~Parting is such *sweet* sorrow~…(;´□`).

…so alas the time has come to say ~good-bye~….(;´□`)!

…it’s been a long and loving relationship that we’ve had here~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥

Sure we’ve had our fair share of  bumps in the road along the way…(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!….like those times when I may have pressed to firmly or you may have been too harsh on me~ (._.;)!!

But there are also those late nights and early mornings that I’ll never forget where you were *always* there for me! (*´∀`*)♥!

Giving me a renewed sense of *brightness*~ ( ̄▽ ̄)!!

Never complaining ( 」´0`)」….

….*thank you* so much toothbrush~* ~♥ ~♥ ~*

I will never forget you♥~ (人∀`*)!

I now have my very own Oral-b spin brush~*…..you were quite pricey at $94.99 but there are now two of you~♥ with replaceable brush heads, varying cleaning speeds, rechargeable batteries and your little circular design fits me so perfectly♥~. ^ ^

Someone also PM’d me recently asking if I color my hair frequently…..but it’s actually the really low lighting that we have in much of the house that makes my hair color appear dark brown or nearly black sometimes..but my hair’s really a rather medium to light brown~ although I do let it *go* sometimes so I have a bit darker roots…(._.;)!

p.s. my dentist always gives me a toothbrush during my checkups for cleaning so I guess really I’ll never really be far apart from a manual toothbrush~♥! (。ーωー。)…..and when I was little my then dentist had a little *treasure chest* in his office where we I was able to get a toy♥ after my cleaning….(*sigh*….) I know I’m much too old to be thinking of toys♥ but those are truly sweet memories that I have of being little~…hmm I’m still *little* but just older~ o(*´∀`)o゛.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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23 Responses to ~Parting is such *sweet* sorrow~…(;´□`).

  1. Craig says:



  2. Sofia says:

    Hi hi…I lost my spin brush, so I have a manual one at the moment. I should really invest in a new spin one, but it's expensive (as you know) and I'm not in the best place financially these days (>_<, haven't been in a long time actually)…oh well the manual will have to do for the time being.
    I got toys from my dentist as well! Hm…I'm probably to old to be thinking of that too, but it'd be a little funnier to go to the dentist (and pay a lot of money for nothing…last time it was like 65 dollars…or something, even though I didn't have any holes) if I at least got a toy when it's over, ne?.
    "I'm still *little* but just older"-..I love that! I'm the same,


  3. aiLaMarie says:

    which reminds me..i need to replace my toothbrush..lolsbut yours is very expensive…hahaha!!


  4. I'm so sorry Craig!…(u_u*) I was sort of wanting to make my relationship with my toothbrush *cute*….I may have written that too strangely ne~. Gomen nasai (._.;).


  5. Oh no that's so terrible….I hope you can find your spin brush soon! =) I really didn't want a battery operated one but I was soooo shocked when I saw that the one I wanted costs so much! (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ! Bikkurishita!! And sadly I just saw today that the Oral-B one that I purchased is now offering a $15 off coupon…seems to happen to me often! Right after I invest in something…it becomes less expensive some way~ (/∇\*)!A~h! cleaning itself is so expensive ne~….it's just lucky that insurance covers so much. So true ne~!….I just always looked forward to searching for a *cute* toy after my cleaning when I was little! (*´∀`*) But thinking back it really did make going to the dentist that much less scary…but little did my parents know but I was really agreeing to not cry at the dentist because of those toys~. XDAh just something that I've been realizing more and more is that we're maybe *lucky* to both be so little…..more of my guy friends say that they actually prefer shorter girls so maybe being so short as I am isn't too bad~ o(*´∀`)o゛It's most wonderful to be young at heart♥ always ne~ and even now in my mid twenties I'm not ashamed to feel this…(^q^)! Hopefully I'm not too immature though (*´艸`)!


  6. I'm always so so so bad when it comes to remembering to replace my toothbrush~ (._.;)! Sometimes I wake up to find that my mom has thrown it away!…and then she says..I can't believe that you were still using it (・д・`*)!


