Kohachan♥ to graduate from H!P on December 6th ( ┰_┰).

This past Saturday night I was up a bit late and chatting* in IW's #wotachat room when I was told this most unexpected and devastating news….that Morning Musume's Kohachan was announced to be graduating from not only Momusu, but also from Hello! Project completely (;´□`). Her graduation is set to happen on December 6th at the conclusion of Momusu's 2009 Autumn "Nine Smile" concert tour which will be held at Tokyo Kouseinen Kinkaiken.

The initial details mention modeling as Kohachan's possible post H!P career of choice but with this announcement's abruptness coupled with the fact that Kohachan is no where near to be a so called "next in line" to graduate member with her time in the group not being very long just yet and with numerous fellow members ahead of her in this regard, this really gives me a feeling that she's being in a sense forced out? Further there have been sources saying that her mood as of late hasn't been much of her genki self~ (;_;).

However much like Erikachan's recent decision to pursue modeling as her career choice and thus leave H!P perhaps this is much in the same….I'm just feeling a bit uneasy about this announcement though….and while Erikachan's decision was clearly of her own doing, this has much more the feeling of an offiicial UFI decision and just the manner in which it was announced by Tsunku seems so different. Surely Kohachan could pursue modeling outside of H!P while still being in it I would think?…but more importantly and regardless of what may have brought about this decision, it's truly much more about what will be missed and lost when Kohachan♥ departs from H!P on December 6th~.

Being labeled right from the very beginning by Tsunku as the *miracle* girl~ surely has caused rifts amongst fans and really during this past now decade + of me growing up along with Momusu I've just never witnessed any other member in H!P being on such opposite ends of the spectrum as viewed through H!P fans eyes. In large there seems to be an either overwhelming love of Kohachan or overwhelming dislike of Kohachan but very little middle of the fence sentiments. Truly every individual has every right to be very passionate about groups/artists they love and one such passion surely could lead to there being much *adored* artists and that those members that fans just don't connect to for various reasons….and in that light Kohachan has spent so much of her time in Momusu/H!P being deeply scrutinized. Again I think Tsunku's labeling of Kohachan with such a title as the "miracle" girl really set a flame to create such disparity and I think even a few personal conceptions may have been different had she just been Gen. 7~ as this surely set expectations so much higher for Kohachan.

During these past four years in Hello! Project Kohachan really did live up to much of Tsunku's hype though with her being at one point H!P's youngest soloist to debut, all of her accomplishments as a seiyuu♥ as well as her much busy schedule as I can only imagine must have been so hectic with Kohachan being active in so many other group releases outside of her work in Momusu~. Through it all I think Kohachan *shined* so much and while she may not have been one of H!P's stronger vocalists…..I don't think anyone can question her 110% effort which is always evident whether it be in live performances, her in studio seiyuu work, appearances on variety programs or fan events~. And in the end that's all one really can do if they're dedicated enough….is to give it their all~ and Kohachan always did just that….give it her all~. I think back to being able to watch Momusu appearing at her school for the special announcement…that she had just won the Gen.7 audition as was was now the new sole member of that generation…..how *amazing* it was to see her expression and reaction o(*´∀`)o゛ on that day~ and to have it occur in front of her fellow classmates just so heartwarming♥~. How Tsunku personally visited her home and met with her parents and followed up with a personal tutoring in voice lessons all done to Momusu's *beloved* classic "Furusato"…..time goes by so quickly~(´⌒`。)….I think now I'll rewatch some of this….just to remember the beginnings of what she brought to Momusu and H!P.

And what will be missed?….and lost?..when Kohachan does leave on December 6th? An irreplaceable uniqueness, energy and genkiness♥ that's truly unmatched in the whole of H!P at this moment…..which leads to group dynamics and how Momusu will be weaker for this in her absence~. Kohachan always brought a higher level of joy to whatever the occassion and it never really mattered, it's just her natural glow and *personality* which always beams so much that you can't but help notice her always~. And this is just the surface of what will be lost on that day. (;_;).

