Matsu♥Takako love~ continues…

Just a little post before we♥ visit some friends in Kaneohe….tonight it's a little video game party~ where I will attempt to beat up the boys… video games of course! (。ーωー。)…..and tomorrow after the morning race~ it'll be a beach day! Hopefully the weather will be as beautiful as it was today and although Summer is over it's still so so so warm here but the blue skies and nice breezy trade winds should make it perfect to be outdoors~. =)

I just recently re-watched Matsu♥ Takako's "second wave" on film concert DVD as the song♪♪~ selection here is so wonderful and what really makes this as well as her other two concert DVDs so enjoyable is her live band which travels with her from venue to venue~….and not only are they the same musicians, giving them incredible and fun chemistry on stage…but they're all so amazingly talented each in their own right at their own musical craft~!

Matsu Takako releases can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Matsu Takako releases can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Matsu Takako releases can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

While watching some of her pvs later I took out her single "Minna Hitori" which includes a DVD with the first pressing for its music video and it once again reminded me of just how much I *love* this coupling with song♪♪~!!…….

02 幸せの呪文
Matsu Takako

…….."Shiawase no jumon" & lyrics by Matsu♥Takako and it has one of the most beautiful melodies I think~.

"Second wave" on film~ was released on March 24th, 2004 and includes 22 *wonderful* and lively~ performances….and choosing just one to have here was a bit difficult to choose but I finally decided on her performance of "Yume de aetara" which occurs right at the start of her encore performances which also is the reason for her adorable casual attire~. o(*´∀`)o゛ It's such an ultra *cute* J-pop classic~….I hope you enjoy it too! ^ ^


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2 Responses to Matsu♥Takako love~ continues…

  1. Victor says:

    MorningBerryz :Thanks to your post , I ordered the cd. the second wave tour 2003 I guess that that beatiful song of Yume de aetara is included. And of course the other beatiful songs also


    • Hi Victor,

      Glad you like Matsu Takako’s music too! For me I first saw her talents through her numerous dramas and movies so when she began a musical career I was so so excited and especially with her being a pianist already and just her amazing family history! Needless to say she didn’t disappoint one bit as her albums, singles and concerts alike are all amazing ~* and perhaps most importantly her vocals are exquisite and her music equally perfect. I was noticing that this post here actually had lost all of its media (occurred when I moved from the Vox blogging platform to WordPress here) and while I’ve been gradually replacing some of the media in those older ‘Vox’ posts this one is still void of its audio and video clips =/. I was wondering if maybe you hadn’t come across a few of the other Matsu Takako posts which are here which do have their audio and videos intact beginning with this one here which does have her lovely performance of “Yume de aetara”:

      Unfortunately the DVD for her “concert tour 2003 second wave” doesn’t mirror her CD release by the same name and the song “Yume de aetara” isn’t included on her CD as there are some of the same songs on both her DVD and CD releases while some tracks aren’t included on both =(. However if you’re interested I would be able to create an mp3 out of her live performance of “Yume de aetara” from the live video clip, if you’d like? Her live band is amazingly talented!!!..and I just love all of the jazz influences put into her live performances where a lot of musical improvisation is going on!! Over the years I’ve collected all of Matsu Takako’s music releases so if you’re interested in any particular one please don’t hesitate to ask about it.

      Here’s how I originally introduced Matsu Takako onto this blog a few years back as it tells how her music venture began and a bit into her history as well as how I first became enchanted by her, if you’re interested =):

      And a really lovely album here with some great classics included!:

      Nice to meet a fellow Matsu♥Takako fan \(^o^)/!!


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