  7. Sofia says:

    I hope so too, it's much more of a hassle to brush your teeth manually. Luckily I have really good teeth, never had cavaties in my whole life (knock-on-wood)…They are really expensive yeah, that's why I don't want to buy a new one (that and of course that I already have one…somewhere). I hate it when you buy something and then it's on sale just a short while later…it seems to happen to me a lot too.
    Yeah it's way too expensive I think. And this is the first year that I've ever payed for it, since we have free dental care up until the age of 20 in Sweden, so I was really chocked that it cost as much as it did.Hai, the toys made it a lot less scary..it's really an intelligent way to make children calm down while at the dentist. Sweet memories…
    Oh that's so great! I've never suffered from being short, but now it feels even better ^_^. Yatta! He he…yeah it's the best to be young at heart, it makes life so much more enjoyable. I'm still excited like a little kid if I see a wild animal like a hare or something (I did the other day when I was out for a walk) and I love that. Being a kid at heart is awesome! Oh no you could never be too immature. Absolutely not.


  8. Wow that's so lucky!! (*´∀`*)~….I haven't had any cavities too but I did need to wear braces on my lower teeth for awhile….and that's how I clumsily chipped one of my upper teeth although I don't remember doing it really and then I needed to wear a retainer whenever I slept~. I think my dentist is secretly waiting for me to have a cavity so that he can fill it…(・_・). I hope you do find your spin brush~! A~h I always feel so stupid when I later see the thing I purchased on sale~. XD It's in fact gotten to be so common that a running joke with some of my friends is that whenever they want to purchase something they always tell me to purchase it first so that they can get it for cheaper~ (;´□`)!Ahhh health care coverage is so different in other countries~…it's wonderful that every thing is free until you're 20! =) It's really true~!….and it actually helped me to look forward to dentist visits although I was still very much afraid of that metal hook thing that they always use (・д・`*)!And another wonderful thing about being little is that from what I've heard…..a lot of men won't date a girl if she's taller than him…I think it's sad though~ but we're never going to encounter that problem and happily my bf is much taller than me (*´∀`*). I think I would get so *excited* too~! I love bunnies♥~! But I know what you mean as it applies to every thing ne~! *Thank you*! o(*´∀`)o゛


  9. ……(。ーωー。)!


  10. Sofia says:

    I had braces too (both up and down) because I had this gap between my front teeth that I wanted corrected (it was purely a cosmetic things and if it's cost me anything I don't think I would have been able to do it). He he yeah I think my dentist thinks a little like that too, I know I do myself…(because honestly I'm not that good with brushing my teeth, I get bored >_<).Ha ha good for your friends I guess, not so good for you.
    Yeah it is. And health care and such is free all your life (if there's not really special things like medication and stuff, but you never have to pay for surgeries or staying at the hospital and such)…for example there's going to come a vaccin for this new flue thingy, and that's going to be free for everyone. Sometime I love the Swedish system ^_^
    Ah, yeah I've heard that too…I suppose it makes them feel less manly or whatever…but it's quite silly and a little sad I agree. We'll never have that problem though, which is great.Me too, they are really sweet. Hai, it applies to everything..I can get excited like a small child over the most random stuff ^o^


  11. Insurance did cover so much of my braces expenses…and so true~ there's no way that I would have been able to afford them had I not had coverage! He's always saying…."circular circular motions…..don't brush too hard and from side to side!" I don't think I'd know when it was enough or when to stop but luckily the Oral-B spin brush has a timer so it lets me know when to switch from top to bottom and when brushing time~ is finished (*´∀`*). A~hhhh you're so lucky!! Nothing like that is free here and even with insurance you still have to cover part of the costs~…..Sweden is amazing with their health care system!! I *wish* we could have that here too~! Yay for being little ne~! \(^o^)/☆


  12. Sofia says:

    Me neither. Braces is very costly so it's lucky that I was able to get them before I turned 20 so that they were free. He he yeah my tentist says stuff like that too, and she tries to make me stop drinking diet coke, because it's bad for my teeth…but I don't think that'll ever happen >_< That's so great that the brush itself tells you when it's finished, I'm lousy at brushing for the proper time.
    Hai, I suppose Sweden has a really great system. The government we have now wants to make more things private, so that it'll be more like the way it is in USA, but they haven't gotten around to doing a whole lot (I suppose economic crisis and stuff got in the way), which I am very greatful for. It's an election next year and I hope that we will get back the goverment we had before thisone then, they are more positive to the system we have now.
    Yeah! Yay for being little!!


