paul McCartney like bouncy bassline assault~. And all of the Eggs sound so polished here and particularly in their ensemble vocals~….much of this song is very very reminiscent of the works in which Tsunku used to write for one of H!P's most beloved groups…Tanpopo♥~. They too were very much 60's inspired and when Tsunku's not busy composing the sounds of "pure" J-Pop untouched by Western or any other influences, I think here in this very genre of style he's so much at his very best~!! There's also a lot of very *cute* touches which seem to simulate those sounds of classic video games~ and they can be heard oh so clearly throughout although while listening to the karaoke version so much of this song's little *charms* can be so much better appreciated….so just in case you'd love to sing (*´∀`*)♪♪~。。。along I've included the karaoke version just below~. I'm so in love♥ with this single~!! ^ ^

The jacket photography and art direction actually do reflect so much in the classical sounds heard in this single~ and here all four Eggs look so *adorable* in their outfits as classic meets with a modern twist~♥!


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to S/mileage indies 2nd single あすはデートなのに、今すぐ声が聞きたい

  1. I had made that 2nd gen Tanpopo connection as well~ Although, 2nd gen Tanpopo didn't come up on my radar until long after they seemingly disbanded altogether.


  2. I love how Tsunku really made it a point to have Tanpopo in their two latter generations take on such a 60's like feeling and yes~ especially with their 2nd generation…all of their group lineups were so amazing I think!! A~h! I just realized that there was a pv too recently (._.;)…I saw a copy of it for sale on Japan Auctions but it was getting kind of pricey~! I think it's a special event V~ but I'm sort of hoping that H!P's annual release of "Pucchi Best" will have S/mileage's pvs~♥! It must be *kawaii!! ^ ^


  3. Ahh~~ I don't know how folks like you keep up with all the various releases. ^^;; Especially when they're limited runs. :\ I wish iTunes would just have them for sale — I'd just grab the digital copies in a heartbeat. After watching the H!P Kids concert (Berryz/C-ute '08), I have to say there's SUCH a difference in quality from watching the DVD versus youtube/dohhhup. *sigh*


  4. I hope with new sites like Japanfiles more becomes available sooner~ and it's really challenging to keep up with just H!P alone as they release so so many special and limited releases all the time…..FC ones especially are difficult to acquire if you don't act quickly enough and then they're sold out (;´□`)。I find here to be the best place to keep track of H!P♥ as they're just so busy ne~ and it's amazing how far ahead they already know the release dates too for everything~. I love too when some concerts are shot in video versus film as they seem to be even more clear on DVD~…I'm trying to remember which H!P concert it was but there's one in particular from awhile ago that looks like it's somewhat filmed in HD although it isn't…everything is just so crisp and bright~! It's so warm today ne~…*beautiful* skies but so warm~. ^ ^


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