I just try to imagine what it would be like to have such a *wonderful* opportunity to be an idol..a member of such an amazing group! (*´∀`*)♪♪~ And think of how you would be there while so nervous and full of butterflies and yet always trying to do your very best…wanting to be *endeared* by fans and wanting to accomplish so much~. I imagine that anyone in this very opportunity would be so subceptible to outside criticism or worse…words that can be hurtful. It may be that with how the world's ability to instantly communicate…through various avenues like twitter…facebook somehow we've become much too desensitized with our words at just how easy it is to reach anyone~. But truly words can and always will have the ability to be so very hurtful (;´□`) no matter the means in which they're presented and in this sense I feel Kohachan has endured so much over these four years spent in the spotlight with so many awful comments aimed at her from what I've seen…..and in a sense sometimes when there's nothing nice to say about a person maybe it would be nicer for those words to be left unsaid…at least not in a public forum as we're all human and capable of one thing for sure, and that is hurt. And you just never know who may be reading ( ┰_┰).

(…..now watching Momusu's "Aruiteru" pv…I've just always thought that Kohachan♥ was so *genki* in her solo parts while walking and her enthusiasm so *cute* and lively……I just need to watch something to help *cheer* me up (+_+).)

I'll miss you so much Kohachan♥…..I *wish* for you the very best as you so deserve it~.^ ^

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12 Responses to Kohachan♥ to graduate from H!P on December 6th ( ┰_┰).

  1. I actually heard this news via twitter. I totally did not expect Koharu to be the next in line to graduate… I have a feeling that the group dynamic will be quite different for a while. I sort of wonder if they plan to add any new members anytime soon. o_o…?


  2. I'm sort of having a feeling that something else is motivating this decision and that maybe it's not all Kohachan's decision on her own? It just feels odd like something's not quite right…I don't really know though but I hope she'll continue to shine with her most *genki* personality even while her graduation nears which no matter what I have to think is most difficult for her to deal with emotionally. You would just never imagine that she'd be next to graduate really….I'm still really saddened and shocked by this sudden announcement (;´□`). I wonder that same thing too and especially now in light of this happening…..maybe a new audition will be announced soon~.


  3. Guldari says:

    Long time no seeI had an Important examination,so I can't usecomputer long timeKoha's Graduation is very sad to me.actually,It is first member graduation since I know Moring Museme.Many Korea's fans also feel sad.ㅠ.ㅠ


  4. Hi Guldari~! I imagine you must be so busy with your studies ne~ ^ ^。 Graduation announcements and especially their graduation concerts are so heartbreaking (;゜□゜)。。。。。。and back when Yukosan graduated I cried while watching the concert DVD…I remember feeling so overwhelmed then and it's very much the same for each and every member who graduates from their group or H!P. The final speeches from fellow members and their flower bouquet gifts show so much too….of which members are closest to the graduating member and in most times it continues to their backstage and most of the concert DVDs include extras where you really are so moved by everyone's words of *memories* and how much they're going to miss the member leaving~. I'm definitely going to break down (;_;) when Kohachan graduates….I just know it's inevitable.


  5. Guldari says:

    Your expectation is correct!I will become third-year student, and am much busyer than now that time 2 months later.Yesterday was 'Chusok' which is one of greatest festive day of the Korea.I ate many delicious foods.In a last time week, I received Subtitile – Berryzkobo first fan club tour in hawaii.Members were bright very!Contents of a letter that they read of me still wonder.Everyday will be begun again tomorrow.しゃ, またね!!!!