  13. I know this is really stupid of me but I only recently learned that the acid in soda is bad for the enamel on your teeth (/∇\*)!I do love Pepsi sometimes but we usually don't have any soda in the house so I tend not to have too much really. But like you, I too would have a most difficult time giving it up completely~. XD I used to brush for much too long I learned a few years ago~ (._.;) so having a timer really helps me so much as I'm sort of aloof this way. 😛 A~h oh no it sounds like Sweden should definitely keep its current health care system and why try to "fix" it if it's already so perfect? On the news I keep hearing all of the difficulties that's being faced here in terms of health care costs and where you live it sounds so perfect the way that it is….I hope you can help vote to get your government back to its prior structure as you really wouldn't want to face the crisis…as that's what they're now calling it on the news here with our health care bills~.


  14. Sofia says:

    He he it took me quite some time to learn it too actually. And I drink too much Diet Coke..it's not good either. I'm tryingt to cut down actually, because it's not good on my already poor economy to buy so much of it…XD Yeah well I think I would need a timer too, but to make me brush long enough 😛
    Right! I don't know what they are thinking. It's really stupid, as you said it would be terrible if Sweden had to face the health difficulties of countires like USA. I think parts of the reason that they want to change things is that they are more..I guess you could say pro-the american system than our previous government..The parties that rule now are like on that side of the political scale, the ones that did before was called The Social Democrats (I don't know how to translate it properly but it's something like that)…and well as I understand it you don't really have any big parties on that side of the political scale in the us?


  15. I've just been wondering….what is that long long word that starts with a "p" and seems impossible to pronounce which appears in diet cola?~!…(^q^) It's all so vague too~…..just makes one wonder??? It's always so sad when things that we love so much end up being bad for you~ =( But truly I don't think anyone will stop drinking soda will they?….it's almost like it's part of our culture…..a~h! I wonder if I've watched too many ads?!! XD Right now it's so so unstable here with our health care and it seems like no one can agree on how to best help everyone….I'm so confused when it comes to political language and I'm still not exactly sure what it really means to be a democrat or republican~…..I've been asked what I am and I don't really know (´⌒`。)!


  16. Sofia says:

    DOo you mean "Potassium Benzoate" ? Because that seems inpossible to pronounce in my world…there are so many strange ingredients in Diet coke that I don't know how to keep track. And apparently 90% of them are bad for us…meh. Nope, I don't think that anyone will stop either, it's to common. Ha ha, yeah probably…way to many ads >_<
    It's always a lot of issues around what's best for everyone…you would think that since it's so important it would be easier to agree on it, but apparently not. Yeah well it's always hard to know when it comes to political issues…I've always been very determined, but I think that there's a lot of people that think like you do.


  17. Hmm….it's this word that starts with a "ph…."….."phenylalanine"…I hope I wrote that correctly~. XD It says that "phenylketonurics contains phenylalanine"…..but what is phenylketonurics to begin with?? (・c_・;)?I'm so confused….I wonder if I should dial their number written on their bottles and ask?…(^q^).


  18. Sofia says:

    Oh that's just…strange really. I can't follow that reasoning at all. Do you have to be a chemist to be able to see what's in cola all of a sudden..? That's not fair.He he..yeah you should do that. And then tell me what the heck it is ^o^


  19. Hmm…I really do wonder what they would say and if they really could describe it to me~….or I'm thinking that they'd maybe put me on hold and then say to everyone else that they have someone very wacky on the phone asking strange questions…(^q^)!


  20. Sofia says:

    He he…I don't think that they would be able to. The people that man those phone lines might not even be educated in what's in the stuff…^o^…perhaps they would do that..but I think those questions are perfectly normal and resonable.


  21. I'm wondering if it's a secret being kept from the public….it's a bit strange that no one knows what this thing is and yet it's in so many sugar free products…(・c_・;)?I was kidding with my bf♥ about this and he actually called Wrigley to ask what it was…as it says on their packaging to call their number if you have any questions or comments but he got a recording with a menu and then he was on hold for such a long time that he eventually hung up. XD I don't think they want us to know for some reason. 😛


  22. Sofia says:

    Oooooo…it's a diet-products-conspiracy! Ha ha…that's funny that he did that. To bad he didn't find out anything. I'm with you there, they don't want us to know for some reason.


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