“What’s MB listening♪♪~ to?” (volume 1)

For an introduction and explanation of sorts to this series please click here ^ ^

Also…..many of the artists/groups found in my personal CD compilations here I've also covered in earlier posts…you can search for their tags here in this little directory~. =)


J-Pop Collection Volume 1

(this, just my second personal CD compilation was also recorded on February 1st, 1997…
…..the same day as "volume 0"…
..and because I had no idea of how to create cover graphics at first the CD case looks so plain,
and therefore I didn't include a photo of it here. XD)

01 [ES]~Theme of ES~

A lot of backtracking through earlier J-Pop releases resulted in me finding so many of these musical♪♪` *gems*~….and I would really like to encourage any J-Pop enthusiast to please explore earlier releases as you just never know how much awesomeness you can truly find~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥!

Mr.Children♥ my most favorite♥ group released their amazing single "[ES]~Theme of ES~" on May 10th, 1995 in conjunction with their original band film of the same title~…it was part documentary, part live performances but what this film really accomplished was allowing fans deeper into their world in both personal ways as well as all that comes with fame and life on the road touring~. A *friend* got for me a poster for this single's release event….just so many *fond* memories of listening to this song and its epic *feel* all wrapped up in gorgeous acoustics~.

02 La La La Love Song
Kubota Toshinobu

I'm not even sure of what the final sales for Kubota Toshinobu's best known and most *endeared* classic single release turned into….but "La La La Love Song" launched a new generation of all of which could be possible with the very best writing for dramas on television~. The drama series was "Long Vacation" and it starred an amazing cast! including Kimura Takuya, Yamaguchi Tomoko, Takenouchi Yutaka & Ryo in what still remains as my most loved♥ drama series ever…..this favorites♥ list is very much in need of updating as I wrote this quite awhile ago…but if you're curious you can by it by clicking here. ^ ^ 

Just such an infectious melody~!….listening to "La La La Love Song" still makes me *smile* ( ̄▽ ̄) so much~! "La La La Love Song" was released on May 13th, 1996.

I found Deens single "Hitomi sorasanaide" one day while browsing used CD shelves at one of the many little shops that we used to have here at one time~. The original attraction and curiosity of this song as I gazed at its title was whether this could possibly be the same song written by Sakai Izumi of Zard~? And while it did *happily* turn out to be that very same song as I'm guessing Sakai Izumi shared this song with them…..purchasing a song really nowdays with this same naive thinking of mine then would most certainly not be very wise as song titles can be so much the same all the while being completely different compositions (・д・`*)!Deen really did put quite their very own signature on this song as there's is a most upbeat and uplifting version…while Zard's is performed in a very *sweet* bossa nova style~. Deen's "Hitomi sorasanaide" was released on June 22nd, 1994.

04 Tomorrow
Okamoto Mayo

This is yet another drama theme♥ song!…this time for the series "Second Chance" which is really going old school and may be one of the lesser known dramas I think? The single "Tomorrow" really launched Okamoto Mayo's musical career through like a sling shot~! as she then really became so popular and she also made appearances on so many t.v. music shows back then! Her voice is really remarkable! Her range is just so *amazing* as Okamoto Mayo also possesses one of the very *sweetest* falsetto's I've ever heard as well! And on a random note….listening to this song back then was only the very beginning as to how much I realized that the Japanese love♥ the word "asphalt" as it's in soooooo many songs~! ( ̄▽ ̄) "Tomorrow" was released on May 10th, 1995.

05 Aoi usagi
Sakai Noriko

I really did fall in ♥ with the original drama series for "Hoshi no kinka" and in so many ways it coincided with my finding the music and *wonderful* personality of idol/actress Sakai Noriko~. I always imagined that I would one day get to writing a proper post about one of my earliest J-Pop loves♥~…surely there'll be so much to *share* in such a post as I've collected all of her works over the many years of her musical career which dates way back to the late 80's~! Again it meant that I so needed to backtrack to find what had been released much earlier but I think that there's so much *joy* and rewards to be gained through such adventures~. "Aoi usagi" was really so popular and a best seller and "Kagami no dress" would follow up as the drama's main theme song♥ for the second series of "Hoshi no kinka." It's also very notable to mention that one very *sexy* Takenouchi Yutaka along with Osawa Takao starred alongside Sakai Noriko in this popular series from yesteryear~. "Aoi usagi" was released on May 10th, 1995.

06 Kimi ga ita kara
Field Of View

Sakai Izumi of Zard makes another appearance on this compilation as she also penned the lyrics for Field of View's "kimi ga ita kara" which Zard also released~. Her writings have always held such a *warm* connection between herself and fans as her lyrics were always so *heartfelt* and they often dealt with life experiences that most of us have also encountered in our lives~ o(*´∀`)o゛。I really love♥ the sound of Asaoka Uya's vocals and in this most uplifting and *cheery* rendition~ the lyrics shine so brightly~!

07 Bye Bye
Princess Princess

Princess Princess…while this super group makes a very early appearance here in just my second CD compilation, I truly didn't have enough knowledge of their group members or their immense history to appreciate Puri Puri just yet…..it would be yet a few more years until a *friend* introduced me to the phenomenon that is Puri Puri~♥. The link at the beginning of this paragraph will lead to that discovery and hopefully can *share* so much in how large a part of Japan's music history Puri Puri established themselves a part of~. "Bye Bye" remains as one of my most *beloved* recordings from Puri Puri~ as is was my very first love from them…..it's a very polished and *pretty* ballad! "Bye Bye" was released on December 13th, 1995 as it's the opening track from Puri Puri's last studio album titled "The Last Princess."