  6. That sounds like so much *fun*!…I'm curious to know what 'Chusok' celebrates if it's okay to ask? =) Oh I loved this DVD too~! (*´∀`*) BK's first event in Hawaii♥ and yes~ everyone was so energetic and *genki* to be here with their fans~! That little scary part with the guy in their tour van did crack me up so much…(^q^)……poor Kumachan though..to be the one to open the van's door and see what she thought was a stranger there! (・д・`*)!!Very encouraging words~….*thank you*!! ^ ^


  7. Guldari says:

    Ah, 'Chusok' is similar with 'Thanksgiving Day'We eat newly harvested fruit and new corp of the year, and rice cake ; 'songpyon'It is festive day that history that existed before almost 2000 years is deep.I want to go to Hawaii whenever see Hawaii tour DVDAnd feel that members' ability in english is bad 'ㅅ';;However …Cute !! +_+By the way, did you hear the '流星ボ-イ'?I think that this single is very good.This single should like to succeed!


  8. Oh that's so awesome~!…Korea has a 'Thanksgiving Day' too?! Fruit♥ sounds delicious!! We have turkey..gobble gobble~ (*´∀`*) with stuffing and pumpkin pie…although I don't eat pies very often but the turkey is always yummy♥~! Sugoi!…'2000' years is so long for your countries' tradition! \(^o^)/☆I think you would love our weather and the aloha♥ spirit here…we really have all different cultures and backgrounds all together which is so *wonderful*~. H!P always visits some of our most *beautiful* locations and beaches~….and I always think that maybe I'll accidentally bump into some of them but that is yet to happen just yet~. XDI pre-ordered BK's new single….isn't it amazing that this is already their 21st single release!! \(^o^)/☆!!I'm sort of trying to hold back on listening to their new song until my CD singles arrive…I'm so tempted though to listen but it's just a few more weeks till it's released ne~…a~h!! wait it's not until November 11th?!! I'll need to wait so much longer to listen~ (._.;)!


  9. Guldari says:

    Today was spot experience studying – in Amusement part!!It was very delightful,However, is a little tiredToday, point of English examination was announcedI mistook two problems, However, I got a much point than last timeThese day, I immerse in baseballPlay-off is progressing now in the Korea.Do you like baseball,or any sports?I wonder what sports are fashion in Hawaii


  10. Oh~ it sounds like a "pop quiz?"….like an unannounced test? I was never very good with handling those and my results showed it…ugh! (*´艸`)!Yokatta ne~….sounds like you're getting much better with your English studies! \(^o^)/☆ The baseball playoffs have begun here too in the U.S. I'm not a fan of any particular team though as we don't have a pro team here in Hawaii….but the NY Yankees do thrill me~! =) I really love tennis♥ so much…it's really one of the very few sports that I'm able to play~….I'm not very good at it but….I have a lot of fun playing~! ( ̄▽ ̄) We have a college football team as well as volleyball, soccer, baseball and basketball….so there's a lot of local support for our college sports here~! I can really only play tennis though…..so I'm quite hopeless ne~ (人∀`*)!


  11. Guldari says:

    It was a midterm examination!!I am thankful to youI like most 'Doosan Bears' among Korea's baseball team.They recorded 2 continual wins today.To front, they advance a final contest if win 1 game.although I did not see game because of studying, I was very happy!Hawaii can seem to enjoy various sports.in school, I just play table tennis!Ah, there is important report!I charged today scholarship!I am very pleased to receive that! The Korea got cold much these daySo, I often catch a coldHawaii will be warm, but want to take care bodyしゃ, また 明日!


  12. 'Doosan Bears' sounds really *cute*~!…although I know a baseball team should appear touch..but still so *cute* and I'm guessing that they have a very adorable mascot too? =) I'm so *happy* that you're favorite♥ team is doing so well~!!…I truly know the feeling as I really love to cheer on my favorite teams and athletes~ \(^o^)/☆!!!It's so funny that even though I can sort of play tennis okay~…I'm so so so bad at table tennis…(*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓ I'm really really bad at it and I can barely keep the ball in play on the table as I'm usually always running to try to retrieve the ball after I've missed it completely. (>_<); Wow you're doing so great in school~!….kore kara mo gambatte ne~! \(^o^)/☆It's so so warm here right now….we have unbearable humidity (´⌒`。)。。。but I know it would be uncomfortable too if it were to be really cold as it is there in Korea right now~. Please try not to catch a cold ne~…odaiji ni! ^ ^


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