I decided not to do a "reasons…" type post where I *gush* with 30 to 40 reasons on why I ♥ a drama/anime so much as I really love doing those Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!but instead I was just thinking of sharing a few thoughts that the drama "Smile" instilled in me as I watched it just recently~. =)

First…what a wonderful cast~ this drama has as Matsumoto Jun, Aragaki Yui and Nakai Kiichi lead such a talented group of actors/actresses in telling this most moving drama. The story evolves around Hayakawa Vito (played by Matsujun♥) whose heritage is half Filipino and half Japanese although he is a Japanese citizen~……and how he, his family and friends go through so much which stems ultimately from Vito's past association with very bad people. But through it all Vito befriends a seemingly unlikely friend found in a lawyer (played by the very talented Nakai Kiichi) and in time they find just how much closer bound they are in the eye's of society. Much of the story's inspirational drive can be attributed to Vito's chance meeting with Mishima Hana (played by the always so *kawaii* Aragaki Yui) and how the three become intertwined through scenes which seemlessly capture the past to present to future…all leading up to and culminating in a "court styled" drama which plays out about as great as they come I think~. ^ ^

The underlying theme~ of "Smile" touches upon a very real and very sad aspect that's seen progress through the years and yet even today is something that so many find themselves sadly troubled with it. =( It's the most ugly word "discrimination" and through pockets in some cultures and even in larger scales elsewhere it's something so sad that we as human beings just can't seem to get by. In the story Vito's mixed nationalities brings him so much grief from others in society, those who view people in terms of their background rather than the person standing before them~. But through this though often heartbreaking drama you'll see how the human spirit can often just as much change and rely on hearts♥, personalities and minds rather than the color of one's skin or their upbringing or background…which should never lead to premature judgement of anyone~. I especially thought that the trial shed so much light on this subject, and through the men and women chosen for the jury…young and older the views that many of us may have were really captured in a real sense all the while never dodging this most sensitive topic and instead taking it straight on~.

In closing…."Smile" is really a thought provoking drama~ and one that I *hope* many people will watch, and whether you're a fan of Japanese dramas or not…a fan or Matsujun's or not…..the story will nonetheless shed so much light on how we as a worldly society should view and treat others, not by race or color…not by nationality or heritage, but truly by the person and individual that you see standing before you~. ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to “Smile”…

  1. ashley says:

    i have watched 2 episodes only but i know it's a very good drama…i am planning to watch it one of these week ends…so sad that the ratings of this drama is not high…


  2. I'm so *happy* that you're watching this drama too~! (*´∀`*) A~h that is so sad that it didn't get a lot of viewership in Japan…but it's really a wonderful drama and I especially thought that the trial episodes were so well written too~. I *hope* you can watch it soon too! ^ ^


  3. Padme says:

    i watch Smile via keyhole hehe and like you and many others this was a wonderful drama ^^ have many things that i love for dramas and real life, and just days ago i was watching with english subs and is more great ^^


  4. strawberrie says:



  5. It was so real and moving ne~…."Smile" touched up such an important topic in society and it was really inspirational I thought in showing how people can change their perspective towards others to see them as who they really are without pretenses or race ever being even a thought~. =) I'm *happy* that you enjoyed this drama too~! (*´∀`*) I just finished "Ryusei no kizuna" and I'm going to watch "Quiz Show" next~! ^ ^


  6. I do imagine that those final scenes in the courtroom would be the most difficult to understand as legal terms may not be taught in vocabulary classes too early~. Wow I think it's such a wonderful way in which you test yourself by watching a drama without subtitles and then with subtitles to check your understanding~. =) That's really such a *wonderful* idea! The official DVD releases are really presented so *pretty* with their packaging~…and so worth it for sure! I so love "Hana yori dango" both series and the final movie~!! I hope you can collect them in the future! ^ ^


  7. Oh~ and I wanted to begin with saying…it really has been awhile and I do miss speaking with you~! (*´∀`*) I *hope* you're doing well and that everything is going great with your studies~ o(*´∀`)o゛.


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