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おぱょ♪ みなしゃん、o(*´∀`)o゛♥ Today is a cleaning day~! I think I’ll be indoors all day as there’s just so much to get to everywhere~ (/∇\*)!And it’s soooooo warm already!!!!! (ノロ≦。)!!!I already feel sweat beads~ and I just know it will get … Continue reading

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Momusu "zen single coupling collection" (lyrics booklet cover scan) Momusu "Zen single coupling collection" LE If one owns all of Momusu's singles and therefore their accompanying b-sides then perhaps this release is far more collectible than necessary to own….however even … Continue reading

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I just heard that someone on H!O has the same name as me..’MorningBerryz?’…is this true I wonder?….a~h! yabai yabai~! (*´艸`)。。。 I hope that no one gets us mixed up~ as I don’t have a user name on H!O. And I … Continue reading

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滝沢秀明の最新シングル ヒカりひとつ。

Takizawa Hideaki in "Hikari Hitotsu"… Takizawa Hideaki "Hikari Hitotsu" LE jacket A & C I'd love♥ to make a full wall sized poster of this image above~!!….must stop daydreaming ne~ ( ̄▽ ̄)! Tackey continues his string of solo releases with his … Continue reading

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