Matsu♥Takako~ 10 years of footsteps…..

While Matsu Takako's "footsteps" 10th anniversary collection was released  back in June of 2008, I just found myself looking back at so many of her heartfelt compositions from over the past years~ once again and in light of her upcoming new release which is set for October 21st! (BVCL-20011) It's been now nearly three years since her last single release and it just reminds me of how much we should always *cherish* music and our favorite♥ artists/groups~ releases truly*~.

Much more on Matsu Takako's history in Japan's entertainment industry and in music can be found here in an earlier post from 2008~. I really tried to cover so much in this previous post……so here tonight is just a reminiscing of sorts on just a few songs and in particular their accompanying pvs~ which I so ~♥~! ^ ^

The 10th annivesary collection itself is most beautifully presented~! A pristine white casing greets you and upon opening you'll find four discs~  with 3 being CDs & 1 of them a DVD~. Discs one and two cover her up to then 10th annivesary of songs as single releases are covered and in addition you'll find the that the third CD includes personally chosen tracks by Matsu Takako herself~. The fourth disc which is a DVD which includes 12 video clips~ and although some are much abbreviated versions of the songs themselves and appear to be more in the vein of lengthy promotional spot, most are full length pvs…..some previously released while others are appearing here officially for the very first time~.

This set opens up (as pictured above) in a gatefold style~ and to the right of the four discs which are ingeniously packaged to minimize space necessity, you'll find an extensive photo book complete with song lyrics all which are written in Matsu Takako's handwriting~ accompanied by black & white photos throughout giving it a very warm and "home made" type of feeling…..and much of the photos also appear to be chosen off-shots from her singles and album releases……very *sweet*!

And here are just a few of my favorites♥~…..please enjoy the videos~! ^ ^

Matsu Takako's "Footsteps~10 Anniversary Complete Best~" can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Matsu Takako's "Footsteps~10 Anniverary Complete Best~" can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Matsu Takako's "Footsteps~10th Anniversary Complete Best~" can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

This is really one of my most most favorite! Matsu Takako songs….such an uplifting melody♪♪~ and this pv is so so so *adorable*!! A bus ride has never been so *cuddly*~! o(*´∀`)o゛ and I really love the way it was filmed….so sweetly candid and "home town" like~ (*´∀`*)!


Surely one Matsu♥Takako isn't enough…(。ーωー。) so here we have multiple images all elegantly captured in a single pv~ for this intricate melody♪♪~….and the black & white contrast really suits this vision so well~! Really makes me *wish* that I had learned to play the piano! =)


The animation here reminds me somehow of Jun♥Kazama in the earlier Tekken series final mini movies~ and I just love this style of animation! (*´∀`*)….and I love sunflowers so….hmm…..ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!


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