08 Naze-

Sometimes you just find yourself falling in love♥ with a group and a particular album both at the very same time…..CoCo really dates back as one of my earlier J-Pop loves♥ and while solo member Miura Rieko made an appearance on the previous "volume 0" post~ these five final tracks that I chose for this compilation are all focused on the group CoCo and in particular their most *endeared* album "Straight." CoCo is yet another group which was already broken up by the time I was so *lucky* to be able to find their music~…and their sizable catalog of releases took years and years to find….I think it was about 10 years before I was able to complete their collection through searching through second hand CD shops and online resources~ and equally as rewarding as completing their collection are their songs…everything was so well written back then and an emphasis was always put towards vocals which are both so unique in each individual member here as well as their height of quality which is also at a premium. CoCo both really defines the girl idol group phenomenon in one of its most triumphant eras moving from the ending of the 80's and into the 90's as well as displaying how member individuality and through their interactions with fans~ how so much of the future of idol groups have benefited from the trailblazing path that they once paved~. CoCo would also see a member graduate to solo status as Senou Azusa would leave the group after their fifth album release leaving the group with four members then~. CoCo also broke great ground for girl idol groups as they performed at the legendary Budoukan~ forever raising the status and place for all idol groups that would follow in the years to come~. "Naze?", "Moonlight Express", "Circus Game", "Kimagure swing" and "Wedding" are all such personal favorites♥ of mine…..each hailing from their J-Pop masterpiece "Straight" which was released on March 21st , 1991~.

Reflecting back on CoCo really fills me with a sense of what it is to truly love J-Pop♥ and how so much of Japan's music has grown with me through adolescence and into adulthood….and their music♪♪~ will always remain so *special*~.

12 Wedding


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12 Responses to “What’s MB listening♪♪~ to?” (volume 1)

  1. denadel says:

    Hey, I like this post. I used to love going to cd stores and pick out cds and listen throguh them. That is how i found some really nice songs and artists (western artists, this was before i started listening to asian music). I discovered Poe and ATB this way :)So this post is kinda like that!


  2. I was really wanting to create a mini time line for my experiences with J-Pop from the very early days~ so *thank you* so much for visiting this post♥ as it's really taisetsu for me~. A~h it really was so different then ne~…being able to browse CD stores and look for new music experiences….now most stores are all now gone =(. I really miss those experiences that you speak of.I have most of Okamoto Mayo's early releases with her first 6 albums and 3 singles……..they would continue to appear a bit later if I did continue this series~ although I'm not really sure if there's really much interest. Her name is written: 岡本真夜。


  3. denadel says:

    You mean interest from blog readers? Nah, I dunno. Maybe they like the post but just dont comment.Or maybe that is why all the record stores kinda disappeared, people dont have the time or wanna spend their time listening to music they dont know.. A shame really.


  4. Hmm….I'm not really sure but it could be both maybe? I know there are visits~ to these posts through blogpatrol statistics but when it's silent I tend to think that it's a bad post that has no interest =(. I will continue writing them with your encouragement~! o(*´∀`)o゛♪♪~♪♪~♪♪~。。。I wasn't going to continue with these J-Pop posts before you posted this~ so *thank you* so much for being so supportive~! ^ ^U~n the separate kanji readings can mean these…..I hope you were able to find more music by her but if not I could write up a little Okamoto Mayo post a bit later I think~. Please let me know as I have most of her early releases album wise and just a few singles~ ^ ^。


  5. denadel says:

    Cool! Looking forward to reading more of these 😀


  6. Okamoto Mayo wrote music for other artists too and she also did some mini side projects with other artists~. I have her Love Cupids singles~…they only did two though I think or those are the only ones that I've been able to find. She writes so amazingly and her range has always been so impressive with the sweetest of falsetto's~. I found an old VHS of some of her early pvs~…I just have no way of converting it to a DVD file since it's protected and won't allow it =(. A~h "Tomorrow"'s pv is rather plain….really plain for such a catchy song~. U~n…I've added Okamoto Mayo to my "to post" list~ ^ ^。


  7. denadel says:

    Yeah, isnt it? Plain for such a catchy song! I bookmarked the song so i can listen to i while i am online 😀


  8. So happy you like this song so much too~! (*´∀`*) it was also used as the theme song for a drama a long time ago~…I have it on VHS it's quite *cute*! At one time I was really wanting to share the complete 10 minute version of "Love Machine"'s pv~ but I'm unable to convert its VHS and just like you mentioned I think it'll be bad quality and scrambled (ノロ≦。)!I really thought that when Momusu released their complete pv collection they would include the complete version~ too……but sadly it's not included (;_;).


  9. denadel says:

    I bought Omakomo Mayos best of album .D I like that song very much., I hope the other songs on her album are good too!


  10. I wonder if some of my favorites♥ are on her best of??? Hmm…by the time I do write her post~ I think you'll already be so familiar with so much of her music~! \(^o^)/☆I'm trying to find out if there's another way to convert these VHS without losing any clarity~..so far no luck but I'll still keep asking friends for their help~. Hopefully one day UFI will open their vaults to fans in releasing some of their earlier works in an updated format~ ^ ^。


  11. denadel says:

    You think they will? I really really hope so :DWhen they released those mega bests las tyear i was so happy!


  12. I notice that usually in retrospect collections~ artists/groups release updated formats for their earlier releases~ and while there's much uncertainty it may be then only that UFI decides to dig into their so so large vaults~. I'm really guessing here though…but it may be still so far away as H!P I think will continue on for so much longer~ ^ ^。Hmm…'pinnacle?' I wonder if it will work…I should look it up too ne~. I sort of have quite a lot of VHS J-Pop releases from collecting earlier artists~….so I too really so want a converter too~!


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